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The picture captions game!


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Kaori: :white: :omg: Recently it seems Keiko has totally forgotten about me! :cry: She's always so preoccupied with Hikaru and Wakana... But back in the old days we got along so well..Keiko, don't you remember FictionPunktion? The special place we built for just the two of us? :comeback: Hmm...I must think of some way to regain her attention and affection... :plot: I'll just send her this cute neko photo, it's sure to melt her heart... :psst:

*types message to Keiko*

Hi Keiko! Long time no see. Hope you're still thinking of me! I sent you a photo to cheer you up, because you said you like cats, right? ;)
Love, Kaori~

*a few minutes later*

*Kaori's phone buzzes*

Kaori: Oh! Such a quick reply! :waii:

Keiko (Text):
Actually I don't like cats at all, it's Kajiura-sensei who likes them. But you're still very kawaii! Anyway, I'm a bit busy with my darling Wacchan and Hiichan right now so I'll talk to you later! :idol: :bye:

Kaori: :vortex: :vortex: :anger: :anger: I'M YOUR DARLING TOO! :voodoo: :cry: :spotlight:

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EDIT: Wait, also throwing in this one because HAHAHA how could you not :XD:



I adore Yuki

Just discovered this thread. Hahaha some of this responses are sooo good.

Edit: @LacrimosaRaven
HAHAHAHA!!! I cant anymore, is this photo shopped?!
Or doe she really has this high obsession with sharks xD"
Ok I see its shopped but damn...


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
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Wakana: Do you like my new shark hat? It's made with real synthetic shark fibers! So it can be exactly like a shark yet not have any sharks hurt in the process of making it!
This is what happens when you don't get enough sleep.

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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Wakana: I can't believe you agreed to teach us your secret technique of how to sleep while standing upright, Hikaru!

Hikaru: ..........

Wakana: You truly are the master of sleep, isn't she, Keiko? :ohoho:

Keiko: ............

Wakana: ...uhm...Hikaru...? Keiko...?

Hikaru and Keiko: zzzzzzzzz...

Wakana: :omgz: :omgz: They actually fell asleep! :omg:

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Or this one:



HA! I live in her CLOSET!
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Keiko: WAAAAAAAAITER!!!!! :omg:

*waiter comes*
Waiter: Please, miss, not so loud. :desksweat:
Keiko: But I'm Keiko! I can be loud when I want! :glower:
Waiter: Keiko-san, there are other guests here. They don't want to hear all of that. :listen:
Wakana: *says something before Keiko can respond* Gomen!Gomen!Gomen!Gomen! I'll make sure she's quiet! :swt:

: (oblivious to what just happened) I'll have a water to drink, please.
Wakana pic from TV in background just laughing at Keiko :ohoho:

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Dripping with Kajiura
*in Mushu's voice* I LIIIIVVVEEEEEEE :knife:


After a hectic rehearsal.

Yuki: Good Job today Girls! I know you're all tired and hungry. So I brought some gyoza! :plot:

Girls: :stars::uh..::stars::stars:

Keiko: Oh my God. Here we go again.. :...: I'm too tired for this shizz.

Wakana: Stay back everyone. These prettiez are all mine :knife: Come here my prettiez..

Kaori: :anger: Over my dead body :kungfu:

Yuriko: Matte matte! leave some for me:omgz:

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HA! I live in her CLOSET!

Wakana: Wakashark-01, over. There does not seem to be anyone inside the premises. The window is locked and secure. I would let my shark minions help in trying to break the window, but it would only work if there was a crack.:listen:

Keiko: I'll try to find one, Wakashark-san! :goodjob:

Hikaru: Um... You know we can walk around the window..? There's a door over there, and... it's... open...

*Hikaru's voice trails off as Keiko and Wakana look at her menacingly :glower:*

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Dripping with Kajiura
The picture is too small :@_@:

Yuki: Minna! I have good news! I have mastered the art of going down stairs :sparkleguy: Im now an expert at it.

Wakana: Oh my... :waii: That is indeed good news. I'm so proud of Kajiura-sama :touched:

Kaori: :V: great great

Keiko: ahahaha :desksweat:

Yuriko: ehh..:omgz::uh..: oh right. That YK Live Vol 11 incident..

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Please include the third arm to the caption /is slapped