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Apart from Yuki, are there other artists you like very much?

Discussion in 'Otakuland' started by 备件间, May 24, 2010.

  1. 备件间

    备件间 I like Yuki

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    composers,singers, or bands all could be talked.they are not necessarily cartoon's composers.what are their style?why do you like them?what are their famous songs......
  2. Yuki88

    Yuki88 I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Fallen into black hole called AKB48 and no way bac

    Hmm this should be moved to General talk :tea:

    you can see on my last.fm... link on my siggy :tea:
  3. joel_jman

    joel_jman HA! I live in her CLOSET!

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    nobou uematsu!!!
    really major major love love final fantasy and the soundtrack is simply awesome :shy: :shy: :shy:
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  4. Maha Jyotiṣa


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    Ancient Imperial Castle

    Won't life be boring if we only worship and listen to Yuki Kajiura? But I love to answer this kind of question.

    My fave musicians are (in alphabetical order) :

    -Anthony and The Johnsons
    chamber music. "hope there is someone", "bird girl"
    Why? because of his ability to turn sadness and pain into a music. And his deep voice of course.

    -Arcade Fire
    Canadian baroque, alternative band. "No cars go", "intervention", "Haiti"
    Why? They sound very nostalgic, country, and makes me remember of the world melancholically. And their use of instrument into the genre. Harpsichord, Church Organ, etc , etc.

    Trip hop, electronica collective from England. "Again", "Fuck U"
    Why? Simply trippy, dark and melancholic.

    Electronica, Experimental, Ambient queen of uniqueness and queerness. "Joga", "Bachelorette", "All is full of Love", "It's oh so quiet"
    Why? hm... It is quite difficult. She is able to make music out of strange noises and sounds. She is very artistic and talented. Musically, it is experimental and strange, makes you wonder of alien worlds.

    -Clint Mansell
    Acclaimed Movie Soundtrack Composer. Musically very ambient and dark. "Lux Aeterna", "Death is road to awe", "Welcome to Lunar Industry"
    Why? Again, Trippy, Dark, Melancholic. His musics have a mixture of classic and modern.

    You don't know her? "Like A Virgin", "Like A Prayer", "Hung Up", "Music", "Ray of Light" etc etc.
    Why? Well... I like her for her different genres.

    -Massive Attack
    The father of trip hop and bristol sound. "Tear Drop", "Unfinished Sympathy", "Angel", "Paradise Circus"
    Why? God, i have to say it again... trippy, dark, and melancholic. As the founder of this genre Trip Hop of course I love the band.

    The mother of trip hop? "Glory Box", "The Rip", "Only You"
    Why? They sound very industrial, and again, dark and melancholic.

    -Susumu hirasawa
    Asian Cyber-techno. "Byakkoya", "Parade"
    Why? It is about the same as björk. But each of his album doesn't really have uniqueness like Björk's.

    another trip hop band, well musically more accessible and light. "Broken", "Lonely Soul"
    Why? ... hmm... sam reason as trip hop genre.

    -Yasunori Mutisuda
    JRPG composer, famous for his celtic influenced musics. "Graf", "Small Two Of Pieces", "Pain"
    Why? His musics are simply heavy.
  5. Moonlight04

    Moonlight04 I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    ....None.... :tea:

    I'm a "stick to one" type of girl... :ohoho:

    Lol, JK! :XD: I like others too, but not "very much"...

    Sound Horizon
    ~Cool live concerts... :tea: style..? hmm... making a long whole story in a whole album... My favorite is song "Ishidatami no Akeki Akuma"

    Taylor Swift
    ~Cute songs and cute face, and really nice acoustic guitar playing... :sohappy: genre is country music... My favorite song is "You belong with me"

    ~The drummer girl is cute... :shy: Genre is Christian Rock... :confu: My favorite song is "Comatose".

    And many more... but I'm too sleepy to remember... :uh..:
  6. Alphard Sokaina

    Alphard Sokaina I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Russian Federation

    I listen only to Yuki Kajiura :blood:
  7. george1234

    george1234 Moderator

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    Cynical world (Greece)

    Apart from Yuki I also listen to:

    Yasunori Mitsuda (XS 1 mainly, but also Kirite - although I dont quite follow him..)
    Yoko Shimomura
    Yasuharu Takahashi (only the Fairy Tail ones, but I've heard he has done the Naruto ones too)
    some songs of KOKIA
    Akiko Shikata
    Chiaki (Ishikawa)
    Yuuka's solo work
    I also liked Takumi Ozawa's Ookami Kakushi OST

    + any other Jpop artists or composer that I tend to like.
  8. wintersviolet

    wintersviolet I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Of course! But since I listen to Yuki songs the most, I'm trying to pry myself away from them to enjoy more of the music that's out there.

    1) Kina Grannis (English)
    Great acoustic covers and original songs on her Youtube channel. Her original lyrics are sweet, the melodies are very catchy, and she has a really nice voice!
    "Message from Your Heart", "The Goldfish Song"

    2) The Script (English)
    A male group from Dublin. I love the catchy songs and creative lyrics.
    "We Cry", "Breakeven"

    3) Urban Symphony (Estonian)
    First performance as a group was at Eurovision 2009. Combination of beautiful strings and vocals.

    4) Kyle Landry
    A very talented Youtube pianist (username is "kylelandry"). He plays so beautifully and has a lot of awesome improvisation videos and covers, not to mention awesome original songs.
    "Doesn't Really Matter, I Like A Ton Of Them So Picking Any Of His Songs Is Fine"
  9. Yuki88

    Yuki88 I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Fallen into black hole called AKB48 and no way bac

    Well you can see my favorite on my Last.fm
    I currently listen to Japanese music for most of the time, but I also listen to various artists so... too much to mention here :desksweat:
  10. Xamdou

    Xamdou Fluent in Kajiurago

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    Right behind you

    Kenji Kawai
    Eri Kawai
    Haruka Shimotsuki
    Utada Hikaru
    Alan(only her red cliff theme songs, i dont like her newer jpop songs anymore)
    Chitose Hajime
    Eiko Shimamiya
    Itou Kanako
    Girls Demo
    Olivia Ong
    Jackie Chan :psst:

  11. Yuki88

    Yuki88 I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Fallen into black hole called AKB48 and no way bac


    lol agree. :hero: :fan:
  12. Xamdou

    Xamdou Fluent in Kajiurago

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    Right behind you

    Re: Re:

    I must say her Ashita e no sanka is amazing and her Tibetan wail was put into good use, now she's like only abusing it and i don't find it amazing anymore :uh..:
  13. Nick Hunter

    Nick Hunter I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Minsk, Belarus

    I got a slight deja vu about this question :XD:
    Well, there are some names to share the pedestal with Yuki, in my POV. In order of discovery:
    - Elton John
    - Genesis
    - Mike Oldfield

    There are also a lot of other musicians close enough to this pedestal. They are, in random order:
    - Bryan Adams
    - Sting
    - Celine Dion
    - Gorillaz
    - U2
    - Bon Jovi
    - Nelly Furtado
    - Jethro Tull
    - Vienna Teng

    among OST composers - Alan Menken and Hans Zimmer.
    And if restricted to Japanese music...
    - Yoko Kanno
    - Taku Iwasaki
    - Ali Project
    - Maaya Sakamoto
    - KOKIA
    - Angela
    - Origa (not exactly Japanese, but well :XD: )
    - L'Arc-en-Ciel
    - Haruka Shimotsuki
    - Susumu Hirasawa
    - Eiko Shimamiya
    Looks like I, like Maha, enjoy answering these questions. :XD:
  14. Alphard Sokaina

    Alphard Sokaina I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Russian Federation


    Do they have an album already? All I've found was a Randajad single and some solo songs of Sandra.
  15. wintersviolet

    wintersviolet I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Re: Re:

    According to this (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Urban_Symphony) they're supposed to be releasing one this year. :sohappy:
  16. palawa

    palawa Roses at her doorstep

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    Sound horizon,
    Pachelbel (Canon rules!!!)
    Zun (I love the violin rock I and II albums)
    HIGH and MIGHTY Color
    Avenged sevenfold

  17. Shizu_Iliya

    Shizu_Iliya I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Sa isang liblib at kaubud-uburang lugar kung saan

    as people expected, i'll put this one as the1st to be listed.. :P

    FLOW :ohoho:
    style : many! xD lots of! :D
    why i like them : because i like the meanings of their songs.. i like how they experiment songs suitable for them.. my ears just got relaxed everytime i hear the two vocalists signing together while hitting the same note (coz their voices are really balanced when together).. i always get crazy because of their craziness (in their extra vids).. these people are so cool and sweet.. :love: and i like koshi's voice when matured.. :psst: :ohoho: woah! many to mention!! (it'll be as long as a novel.. jk) xD
    popular songs?? i would say.. SIGN because most of the fans are captured by this song.. my favorites.. hmm many but i'll just mention some.. ATMOSPHERE, FREEDOM, butterfly, taiyou no uta, tsubaki, steppers high (live) I WILL, melody, word of the voice , pulse, KANDATA (live)

    STOP!!!! xD that's too many already!! :omg: :XD:

    :omg: :omg: i dunno!! xD i started to leave all the artists that i liked before since my severe fandom on FLOW and kajiura came.. :omgz:
    well, i just mention those..
    .. :tea:

    -my chemical romance (black parade.. :XD: )

    -red jumpsuit apparatus ("don't you fake it" CD :ohoho: )

    -urbandub (i have the "embrace" and "under southern lights" :sohappy: but the under southern lights isn't original.. :XD: )

    -linkin park ("Hybrid Theory" and "meteora"! :D )

    -maroon 5 ("songs about jane" haha! :P)

    -the corrs (i forgot xD)

    [the rest, i don't have money anymore for these.. :P]

    -panic! at the disco (i enjoy the rythm.. not the lyrics.. xD coz i was still young that time.. young and.. innocent.. :knife: :XD: )


    -mami kawada

    -tamaki nami

    -mika nakashima

    -fort minor

    then the rest, random artists.. :XD:
  18. Tsukishiro_Yuki

    Tsukishiro_Yuki I have reached Yuki nirvana

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    Twilight Town

    Angela (Her voice is so gorgeous!!!!!)

    BACK-ON (Yeah!!! Chain & Hikari Sasuhou!)

    FLOW (I love them because of KEIGO!!! :nosebleed: Ehem... I mean because their songs make me :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: )

    HIGH & MIGHTY COLOR (Their song always make me :sohappy: :sohappy: :sohappy: )

    HIMEKA (Hatenaki Michi... :dote: )

    Kelly Clarkson (I love all her songs in Breakaway (One of the best album ever!)

    May'n (I love her song so much!!! :nosebleed: Her strong voice make me :imdead: !!!!!! Obelisk, Northern Cross, Diamond Crevasse, Yousei, etc...)

    Mizuki Nana (her songs are very touchable)

    Motoi Sakuraba (I love him since I listened Star Ocean's soundtrack!)

    Paramore ( :shy: Same reason with Haikara)

    Phil Collins (I love him since a long time ago. I know him first from my father (he is fans of Phil Collins & Genesis). I love his songs from Tarzan Soundtrack, Another Days in Paradise, Look Through My Eyes, etc!)

    ROOKiEZ is PUNK'D (Complication!!!)

    Sakamoto Maaya ( :shy: Love her since I listened Platina (Cardcaptor Sakura))

    Utada Hikaru (I know her first when she sang First Love. I love her voice! My favorite is Hikari, Passion, Sanctuary, Beautiful World, You make me want to be a man, Final Distance & Letter!)

    UVERworld ( :nosebleed: TAKUYA!!!! Same reason as Haikara!)

    Within Temptation ( :shy: Their music is so gorgeous!)

    Yoko Kanno ( :dote: :shy: )

    Yoko Shimomura (Addicted by her because of her music in Kingdom Hearts - Dearly Beloved, Musique pour la tristesse de Xion, The Other Promise, Lazy Afternoon, ETC!!!! :nosebleed: :nosebleed: :nosebleed: )
  19. Lunaria77

    Lunaria77 Sailor Yuki

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    Hm,i haven't responded to that yet,weird.
    Anyways apart from Yuki's music i like

    Akiko Shikata,
    Sakamoto Maaya,
    Sound Horizon,
    Rokugen Alice,
    Nobuo Uematsu,
    Joe Hizashi,
    Hitoto You,...etc.

    (other asian)
    Sa Dingding

    Loreena Mckennit,
    The Beatles,
    30 second to Mars,
    Emilie Autumn,etc

    My tastes change now and then but right now they are :shy:
  20. Jessica

    Jessica dreamcatcher

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    You know that place, with a land, people...

    Within Temptation
    Nami Tamaki
    Kanon Wakeshima
    Antonio Vivaldi
    Antonio Corelli
    And some Spanish artist....