Apart from Yuki, are there other artists you like very much?


Sailor Yuki

#139 No Time to Die / Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vv_z2obBFd0https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFHTkT4dVwECuba Chase: This one is the sickest. aka "Paloma's theme" lol
Home: Soft, sweet and delicious rendition of Billie's NTTD.
I'll Be Right Back: Ah, Batman is coming, it's over Mr. Robot! Love this NTTD reprise with vocals and strings at 2:42.
Final Ascent: And here's the new "Rise". Great.
No Time To Die (Billie Eilish): listening to this again in the movie after 2 years since its release, and now I like it pretty well....

This James Bond movie was... different.
Ana >>> Léa ; change my mind


Sailor Yuki
#141 The Art and Soul of Dune / Hans Zimmer
https://open.spotify.com/album/0FGr97xSOQLD596ZebfU1T3 albums, 4h42... "for now !", he said.
Apart from having a lot of music to be released later or to go with the 2nd movie, he also has a series of songs sung by Josh Brolin (Thanos)...
But damn, better work on sth else cuz it was so boring lol. I'd be more interested in listening to the ~14h remaining music from Dark Phoenix...
https://variety.com/2021/artisans/a...9TdherO4MxD9iMKJTsTYvx2DkvWgcZDoOH5kY9jEhZqJw"I was trying to do the inner voices of the characters, without using words. Chants, whispers and screams all figure in the score, although just what they are singing is its own mystery. “It is a made-up language, but it feels very legitimate



Sailor Yuki
#155 Eternals / Ramin Djawadi
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hjLMB80QW4oNot sooooo great but still good. At least the main theme is my favorite Marvel theme so far.
But?!???! I remembered a pretty good battle track during the final fight. Was it only "This Is Your Fight Now"? Actually puzzled because it's the only one track not in chronological order.
Gorgeous cast. Beautiful designs from characters to entities. Character development. Treacheries. Storytelling. No stupid jokes. No cameos.
I was afraid that Ikaris would be a pale imitation of Homelander but he's great, really great. Makkari is so strong and her scene stole the show (also outshines The Flash scene from ZSJL). Even Angelina Jolie was great lol (despite Salma Hayek being THE spotlight). Chloé Zhao for the next movies please.
Iron Fable / Pauli Hausmann


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#163 Army of Thieves / Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro
Honestly? This score sounds like the rejected score from NTTD. Worst heist movie in a while. Far cry from the days of Heat or The Town like masterpieces.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TxRMddL568#164 Around the World in 80 Days / Hans Zimmer & Christian Lundberg
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oJokVETxCwgHans has 10 hours of music attached to his name in 2021 !.. but how many minutes did he write alone? 😏


Sailor Yuki
#165 The Wheel of Time: The First Turn / Lorne Balfe
Here we go with his first full Balfego soundtrack. Probably his most impressive work so far! Both dark and tribal, hybrid but at the same time really acoustic. So excited for the series and the 3 remaining soundtracks. Bring on the new pants please, Lhorny

#166 Dopesick / Lorne Balfe
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UxZMnHki4cUhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8B1kMg0PFnUThis says it all.


Sailor Yuki
#167 Red Notice / Steve Jablonsky
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKToyKp7Tt0I'd like him to go back on sci-fi because it suits him way better...
Lol at Ryan Reynolds quoting David Attenborough.

Hans Zimmer's "Final Ascent" (NTTD) is now having an official clip but... they have butchered the track and it doesn't even blend well with the scenes (looks more like a trailer). I'm already missing Daniel Craig though.


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#168 War for Light / Audiomachine (Kevin Rix)
From longtime Audiomachine composer and student of Paul Dinletir came a new Industry Release this summer.
Just like Paul's "Cinematix" (2020), really good album but I believe that these guys should write more than "just" trailer music.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wih8qqaJcLsOracalia: Love explosive choirs. Very Audiomachine.
Cloudburst: This track could have been a new classic, but sadly something is missing for me. Probably the lack of choirs...
War for Light: Something pretty bombastic.

#169 Never Stop / Hiroyuki Sawano & Lyricists
The new "The Answer" is now officially released.


Sailor Yuki
Merregnon: Land of Silence / A Symphonic Fairy Tale by Yoko Shimomura
https://www.merregnon.com/en/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDbMHwHLVm4Finally found this work from late 2021, recorded in Stockholm with the "Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra".
Free to stream, for such an outstanding work, wow.... thank you!
@george1234 what did you think about this? ^^

That's some high quality video recording of an orchestra here. Loving the art and animation too.
Maybe my favorite movement is the one starting with piano at 24:50 to 28:31. Shimomura's piano compositions have always been something.

There is a repeated motif throughout the symphony (like at 2:54) that reminds me of the motif from the movement "Embarking & Setting Sail" from Thomas Bergersen's "American Dream", "that goes on for a good 45 minutes without any breaks for the (poor) orchestra".
I'll be comparing those two symphonies, both telling a journey to another country, being live recorded, "American Dream" lasting 44:14 and "Merregnon" 44:01. Unlike Thomas who did the full job as usual though, Yoko had an orchestrator and two additionnal arrangers. But her symphony is cute and has some breathing spaces that American Dream doesn't have. Unlike "American Dream", there is no choir and the orchestration is imo somewhat weaker, but the piano and the tale were great here.

Does anyone know how to download it in mp3 or can forward me the file? :3


Wow thanks so much i ll definetely watch it tomorrow

Ι think she is in her menopause because she gained alot of weight from the last time i saw her pic but its okay, thats cute, she looks like a regular housewife and nobody can guess she is such an acclaimed composer lol I wish she was popping up more like Kajiura does, and when are they going to collaborate ? :plz: Maybe Kokia could bring them together since she has worked with both ?

The music concert is beautiful and so well recorded, feels like you re inside the hall! :love: However the story isnt that good ^^; The fact that they barely animated those screen sequences doesnt help, and i get distracted by looking at the narrator lady ^^; :tea:
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Sailor Yuki
Ι think she is in her menopause because she gained alot of weight from the last time i saw her pic but its okay, thats cute, she looks like a regular housewife and nobody can guess she is such an acclaimed composer lol
I'm fine with her shape imo she has more imposing presence than Kajiura who looks shy in pictures with performers (remember LiSA in 2019), except when standing next to her piano in promo pics. I'm seeing her aging more than Shimomura.
Same thoughts with, among others, Okabe and Uematsu.

I wish she was popping up more like Kajiura does, and when are they going to collaborate ?
Do we need a Kajiura x Shimomura collaboration, or a Kajiura x Shimomura's orchestrators collaboration?
Or just drop the two of them in a new Square Enix Game with full orchestra backup ^^

The music concert is beautiful and so well recorded, feels like you re inside the hall! However the story isnt that good ^^; The fact that they barely animated those screen sequences doesnt help
I actually like this kind of animation that has become very trendy in the last 5 years, it's like a dynamic still where anyone can imagine with freedom his/her own sequence of events.


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https://www.billboard.com/music/awards/2022-golden-globes-billie-eilish-hans-zimmer-win-1235016971/https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BdtiYwSP9koHans Zimmer won his 3rd Golden Globe, this time for "Dune".
Billie Eilish also won a Golden Globe with her song "No Time To Die", with orchestration and arrangements by Hans Zimmer.

Relistening to "Paul's Dream" after re-reading 2287 pages of Dune, and wow this track is really incredible, out of this world. The texture of the sand, all those whispers... Terrifying with the lore in mind. This is something for the "Golden Path", way beyond Paul's existence. "Ripples in the Sand" is chilling too. But globally... imo House Harkonnen themes are off-topic, and wtf with the "Sardaukar Chant" that was never in the book. Still totally don't care for most of the soundtrack. At least show us your inspiration for the Gurney Halleck songs.


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Greatest Hits / Audiomachine

https://open.spotify.com/album/1m9WkDYlJLDMLHO9guCh6ihttps://youtu.be/XDG4cbicNPI?t=127A massive collection of 50 tracks, including 4 new tracks ("Seif Winds", "Take Care of These Words", "Legacy of Otrera", "Reclaiming the Throne").
Good thing that it does include "Guardians at the Gate", "Water Wars" (both by Kevin Rix) and even the tear-jerking "I Will Find You" (Harry Lightfoot).
Unfortunately for me, "Mission to the Unknown", "The Voyage", "Between Heaven and Earth" and such masterpieces (all by Kevin Rix)... are not included in this collection.


Sailor Yuki
🇺🇦 Wings for Ukraine / Thomas Bergersen 🇺🇦
Ukrainian Lyrics.

"Ukraine is close to my heart, and my heart is right there with all of you. Every minute. Praying for your safety and for the end of this inexplicable disaster for humanity.
We all have a part to play in the future of our planet and the future of our children. No matter how small, this is no time for hesitation. No time for silence.
Use your voice.
Music is my voice. The extraordinary choir from Sofia, Bulgaria adds 40 more to that number. Together we wield an instrument that reaches all corners of the world as we stand together in support of Ukraine, in a collective prayer for peace to end the suffering.
I have written three songs for Ukraine.
Today I am releasing the first. "Wings for Ukraine".
Everyone involved have contributed selflessly and every single dollar generated from this music will go to UNICEF who provide help for the precious and innocent children in Ukraine.
Because time is of the essence an advance donation has also been made.
From Norway with love for our Ukrainian brothers and sisters and your freedom and beautiful country,
We Stand with you.
We Admire you.
Your Courage, Spirit And Strength.
Thomas, Marina, George Strezov, Boris Radilov, Georgi Elenkov, The Bulgarian Peace Choir, Sofia Session Studio, Four For Music"

Fact: he released 2 years ago the track "Mир" as a theme for Humanity... it means "peace" in russian...
Also, throwback to his "Threnody for Europe".
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Hans Zimmer Live Europe Tour 2022

"The Ukrainian orchestra is set to accompany Hans Zimmer on his European tour later this month. However, the tragic situation in Ukraine has split the orchestra in half; some remain in Ukraine, and some have escaped into neighbouring European countries."
"Zimmer said: ‘This orchestra is precious… (we need to show) that art and artists are there to bring peace to this world’."

And now it has begun...
Official Trailer Is it a new piece? Don't remember it, sounds good!
High quality recordings already on youtube, here are the best:

- Wonder Woman Medley Big drum has entered the chat / Vocal version / Tina Guo in her element :p I still prefer Holkenborg's version tho
- Gladiator Medley aaaah this moment
- Pirates of the Caribbean Medley 6:50 to 13:50 Two tearjerking masterpieces one after eachother... I can't hold it! This new medley is insane.
- Dune Medley So Zimmer is doing the Sardaukar chant himself haha. The best part of the soundtrack in a 6-min medley is what I needed.
- Interstellar Medley The visuals are beautiful but imo not the best tracks from Interstellar. wtf are u doing girl?

Standing ovation for the ukrainian musicians at the beginning of the concert
So high budget, musically, artistically and visually!
Waiting for a CD / DVD release!
I remember attending one of his concerts years ago... was mindblowing. But this is yet on another level.


Sailor Yuki
FAIRY TAIL Soundtrack Archives 2009-2013 / Yasuharu Takanashi
Includes the first 4 OSTs remastered (don't know if better) + 30 unreleased tracks (54 min) including:
FAIRY TAIL Main Theme (Rock. ver)
Ancient Magic (Piano Solo ver.)
FAIRY TAIL Main Theme -2009 1st Demo-

FAIRY TAIL: Music Festival Of The Dragon King / Yasuharu Takanashi
Mirajane's Theme - Features a violin solo, cute
Ultear and Gray - Harmonica instead of Flute, and Guitar
Gray's Theme - Extended, cheering, additional violin, violin solo and drums solo
Erza vs. Erza - Features an E.G solo at the end
Despite an average live track length close to 4 min, disappointingly, most other tracks including the main themes are not re-arranged, just looped.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Too bad the FAIRY TAIL archives hi-rez doesn't appear to be available outside of Japan. :/

Darn Pony Canyon!!!

Then again Victor ain't better in this matter...