Apart from Yuki, are there other artists you like very much?


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Nothing official, keep calm. She just say that nowadays she wants to focus on her solo career and would like to be known as herself and not only "AOT girl". I remember reading an article about it but I don't remember the source.
Thunderbolt Fantasy (2016) was the last project including her, it's already been 3 years and 3 years with Sawano mean a loooot of works. She wasn't on AOT S2 OST either, same for the last two [nZk] albums. If she doesn't sing a song for the final season (2020) then we can consider that she's on a indefinite hiatus with Sawano...


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I'm clairvoyant.

//Yeh, I know I just listed almost all that's left to animate... lol...

Edit: Yea, seems to be just a commercial ATM.
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Dripping with Kajiura

Love this song!!Maaya’s look and facial features and expressions really reminds me of Hikaru


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Did Yuki Kajiura also receive a plaque like this ..?


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Tom Holkenborg's percussion library is now available ($250), following his brass library ($900).
"Push the limit of loud", he said.


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#86 Undiscovered / Pauli Hausmann (ft. Alexa Ray, Celica Soldream, Julie Elven)
Pauli's debut album (frequently co-composer at Giantapes, Epic North). As a first album, it's phenomenal (imo, always).
The 80's synths are huge, and paradoxically, make it so modern.
Such grand albums are very few, and it's definitely on a David Chappell or Ivan Torrent level.
Even Thomas Bergersen lags behind, (ofc only synthically speaking).

1 Neon Riders (feat. Celica Soldream) - a synths demonstration, with the talented Celica. Thanks girl for sharing this on the TSFH group, btw.
3 Gaia (feat. Julie Elven) - Julie's voice is always constant, yet this track becomes stronger and stronger as it progresses.
7 Moonlight (feat. Alexa Ray) - a song, Alexa always nails it. There's sth that reminds me of Sundfor's "Oblivion", maybe the reverb and synths.
10 Shadow Dance (feat. Celica Soldream) - The Vocal drop at 3:10 hits differently, it's not simply triumphant.
12 Deepmind - The Choir drop at 3:02 is mindblowing

Will watch Pauli Hausmann career with great interest from now on...


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#96 Carmina Gloria / Antti Martikainen
Loud Antti, I was waiting for it. "Terra Sancta" becoming a must listen after "the battle is to the strong" in my playlist.

#97 Insurgent / Two Steps From Hell (Nick Phoenix & Hitesh Ceon) (Industry Album)
Nick experimenting (quite well) again.


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New singles from the upcoming Dune movie / Hans Zimmer
As heard* in the new trailer - extremely intriguing, that was a pretty/creepy amazing vocal drop. Definitely a score he has never done before.
Reviews from the IMAX event: "Muscular, Epic, ZSJLish, Lot of Choirs and Vocals..." Yo, can't wait.

*EDIT: Actually the trailer track is a remix from Mark Petrie (an great Audiomachine composer) who merged Zimmer's themes with his track Vicarious from the release Prototype (2016):
Awesome to see these 2 great guys collaborating - but I think that the choirs layers are still from Hans.

New EDIT: 3 soundtracks coming for this!!!
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