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  1. A

    Animagic 2018

    Hey guys, I was wondering if any Kalafina or Yuki Kajiura fans will go to Animagic in Mannheim this year? Would love to meet up and again meet some nice CPM members like in 2012. I plan on going and want to cosplay Ayumi Hamasaki on one day and our precious Keiko on the two other days . See ya!
  2. H

    Kalafina - ARIA 10th Anniversary Version Karaoke Cover

    Since I attended Kalafina’s 10th Anniversary Live, I fell in love with this version. It was performed in a lower key in a more fragile way, and in my opinion it suits the song and lyrics even more. Here’s my karaoke cover of the 10th anniversary version so you guys know what to expect from the...
  3. Atlas Star

    Yuki Kajiura LIVE in HOLLYWOOD featuring "SAO" Jan 14, 2017 [CANCELLED]

    http://sao-movie.net/us/yukikajiura/ Credits to @rsultan59 !! Thanks!
  4. george1234

    Yuki Kajiura Birthday Project 2016 [Project Completed and forwarded to YK]

    Head here for previous projects and here for last year's . Yuki Kajiura is celebrating this year her 50th Birthday. Should we make one for this year ? Not much to thank her about for 2015-16, she has been mostly inactive (except Bokumachi and Kalafina). Will have to look at older threads for...
  5. Nightmare

    Sword Art Online Movie "Ordinal Scale" (YK on music)

    http://sao-movie.net/us/ Just an update on upcoming SAO Movie called "Ordinal Scale". 2017 + Kajiura as composer as usual + trailer with swordland instrumental remix version 5685423712.
  6. L

    Favorite Live Performances

    Is there another thread of this nature? If there is, I apologize. Lets aim for Top 5. Categories are: FictionJunction excluding YUUKA, Kalafina, FictionJunction YUUKA FictionJunction: 1. stone cold 2. Duran Shoukan 3. Houseki from Vol. 4...
  7. E


    From TSUTAYA: http://shop.tsutaya.co.jp/search_result?ecCategory=00&searchType=1&pSCS=CD(CD、CDS、MAXI)&searchKeyword=ソードアート・オンライン&x=0&y=0 http://shop.tsutaya.co.jp/ソードアート・オンライン-ミュージックコレクション-BD付/product-cd-4534530089205/ Release Date: 2016/01/27 Limited Edtion:(4CD+1BD) *OST live video of the...
  8. S

    Kalafina & Yuki Kajiura [ +others] in The Sims 4

    Well, I don't think I did so well in making Keiko. . and Wakana. . and Hikaru. the hairstyles I have are limited and well I tried making Yuki but it didn't turned out to be that good so. . . but I'll do it again when I have time. here it is...
  9. S

    Happy birthday (?)

    I'm new in this forum though I've known Yuki for ages and will never have enough of her musics. I know it's stupid, naming an introduction thread /Happy Birthday/ Well. Pleased to meet you. Though I should've rested I was waiting for my friend's upload of a Kalafina fanfiction since my ideas...