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^Was that her intro that was printed in the CD booklet? I have an English-language copy of that if you want it typed out (it's only a couple of paragraphs iirc).


^ That would be good, but there was a video extra on the Portrait of Petite Cossette DVD that included Yuki Kajiura that I believe is subtitled. I'll check it now.

Just the bits that Yuki Kajiura said and most of what Marina Inoue said, plus the headings:

YK: "Scary, yet melancholy"


"I like this so much, I would like it to be my lifework."

The music is composed by Yuki Kajiura, who loves anime music.
Not only has she worked on numerous anime titles...
But, besides soundtracks she has published many original scores.

[Original Work vs. Soundtrack]

"When I make my own music, I start from within myself.
I create everything from the first image I pull out of my head.
When it's a soundtrack, the project has a certain amount of imagery.
I receive those images and return them with my music.
Basically I treat them as collaborations.
In a way, I thank them for the images...
I receive the will to work from them."

[About Marina Inoue]

[Upon Winning The Audition]

Marina Inoue: I was very surprised.
I wanted to see how good I was. I was not expecting to be picked.
I didn't think they would chose me.

YK: "She is very distinctive, and has such a stable personality...
And she's so young!
After we talked at the audition, I really wanted to work with her."

[Marina Inoue's Personal Homework]

Marina Inoue: Now, everything is homework for me...
Because I haven't done any of this before.
This character's role does not reside in me.
So I have to throw out everything about me...
and dive into her personality so I can play her.
I would like to do my best with that.


[Gothic, From a Musical Point of View]

YK: "The British stuff from a while back is my image of "Gothic".
The images stem back to when such fashions were in vogue.
That, and classical music. It was heavily skewed one way or another...
So I really wanted to keep it from going in either direction.

[Goth-Loli Fashion]

Marina Inoue: I like Goth-Loli. It's cute... I think as a fashion style it's cute.
I also have many friends that like Goth or Loli styles...
So I look at them to see what the style is like.



[The Image of Music]

YK: "The coexistence of mystery and horror.
No matter what music you make, there is always a sense of mystery.
But there needs to be a sense of melancholy somewhere in there.
The backbone is a love story.
I really want to always keep that melancholy feeling in the music.

[Writing Lyrics for the Ending Theme "Houseki"]

A very cold, heartless feeling...
But yet, a feeling of mysteriousness.
I was thinking of what it could be, and then thought of a gemstone.

[First Impressions of "Houseki"]
Marina Inoue: When I heard the karaoke tape, the demo tape, I was really touched.
I was really nervous.

[The Image of "Houseki"]

YK: Something that can't be too scary, nor too lonely.
I thought that if it went one way or the other, it would go off track.
That's why it has a lonely melody.
I though of many arrangements. The music has the listener wonder...
whether to feel loneliness or horror.
I thought the perfect amount of tension in the song would be...
to debate on which feeling should dominate.

[About Singing "Houseki"]

Marina Inoue: The story is heavy. The ending theme was created to match it.
It was hard for me to sing it without ruining that atmosphere.

[Marina Inoue's Singing]

YK: Her singing is very distinctive.
She knows how to put her emotions into her singing.
I think she will be a very good singer.
She'll get better and better with time.
I'm looking forward to her future.


YK: Petite Cossette has a very unique worldview.
I fell in love with that world at first sight.
And I really enjoyed writing the music for it.
I await the result of the story and worldview of "Petite Cossette".
I want to do my best to support that worldview with my music.
And, from the musical aspect...
I can stimulate the viewers' imagination as well.
I hope that you look forward to watching the final product.

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Wow, thank you !
I found this video yesterday, but it was subtitled in Russian...

So she likes Cossette's gothic universe...
Kajiura-san, my admiration for you becomes more and more great ! :goodjob:


^ Thanks, it had English subtitles, so I just had to pause the video and type what was on screen.

It also includes Marina Inoue and others talking about it, but I just wanted to get the Yuki Kajiura parts typed out first.

Lots of others like george1234 and aki also help add stuff to the main site, and varete has done lots of subtitling of interviews.


^ I don't think that I'm up to ripping a video from a DVD. Is the Portrait of Petite Cossette DVD still available in the USA? I could probably source and send you a region 4 copy (which should play fine on your computer or a region free DVD player, which are common in Australia).


I'm fairly sure the DVD's out of print over here - my copy has MVM's old logo on and everything! I doubt it'll be reissued, even given Shinbo's rise to prominence since then. Sometimes I think I'm the only person who actually liked the thing... :cry: From what I remember of the last time I watched it, there are a few trailers, the PV for 'Houseki' and a twenty-ish minute documentary where some of the cast and crew are interviewed. I'd put money on it being from the same DVD master as the Australian version that Kugayama has, just with different region encoding.

Darn, this is making me want to rewatch the whole thing now!

Anyhoo, here's what's printed in the OST booklet:

"Le Portrait de Petite Cossette" was on many levels an uncensored expression of myself at that time and place in my life.
The emotions and the colors used in the animation hit home and are very familiar to me.
This made the music making process a very natural one.
The songs here sound very much like the soundtrack to life I have running through my head.
The songs here are such sounds, put to paper.
I've taken the liberty in expressing myself in these songs, but the music here also represents a certain simplicity.
I hope you enjoy both the animation and the music.

Yuki Kajiura
That's pretty much it. There are lyrics to 'Houseki' as well, but I think I copied those out further up the thread at some point, and they're not all that different from what's on the main site already. It's a shame I don't have access to a working scanner, because I could've just uploaded pics of the CD booklets and saved myself some typing!

I hope that helps, anyway!


^ Thanks! I like how madman.com.au tries to maintain a good back-catalogue of old anime titles (they have the majority of anime releases in Australia, with smaller amounts from Sony, Siren and Hanabee).


I was wondering if anyone is able to translate the 4 pages Yuki Kajiura interview that's into the Madoka Rebellion material scans - is it translated in the US edition ?





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Hikaru/私たちは活動して6年半になるのですが、まだKalafinaを知らない人に私たちの事を知って頂きたいという思いのもと、今回のベストア ルバムを出すに至りました。選曲に関しては、これまでの総楽曲数が約80曲程あり、やはりすべての曲を入れるとうわけにはいかないので、あらゆるテイスト の曲を2枚にまとめました。どちらのアルバムから聴いてくださっても「Kalafinaの色」というものが見える作品になっていると思います。


Keiko/私たちの音楽は本当に色々なジャンルとテイストが混在していて、自分たちでも「Kalafinaはこういうジャンルです」という提示が難し かったんです。そこで、今回はベストを作るにあたって、選曲のコンセプトは一緒ですが、時系列や楽曲の性質で分けるのではなく、私たちの楽曲全体の幅や世 界観の広さを色で表現しました。「情熱的でエネルギーの象徴といえる」赤、「癒やしや人々を引きつける要素を持つ」青だと思い、「Red」「Blue」と 表現しました。今回のベストは何かの節目という意味ではなく「ここまできたぞ!」って旗を立てるくらいの感じですね(笑)。「まだ走り続けている」という 気持ちとして、新曲も入れさせていただいてます。


Wakana/Kalafinaの楽曲に関して言えば、どれもやはりKalafinaの色があって、軸がブレていないという印象ですね。これだけ色々なテ イストの楽曲を並べて聴いても、やっぱり「これがKalafinaの音楽」という芯がしっかり出来ているというか。3ヴォーカルというスタイルでやってき ていますが、それぞれがそれぞれの役割をしっかりと認識できてきて、中でも「もっとここを伸ばそう」とか「ここが足りない」といったような高い意識で楽曲 に向き合えるようになっていますし、各ヴォーカルの存在感をよりしっかりと感じるようになりました。昔はコーラスワークというのは2声のハーモニーだった りソロパートが多かったりもしたんですけど、最近の楽曲に近づくにつれて、3声のハーモニーが増えてきたりという変化も改めて見えましたね。そうやって、 楽曲に対する私たちの役割は少しずつ変化してはいるものの、梶浦さん(プロデューサー)が作られる楽曲の世界観や軸となっている部分は少しもブレずにいる なと感じます。

Keiko/こうやってこれまでの楽曲を並べてみると、本当にタイアップ曲が多いということに自分たちでも驚きましたね。劇場版「空の境界」主題歌プロ ジェクトとして私たちは結成されたのですが、昨年この作品が終わるまでずっと楽曲の部分で関わらせていただきました。「魔法少女まどか☆マギカ」も、オリ ジナルアニメにしてすごく人気が出たアニメーションですし、作品の発展と共に私たちの音楽も関わることが出来ているという部分では、作品との距離感がとて も近い状態で活動できたというのはすごく嬉しいことですし、ありがたいことですね。それぞれの作品から私たちが生まれて、今があるという実感にも繋がっ て。

Hikaru/私も、ふたりが感じていることと同じ気持ちですね。実は最初、ベストアルバムを出すということについては少し不安があって(笑)。「まだ早 いよ」とか思われるんじゃないかとか、いろいろ考えてしまって。でも、私たちとしては、今回のベストはいわゆる「総集編」でなく、「名刺代わり」としてた くさんの方にお薦めできるものに仕上げることが出来たと思っています。ベストが出ることによって、Kalafinaを知らない方にも「まずはこれを聴いて みて!」みたいな感じで、気軽な入口となる作品になれたら嬉しいですね。自分自身にとってこのベストアルバムは、これまでの活動や自分自身のことについて 振り返る良いきっかけにもなりました。初期の頃の楽曲も入っているので、まだ未熟だった自分もそこにはしっかりといますので(笑)。


Keiko/いまはアニメーションと言っても、いわゆる「子供たちだけが観るもの」ということではなく、映像のクオリティも高く繊細な感性と技術を持った アーティストさんたちが作り上げる世界観は、大人の方も楽しめる本当に素晴らしいものばかりですよね。プロデューサーである梶浦さんはそういった作品の劇 伴も数多く手掛けられているのですが、私たちも劇中歌に歌詞をつけたものを歌わせていただいたり、そういった関わり合いもあって、自分たちの楽曲はアニ メーションというジャンルとすごく密接な関係であると思います。「あそこのシーンで流れてた曲だよね」とか、アニメとリンクして世界観を広げてくださるの は本当に嬉しいですね。


Keiko/そうなんです(笑)。ライブは、やはり新たなお客様と出会える場所なので、色々なイベントや音楽フェスからお声をかけていただけるのは本当に 嬉しいです。最初は、やはりロックイベントとなると、どうしても「アウェイ」な感じがして弱気になっていたんです。「ここに来ているお客さんに自分たちの 世界観が受け入れてもらえるのだろうか…」とか。でも楽曲が多くなるのと同時に、自分たちの色や世界観もしっかりと確立されてきましたし、敢えてアウェイ な空間を自分たちの色に染めていくことが出来るか、という挑戦が楽しみになってきました。
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Hikaru/梶浦さんは「その人の声をいかに最高の状態まで引き出せるか」ということをすごく大事に曲を作られていて、ひとりひとりの個性を上手に引き 出してくださいます。レコーディングの時は一人ずつ録るのですが、その時点での細かいやり取り以外では、自分が作った楽曲を私たちがどう受け止めて表現す るのか、私たちのフィルターを通して出てくるものがどうなるのか、それを楽しみにしてくださってるように感じますね。



Wakana/武道館公演が決まった時は本当に驚きました。2daysと聞いた時は急に不安になってきてしまいましたけど(笑)。でも、いつも3人で「い つかワンマンで武道館やりたいね」って話していたので、それが叶うことになって本当に嬉しいです! ライブハウスから一歩ずつ進んできての武道館なので、ここまで連れてきてくださったみなさんへの感謝の気持ちをライブで見せることが出来ればと思います。 すごく感慨深い時間になりそうだなって思います。

Hikaru/本当に夢だったので嬉しいですし、このアルバムを聴いた方の「生で聴いてみたい!」という気持ちに応えられるチャンスでもありますから、 ファンの方はもちろん、初めてKalafinaのライブに来て下さる方とも一緒にその景色を楽しみたいと思います。「武道館チケットもう買いました!」っ ていう声もあるので、いよいよ気持ちを整えていかないとですね(笑)。

Keiko/先に行われる秋のツアーでは、グランキューブ大阪でのライブも控えているのですが、武道館では今までのライブとはまた違う空間ですし、 Kalafinaの新境地になるのではないかと思います。まず、グランキューブのライブでこれまでの積み重ねを披露できるかと思いますので、ベストを聴い て「生で聴いてみたい!』と思っていただけたなら、是非ホールで体感していただきたいですね。


人生を賭けて描く1つの絵 2014年9月25日


Kalafina is a unit that Kajiura Yuki put together as part of a project to produce the theme song for the feature anime Sora no Kyokai. "
WHY ?! :comeback:
Last time, JE's website wrote "Kana no Kyoukai".

Why does everyone mistake it... ? :cry:

Some songs on the album are ones that Kajiura-san himself wanted to see us perform on stage, so I think that the album has more of a human touch than previous ones.
Wut ?! :omg:

Wakana: When Kajiura-san releases an anime theme, he first must understand the entire anime before he makes the song that follows the storyline.
So the translators really thought Kajiura-san was a man...
I'm shocked ! :ghost:
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
lmao mistakes
They probably wrote sora because the title in kanji is 空の境界 and 空 can also be pronounced sora.

btw, I swear I remember there being some interview or the like where someone (on the Madoka staff?) said Hikaru could be no one else than Madoka if she were a puella magi....am I imagining this? Because I can't seem to find it at all orz


They probably wrote sora because the title in kanji is 空の境界 and 空 can also be pronounced sora.
Yeah, I remember now.
But "Kana" is unforgiveable ! :kungfu:
Hicchan as Madoka ? Could be cute ! Yuki as Mami, Keiko as Kyouko, and Wakana as Sayaka. :shy:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Hicchan as Madoka ? Could be cute ! Yuki as Mami, Keiko as Kyouko, and Wakana as Sayaka. :shy:
it's Hiitan as Madoka, Keiko as Homura, and Wakana as Mami according to the Kala-Mado cosplay card that came with Hikari Furu heuheuheu :punched:
That makes me wonder who Kaori, Yuriko, and Kajiura would be...


it's Hiitan as Madoka, Keiko as Homura, and Wakana as Mami according to the Kala-Mado cosplay card that came with Hikari Furu heuheuheu
Kyouko always has a big smile and a happy face, so I thought she would be Keiko.
Sayaka and Wakana (woah, a lot of "a'') are cute and sometimes they're a troublemaker.
But it can be swapped.
But Yuki is definitely Mami : quiet beauty, more adult and has a maternal aura ! :listen:

But I dunno for Yuri-nee and Kaori.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Kyouko always has a big smile and a happy face, so I thought she would be Keiko.
Sayaka and Wakana (woah, a lot of "a'') are cute and sometimes they're a troublemaker.
But it can be swapped.
But Yuki is definitely Mami : quiet beauty, more adult and has a maternal aura ! :listen:

But I dunno for Yuri-nee and Kaori.
according to a report from AnimagiC
http://animemisme.blogspot.com/2012/08/its-bonn-its-animagic-its-kalafina.html said:
One of the question I remembered was who they would want to be as a character in Madoka Magica. The sony guy said he would want to be Madoka's father. Iwakami-san would want to be Kyuubei. Hikaru would want to be Madoka, Wakana Mami, and Keiko Homura. Keiko added the tsundere Homura.
ahrg I still can't find the maybe-interview I mentioned before :wai: maybe I did imagine it