Hayden K.

I like Yuki
Is there any sort of instrumental of Madlax Mix in the concert arrangement that I’ve skipped over? Or might anyone be skilled and/or interested enough to create one?

I’ve been looking pretty desperately :rain:

Thank you for responding!
You know, I don’t believe I even made it to the convention last year (I most likely got sick; the other possibility is not enough money but I was working full time back then and would be shocked if that was the case) but I think I’ll go for Kaze no Machi He again. Any other suggestions, though? I’ve made it to every “-Con Idol” finals by getting in with Canta Per Me and I don’t remember what I’ve sung at my usual con but when I went to Maryland I know I tried Passion by Utada for my final and that went HORRIBLY. I’ve considered doing the live version of Credens Justitiam (if someone could make an instrumental of that, but I don’t know if going solo on that is a good idea), and even though it’s an anime celebration, I’m looking at Keiko’s song Inochi no Hana. Trying to make a decision within the next ten days…. :desksweat: