Since I attended Kalafina’s 10th Anniversary Live, I fell in love with this version. It was performed in a lower key in a more fragile way, and in my opinion it suits the song and lyrics even more.

Here’s my karaoke cover of the 10th anniversary version so you guys know what to expect from the Live BD/DVD release. It’s not perfect, but I tried my best for one take.
Let me know what you think ^_^ !
Has anyone tried the software Virtual DJ for karaoke purposes? I recently met this fellow that has a "one-man-band" that uses this software for excellent backup....he has a very good voice (vibrato included) and he picks well to cover the instrumental breaks and, as a result, this simple setup works well for him. He's got a good following and, long story short, I want to do free karaoke software for your PC somewhat the same thing now that I'm retiring at the end of this month!!! It will be fun and a "productive" thing for me to add to my retirement efforts!!!
Thanks for any suggestions about Virtual DJ (or any karaoke software that gets me very close to the original songs' backgrounds)!!! Where are "the best"'karaoke songs got from as well (what's your source suggestions)?
karaoke software
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