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The picture captions game!


Dripping with Kajiura

After walking for hours:

Wakana: Gosh I'm so tired..:...: We have been walking for hours and we still can't find the place for our photoshoot. My knees are killing me.

Keiko: Ugh my back hurts from carrying our costume luggage.:uh..: Let me lean on you Hiichan.:psst:

Hikaru: Ofcourse Keechan, you can lean on me anytime.:plot: But where the heck are we? What is this rural-looking place? :confu: Are we lost... again? Why do we always get lost when we 3 are together? :orz: We'll most likely get an ear full from manager... again.

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Wakana: New hair treatment, Keiko-chan?
Keiko: not as good as the Pantene

Next picture (Chiaki Ishikawa at the reopening of the Ishinomaki Manga Museum):



Roses at her doorstep
First guy: Red!
Chiaki: White!
Third guy: Red!
First guy: Wait, I'm red!
Third guy: But I'm the leader. I'm the real red.

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