Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan (2018-01-23) (BD/DVD Release June 13/2018)


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That was incredible! Sorry I couldn’t join you smiley afterwards. I just went home changed into my shark jammies and am ready for bed. All that line waiting was murder. I don’t even know what I bought lol

It was such a beautiful performance I can’t believe how many songs they did consecutively it was incredible. Wakana and Keiko are superb! Hikaru...I worry a lot...I’m like oh jeez here comes Aria

The Wedding Kalafina Brides was a soo extra LOL I cringed but they sang so beautifully. And the constant promotion of the film was a little eyerolling.

It was very simple and concise. Not a lot of dancing, costume changes, or video effects like in Red and Blue day. I think I enjoyed the toned down atmosphere.


with bride-like outfit for encore it feels like they will graduate/disband. thank god no such announcement though.

for those who join the afterparty, have fun


@george1234 I see. The staff just deleted their previous post lol
here: https://lineblog.me/kalafina/archives/67143119.html

『Kalafina 10th Anniversary Film ~夢が紡ぐ輝きのハーモニー~』の特別映像とキービジュアルが完成しました。特別映像は下記URLから!




And I love the way Kalafina promote their goods lol :XD:




ARIA sounded great though. I was worried when it started but she did it.

The bridal style outfits were only for Hikari Furu. They took them off after that song for more standard dresses.


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I imagine they're the ones producing or publishing the movie... mebbe.

Btw, how was Hikaru? Did she recover from her problems?


I need this to be recorded. Lirica and serenato? Please please please.
it should be a disc release there were cameras all over the stage. It was an incredible concert with so many songs (*edit I never heard live) like Lirica and Adore.
Hikaru was a bit shaky for the first 2 songs especially in Mirai with the long notes. But after she warmed up she was showing close to her old self again especialy with Aria. Wakana's singing was flawless this concert, Keiko was great too! I like how you hear her parts more live, she sometimes gets drowned out in recording.

They also said in one MC they didnt bother with too many clothes changes or the usual encore this time because they wanted to spend as much time singing as possible. That and Wakana was visibly crying at the end. It feels like this maybe the last big concert for a while......There was no word about Yuki and Spacecraft just the trailer for the film at the end and the list of 100 Kalafina fan voted songs.
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Probably a good thing that it might be the last big concert for a while though. The girls haven't performed for what, a month or so since the acoustic lives? Having had a good time to rest after so much constant touring over the last couple years or so probably helped them sound so wonderful today.


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No announcement for another album? Whyyyy? Hopefully soon. I am curious about the film. But I am sure the concert will be separate from that, or I hope. Also wow, that set list is grand! Kantan, lirica (i think the person meant they hadn't seen it in person before), serenato, I wish Natsu no Ringo was there... They don't sing it that often. But it looked like it was a great live. I wanted to see them in the wedding dresses! Were they the ones from previous pictures of new ones? Wow. I kind of wanted the pajamas, how are they? Comfortable? I am not that into sharks though... Wakana being into them though. Lol I hope someone puts a full report online soon!


I'm gonna assume that they've decided to hide all the announcements inside the film. The fact that they said it'd have something looking into the future of Kala makes me convinced at least.