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Forum & Chat & Main Site Complaint Thread 9

It might be possible to only allow users that has registered more than a week can open new thread. Those too new are not allowed to open thread, maybe can just post replies and create introduction thread.
So, @george1234 , I put some restrictions on sidebars to speed up page load.

- Yes, guestbook, calendar, twitter, and site updates is restricted.
- Why we give a twitter feed instead of just a link to the twitter ... I don't know.
- Calendar usually takes twice as long to load as the rest of the page, I got reports of pages timing out and it seemed to be the cause.
I don't receive email notifications about anything, not even 'confirmation emails' about my account :(( I thought it was only for a few days, but it's now two weeks of no email alerts even though the inbox is always full when I access :/
@Sudrien Can we make the forum able to recognise emojis from smalrtphones lije those google ones ? Every time i enter some they appear on the typing field but disappear right after i submit the post.