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The picture captions game!

Put a caption on the first, then post another pic for someone else to cap.


(After running away from rabid fans...)
Keiko: I think we lost most of them...
Hikaru: Do you think they'll figure out it's us?
Wakana: Shh, just smile and stand still.

Your turn!


I have reached Yuki nirvana
silverywhite said:

(Do the pics have to be related to Yuki Kajiura?)
Wakana: *smile while saying to the cameraman* err... my legs are tired doing this pose... :desksweat:
Keiko: *wry smile and thinks* sorry Wakana, I'm so Short that you have to do that pose so I don't look short :orz:




I have reached Yuki nirvana
il0vesunfl0wers said:
Keiko: *Whispers* Hikaru, pretend that you love me so much and stop Wakana from taking me away by pulling me hard from her arms :stars:
Hikaru: umm... like this....? :confu:
Keiko: :uh..: Ahahaha.. that was nice..