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The picture captions game!


Dripping with Kajiura

Hikaru: Come one, come all and check this magia drink. Not only will this make your voice sound heavenly(blue) and sight clear as (far on the)water, it will also make you look like Wakana Ootaki of Kalafina :plot:

Wakana: Yes! It totally works. I tried it and just look what I have become. :w00t: :sparkleguy:

Keiko: :XD:

Hikaru: Its limited edition so go get them while supplies last :sparkleguy:

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gif from sprinterxkyrie of tumblr


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Person standing in front: *holds up mirror* What do you think of this?
Wakana: That's a pretty fancy pizza dish, don't you agree, Keiko?
Keiko: Yeah! I love the super shiny surface! I feel like I can see myself in it!
The people standing next to Hikaru: I know, right? Let's all strike fancy narcissistic poses for it!

Hikaru: I'm surrounded by idiots.

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(Yes, that is Yuki Kajiura)


Roses at her doorstep
Wakana: *Must...not...tell...Keiko...how...hot...she...is...*

Keiko: C'mon Wacchan, I'm hot, aren't I? Say I'm hot.

Wakana: I will not.

Keiko: C'mon, *pleeease*?

Wakana: I will not!

Keiko: Pretty pretty pleeeease? :plz:

Wakana: I said no!

Keiko: I'll take you to see sharks.

Wakana: *grumbles* Fine, you're hot. Happy now?

Keiko: Yes. :innocent:

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Dripping with Kajiura

Hikaru: Oh my dear chair, why must you be only one in this room? *caresses chair*

Keiko: Hiichan its not yet your turn in the chair. :desksweat:

Wakana: Im so tired, when is it my turn? :TdT:

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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Keiko: They closed MY gym early! How dare they!!!
Wakana: C'mon, Keiko, you've been going there literally every day for the past couple years. Can't you take a break for one day?
Keiko: No! One day will lead into two! Which leads into three! I can't give up my routine!!

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