1. Hayden K.

    Madlax Mix instrumental??

    Is there any sort of instrumental of Madlax Mix in the concert arrangement that I’ve skipped over? Or might anyone be skilled and/or interested enough to create one? I’ve been looking pretty desperately :rain: Thank you for responding!
  2. H

    Kalafina - ARIA 10th Anniversary Version Karaoke Cover

    Since I attended Kalafina’s 10th Anniversary Live, I fell in love with this version. It was performed in a lower key in a more fragile way, and in my opinion it suits the song and lyrics even more. Here’s my karaoke cover of the 10th anniversary version so you guys know what to expect from the...
  3. S

    BD/DVD: Kalafina “9+ONE” at Tokyo International Forum Hall A [Release: Nov 1st]

    Looks like we're getting a release after all, and with a ANISONG FANTASY LIVE bonus at that. Information here: https://lineblog.me/kalafina/archives/67138281.html?t=1