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Animagic 2018

Hey guys,

I was wondering if any Kalafina or Yuki Kajiura fans will go to Animagic in Mannheim this year? Would love to meet up and again meet some nice CPM members like in 2012.

I plan on going and want to cosplay Ayumi Hamasaki on one day and our precious Keiko on the two other days .

See ya!
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Oohhh, so sad. Would have loved to meet up. Of course I will show pics. I just soo hope that the weather will get a bit more managable. It is unbearable at the moment.

Where do you come from (if you are comfortable to say an area)? I am from near Stuttgart.


I like Yuki
I will be at Animagic this year again (all three days, though I might have to leave a bit early on Sunday to catch my train). I was also at Animagic 2012 to see Kalafina, but I was not yet a CPM member back then, so you won't have met me there.


I like Yuki
^Maybe we can meet up? I mean on Saturday and Sunday I will be wearing Keiko Cosplays, so for Kalafina fans I will be recognizable ^^.
We can try, if you would like to (but I'm not doing cosplay). Still, the event hall is pretty big, so we'll have to see.

And the weather is going to kill me... :imdead:


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I'll pass but thanks for the offer. I could probably get them on my own, but I'm 99% sure they are garbage so I'm not particularly pressed.