Kalafina 5th album "far on the water"

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^ Hmm, I'm curious as to where that thought came from. I don't see what ties them together, but perhaps I haven't picked up on something. :ayashii:

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Parallel Heart
I also listened to them back to back and nothing jumped out at me. Though, honestly, I can't think of any other song(s) to relate hoshi no utai to (only yami no uta in the sense that I used to confuse their kanji on the red moon album :XD:).


whee.. FOTW ranked #8 on its first month of release with 35000+ sales..now, just sell 300 copies and it'll surpass SH. ;)


^ suprising that it happens with so few tie-ins (and poor in quality compared to the KnK songs)
I guess the new album songs were really liked - and Budokan helped them get even more popular.

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^ I don't think it's entirely out of the blue. I'm sure promotion helped a lot (and if the vinyls count towards these sales, then those too) among other things, like their growing popularity, the fact some people only buy albums, etc...


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hmm. the vinyl recording of sorairo no isu sounds slightly more... high pitched to me. Anyone else's sound like that? I prefer the CD ver.
(could just be the result of digitalizing vinyl, which I know some frown upon)
@aki: I just listened to Sorairo on vinyl and then again on my computer. I can't hear any difference. (Though my copy is a little warped and fuzzy. *sigh* Wish it did not skip on some songs too. Well, I still love it.) Maybe I am just not noticing it.

Another thing I don't notice either is the similarity in Gogatsu and Hoshi. Maybe it's just the use of strings that you (Atlas) are thinking of? But Hoshi is much more fast paced. (And it has Keiko solo parts haha) But I also think it is a darker song. I think of Yami no Uta and Hoshi no Utai as similar.


Sorry for the delay but now all Fotw album lyrics have fixed lines :)

does anyone know what are the harmony lines during

mado kara no kaze ga
kimi no hoho ni fureta
nemure nakute
dareka to asobitai

in monochrome ?


I think it's this :

mado kara fuku
kaze no naka de
kimi no hoho wo kasumeta mono
nemure nakute


my hearing is bad though so I might be wrong lol

Edit: thanks Daiima!
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I compared to the vocal score, phonetically it's good except "kimi no hoo wo kasumeta mono" (no kanji there though)


I did "hoo" first but since the person who romanized it spelled it "hoho" I thought it should match :p
thanks for checking !


thank you shiro and daiima!

can someone translate ?

@Daiima : You have the vocal score ?! Can you post the official kajiurago of all songs ? I saw heavenly blue has.
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into the water:
intia samali desti ali sontia
alita camali detti alita sontia
allima samati asti detta sontia ima
allimi solti testa filia soolte alia
intia samali desti ali sontia

gogatsu no mahou:
contia esti solia
imi soli conditol
amia contia esti solia
imi filia conma di
sol alia tol

ring your bell: (on two lines with slight differences)
sontia dis adole
imi altimata
disti solmistio
atol/solti o atol
camito (a)disti asole
(continuing as harmony:)
michino mabushisa ha
kitto kienai kara

one light:
alti osa tol a
vista sonti oli
dita sonta
vistalia idito
sonti distio
malite son acol
sontalia i vitalia
adito solti

musunde hiraku:
soonte lio adola
teesta lio fia

heavenly blue:
cantisti solta lia
aliti ola iaditta
ama soleimente
salita maltita
alisti ola
diamalita solaaditto
salidi amasole
disto gloria

far on the water:
alito istiosa lia
alma lista mia
conti sama lia
estiosa alita fia
contadia diote lia