Kalafina - Into The World {a capella cover by Dulcis Vox}



Hello guys,
Some of my friends and I have come together to form some kind of choral group, and we have just finished practicing 'into the world' by Kalafina. Here is the result (would love you guys to come check it out):
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0Eynp9vMRw :plz:
(We intended to finish this by mid July, but since Kalafina announced that there would be a new single pretty soon, we wanted to push it a little bit and release this as soon as possible before the new single comes out and 'into the world' may become... old-fashion?)

The harmony parts here are not the original parts by Kalafina (although it may be similar at certain points). Kalafina - 3 female voices, we - female AND male voices, moreover we want to try making a choral and a capella version, so we harmonized it ourselves. We tried singing the intro, interlude and outtro too, lol.
This is actually quite a challenge song to sing (yet Kalafina can still pull it off so well).

Well, I guess that's all for now... Hope you enjoy the cover as much as we enjoyed practicing it!:w00t:

P/S: We aim to do many different types of pieces, Yuki Kajiura's music is on the list too (credens justitiam and mezame, maybe?) :dote:
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So cute and beautiful! I will post youtube link on this cover in our group in VK. :dote:
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I see you there! Your best arrangement yet, the harmonies are very nice, also the lead parts are super clear. :idol:
Even old fashion songs deserve love eh?
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Thank guys!! :chuu:
I was kinda afraid at first when attempting to harmonize this song, to be honest. Since there were more harmony parts than usual choral works, it might cause disorders and stuff like that (like losing your way in an ocean of harmony and you don't know what to listen to...)
Glad that it turned out not so bad eventually. :dote: