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Forum & Chat & Main Site Complaint Thread 9


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Tried typing a unicode cat face into a thread and it disappeared (the cat, not the whole post). Is it intentional?


I just want to report that my isssue with loading the cpm website on chrome got finally fixed!! probably thanks to the wordpress update.


Spam filtering is worse - even when IP addresses match that of a recently banned spammer, that user is still able to post similar spam.
Spam filtering is worse - even when IP addresses match that of a recently banned spammer, that user is still able to post similar spam.
Reviewing the logs, the following email providers have been banned.
  • guerrillamail.org
  • mailinator.com
  • pjjkp.com
  • prtnx.com
  • spam.la
  • yopmail.com
  • protonmail.com
  • outlook.com
  • sharklasers.com
  • carbtc.net
  • consultant.com


Damn why did they change the theme without asking us ? Funny how these colors match better with the old site theme lol

Why do we need so frequent updates of the forum software anyways ? Wordpress doesnt change as much.

The price for the themes is pay once or its a monthly thing ?

With the new theme, the page you are on doesnt show the page number.


Also where did the "Mark Forums /thread as Read" go ?
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The colors match better because I spent some time customizing them. Apparently I need to take a little more time.

As for xenforo updates - we have skipped several in the past - but it gets more updates simply because users, not only admins & moderators, have more interaction than Wordpress. Everyone makes posts.

Themes are only a one-time charge, as I understand it, but none have looked significantly better to me than customizing the default. And, Xenforo 2.x is a major rewrite, so they simply reassessed everything as they rewrote. The new default theme should look better on mobile, anyways.

EDIT also, "Mark Forums /thread as Read" - It's under "Post Thread" button for the specific forum.
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Is there an option to bring back the general "mark forums as read" at the main forum page ? There used to be one in the old theme.


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The usual. Clicking on a thread takes you to the first page. No way that I see of getting to the last page from the listing. Also in threads with many pages theres no choice of pages, just first/previous/next/last. Unless Im just not seeing things on mobile...
Registration has been re-enabled.

...I think I'm happy with security settings at the moment, though they exclude some older web browsers.
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I think email notifications have somehow been disabled? I haven't received any emails from here since before the redesign, even though I have email alerts for unread threads turned on :confu: