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Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan (2018-01-23) (BD/DVD Release June 13/2018)

Kagaribi no Hanabira

Golden daffodil at her window
So.. if there's nothing special about the trip, I don't get why many people made an issue from Eri catching a bullet train, both in Twitter and in the live @~@. Any clue?
a quiet, serious, scholarly type like Konno.
He looks like the most quiet one in the FBM, but I can't see him as a serious&scholarly type after watching anime expo 2003 live...lol. He's so young and...funky?, has a bit different atmosphere from in these days. (Don't know whether being a married man made him look more mature.) I don't know how to say... but his violin playing is the most non-classical, full of improvisation and playful among all Yuki's violinists.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
He just has a serious face. He was jumping with the girls during Love come down's guitar solo from Red Moon live. No quiet, serious man would do that, hue.
This is going to sound really sappy, but I just have to get this off my chest. I’ve been listening to this a lot recently and I also watched it again, and seeing the Hikari Furu performance in the wedding gowns really gets to me. Also, I had never really paid attention to the lyrics before, but watching it on YouTube with the English lyrics helps me to appreciate it even more, and to see how it relates to Madoka. So I just rewatched the ending of Madoka, and then watched the live Hikari Furu afterwards, and it made me think of how that performance of the song is almost like Kalafina’s farewell. They’ve disappeared from this world like Madoka, but they’re still with us in spirit. OK I admit, I’m a sentimental guy deep down inside.