1. Atlas Star

    Kalafina - Ashita no Keshiki cover :D

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4FcpJCKWBBI&t=16s Yay finally did a formal Ashita no keshiki cover :D Probably one of my top 5 songs by Kalafina.
  2. Atlas Star

    Kalafina - blaze cover

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCeeN7EO6Pw&feature=youtu.be You all already know "blaze" is one of my most favourite singles ;D
  3. A

    Animagic 2018

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any Kalafina or Yuki Kajiura fans will go to Animagic in Mannheim this year? Would love to meet up and again meet some nice CPM members like in 2012. I plan on going and want to cosplay Ayumi Hamasaki on one day and our precious Keiko on the two other days . See ya!
  4. Atlas Star

    Kalafina-tribute performance: 「amethyst」 Summer 2018 Closed Premium LIVE 07.08.2018

    Hi everyone :D As I had announced earlier this year, I recently held a piano/vocal performance with a Kalafina-heavy setlist: 01. amethyst (original track) 02. ring your bell (piano vers.)~ring your bell 03. Yane no Mukou ni (piano vers.)~Natsu no Ringo (piano vers.) 05. musundehiraku (piano...
  5. H

    Kalafina - ARIA 10th Anniversary Version Karaoke Cover

    Since I attended Kalafina’s 10th Anniversary Live, I fell in love with this version. It was performed in a lower key in a more fragile way, and in my opinion it suits the song and lyrics even more. Here’s my karaoke cover of the 10th anniversary version so you guys know what to expect from the...
  6. Atlas Star

    Kalafina acoustic piano covers by Atlas (updated: Alleluia)

    hey guys i’m starting a series of piano vocal covers of Kalafina songs. I’ll be performing 6-7 Kalafina songs at my next music show, and decided to play a piano accompaniment versus using instrumental tracks.... Here is Kimi ga hikari ni kaeteyuku from today’s rehearsal...
  7. H

    Hyakka Ryouran Vocal Cover! (Cover is Out)

    Hello Kaji-fans :w00t: I'm working on my first professional studio vocal cover, and I chose Hyakka Ryouran! The track is in the final mixing stage now. I would appreciate it to know what you think and If any adjustments would make it sound better! The sample is in this Tumblr post...
  8. M

    English Translations to All Endings in Kara no Kyōkai by Kalafina

    Hi, guys! don't if someone else has already posted this, but I am translating the lyrics of the anime series Kara no Kyōkai, which is the anime that got Kalafina started. I love all seven endings, which have very high qualities. They are Oblivious, Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaete Iku, Kizuato, Aria...
  9. S

    BD/DVD: Kalafina “9+ONE” at Tokyo International Forum Hall A [Release: Nov 1st]

    Looks like we're getting a release after all, and with a ANISONG FANTASY LIVE bonus at that. Information here: https://lineblog.me/kalafina/archives/67138281.html?t=1
  10. M

    Hi this is Miti ;) let's chat about Yuki

    I deeply adore YK since 12, and I just made a Prezi about Kalafina can take a look and leave me some comments. http://prezi.com/f2uqsxvoympx/?utm_campaign=share&utm_medium=copy&rc=ex0share Also I copied and translated some lyrics of Yuki. Find me out @ https://miti66.tumblr.com and...
  11. Argonir

    Kantan Krusaders (Hyakka and Tombo posting is welcome too)

    Obviously the Hyakka Ryouran thread has been locked, so think of this thread as more of an 'unofficial' thread to discuss Kantan Katan and everything relating to the song. Personally, I think it's one of those rare tracks that evolves the more it is listened to, as opposed to Hyakka Ryouran...
  12. Atlas Star

    'Puella Magi Madoka Magica" Ultimate Best [CD+DVD]

    Release date: August 9th, 2017 18 tracks DVD: contains creditless OP/ED and some special movie thing Tracks 2, 8, 11 - Kalafina 2- Magia [TV ANIME vers] 8- hikarufuru 11- kimino ginno niwa There are also OST tracks like credens and sis puella magica
  13. A

    Kalafina - Into The World {a capella cover by Dulcis Vox}

    Hello guys, Some of my friends and I have come together to form some kind of choral group, and we have just finished practicing 'into the world' by Kalafina. Here is the result (would love you guys to come check it out): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0Eynp9vMRw :plz: (We intended to finish...
  14. S

    Kalafina 21st single "Hyakka Ryouran" (Katsugeki Touken Ranbu ED)

    原案:「刀剣乱舞-ONLINE-」より(DMM GAMES/Nitroplus) 監督:白井俊行 音楽:深澤秀行 アニメーション制作:ufotable 剣戟アニメーター:小船井充、木村豪、國弘昌之 時代考証:山村竜也 剣術指導:渡邉鋼玉 オープニングテーマアーティスト:斉藤壮馬(SACRA MUSIC) エンディングテーマアーティスト:Kalafina(SACRA MUSIC) http://katsugeki-touken.com Kalafina「活撃 刀剣乱舞 」エンディングテーマに決定...
  15. C

    New Kalafina Official Fanclub "Harmony"

    Not sure if you guys knew about this yet, but from Facebook:
  16. M

    First Ever Mini Cover

    Hey guys, Just a short cover of me singing Lirica. I sang all the parts and just overlapped them, no voice manipulation. I'm not happy with the first half of the first verse, but I think the chorus is better, bad microphone didn't help though. I should stop making excuses... Basically I'm a...
  17. M


    Hey, I just wondered what the background lyrics are in Aria for the stanza where Hikaru sings: "Nee hito wa itsu made hitori de Futari ni kogarete iku no darou Mada kimi no kirei na mirai wa Hajimatta bakari" It's only the first line that is different, but all I can clearly make out is "kono...
  18. S

    Kalafina to perform on Anisong Fantasy Live 2017 at HKong & Singapore on March 10 2017

    A brand-new event gathering artistes under SME Records, “Anisong Fantasy Live” will be held in 2 cities, Hong Kong and Singapore in March 2017! 「Anisong Fantasy Live 2017」 [Hong Kong] Date: March 10, 2017 (Fri.) Venue: Queen Elizabeth Stadium Arena *Doors Open / Show Start: To be announced...
  19. A

    Ari Mai's Kalafina songs arrangements

    Hi guys. As you may (or may not :D) know, I've always been interested in music and stuff. Recently I've done some arrangements of Kalafina music, so I thought I would share with others. :XD: PIANO: The first Kalafina song that I tried to get my hands on is Ring Your Bell. It might be a bit...
  20. S

    “Kalafina with Strings” Christmas Premium LIVE TOUR 2016 (November 30 – December 24)

    公演名:“Kalafina with Strings” Christmas Premium LIVE TOUR 2016 11月30日(水) 18:00/18:30 和光市民文化センターサンアゼリア大ホール 12月02日(金) 18:15/19:00 富山県民会館 12月03日(土) 17:00/17:30 東京オペラシティコンサートホール 12月09日(金) 18:15/19:00 京都コンサートホール 12月11日(日) 17:00/17:30 仙台市民会館 大ホール 12月15日(木) 17:45/18:30 岡山市民会館 12月17日(土) 17:00/17:30...