1. H

    Kalafina - ARIA 10th Anniversary Version Karaoke Cover

    Since I attended Kalafina’s 10th Anniversary Live, I fell in love with this version. It was performed in a lower key in a more fragile way, and in my opinion it suits the song and lyrics even more. Here’s my karaoke cover of the 10th anniversary version so you guys know what to expect from the...
  2. Argonir

    Happy Birthday Keiko

    Since it's already the fifth of Dec in Japan, I thought I'd take the opportunity to create a thread devoted to Keiko's birthday, and wish our contralto goddess all the best on her special day.
  3. S

    BD/DVD: Kalafina “9+ONE” at Tokyo International Forum Hall A [Release: Nov 1st]

    Looks like we're getting a release after all, and with a ANISONG FANTASY LIVE bonus at that. Information here:
  4. L

    Kalafina Sprinter - Cosplay Group - Progress Shots

    A group of friends and I are making the Kalafina Sprinter outfits. So far we have: Keiko - Lunatique Rose Cosplay - Wakana - Lavendula Cosplay - Hikaru - Lady Lala -...
  5. L


    Dear members, I'm sure you remember the dresses that Kalafina wore to the Butoukai in 2010 that were designed by ATELIER-PIERROT. I wanted to buy Keiko's dress so badly when it came out but I didn't have a job ;A; If anyone knows where I can buy one now or is willing to sell their pre-owned...