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Forum & Chat & Main Site Complaint Thread 9

Noticed when searching for something in a particular thread, if I click on the link for a particular search result, the message appears in context (ie as if you had gone directly to the message) but the page navigation for the thread is only at the bottom, not at the top as well (which would be useful).
Email should be working now! (wow gmail authentication is a pain)

@Kugayama If you could get me an example url and a screenshot or two to compare, I might be able to do somthing, but I don't think I'm seeing the issue you're describing. I am seeing top navigation in my tests
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Cleantalk apparently isn't well optimized for Xenforo2, it hasn't caught a thing. (It's all from Indian and Pakistani IPs) - The email block list does seem to be working, though.

Bandwith usage is a little high, trying to disable hotlinking.

If you see this image and don't expect to, let me know.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
I haven't opened the main site for quite a long time (the last time I opened it iirc was before the redesigning happened) and maaann the main site takes forever to load on mobile. I'm using Chrome for android and I was so frustrated because I cannot open the Menu(the vocalists, lyrics, discography, etc tab). It keeps freezing the whole time. Idk if it happens to anyone else or is it just me.