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Forum & Chat & Main Site Complaint Thread 9


The server will not let me "like" 3 of Kugayana's posts. It keeps giving me a "server error has occured, please try again later." Later never works. Still getting the server errors. I don't know if it's not letting me "like" or "like" Kugayama in particular. I'll have to like other's posts to see for sure

Oh sure... let's me like his post in this thread. SERVER is messing with me.


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I tried posting this image, but it was giving me an error: https://forum.canta-per-me.net/posts/297051/
(Something like "failed to perform this action, please try later" - can't remember exactly).
It was working, but telling me it wasn't, so I ended up double-posting it. When I tried to delete one of the two posts, it gave me the same error again, but the post was deleted.


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One thread where one person posted recently isn't showing up on the "New Posts" section on the homepage (but is showing up if I log out/use incognito mode). The thread not showing up is this thread, and the last post was posted by Liana_Ilia (who is not on my ignore list).


I'm wondering if I should set up a new profile. I can't "like" any posts any more, regardless of having images, quotes, what ever. I think my profile is corrupted.


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i cant open the forum through my laptop and phone browser. i can only open the forum through opera mini. this might be only a temporal connection glitch (from my isp maybe) though but it's inconvenient :(