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Yuki Kajiura's own agency - FictionJunction Music [Confirmed]

Kagaribi no Hanabira

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Sword Art Online was a mistake.
I remember that we were quite happy at first, thinking about some fantasy-world songs she did for .hack, Tsubasa, Xenosaga or some other similar stuff. And we even thought that we could have sth. like Madlax or El Cazador in GGO arc, but it turned out to be sth. different. I wonder that it's about the attitude of the anime staff or not. Cuz it doesn't sound like what we expected from her when working on this kind of show. (Just like how we have TTB instead of a darker OP song for FZ.) This may be a drawback of 'working on a high-profile show'.

To think in a super optimistic way, SAO brought us collaboration with some good artists like Remi and Sayaka. Even the songs themselves are kinda disappointed, the singings are good.


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Its probably the indisputable fact that the SAO franchise is garbage, how is a composer supposed to make good music to set to trash that even its author admitted was just a joke novel he wrote with no intention of quality which just magically became a hit because fans are apparently fasteless.
^ there have been "garbage" shows with good music before, so why couldnt this be like that too ?

I myself remember being very drawn in the novel while i was reading its translation, up to vol 10 i think , and i was disappointed by how the adaption turned out, they had no music to many of the action scenes and scenes in which fitted music 1 they ve put music 3, so the director, Tomohiko Ito is definetely at fault too. And if you think that SAO is garbage, then how about Bokumachi which was directed by the same guy ? Was the music there any better just because it wasnt SAO ? To the contrary, with the exception of 1-2 tracks, it was even worse.

Example of garbage show with good music: Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova - (music by Mariko Kouda)
which isnt much different from SAO: Teen dude with girls around him with tons of fanservice and no real plot for most of the time.
Even Highschool DxD has good music in some parts.
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Its probably the indisputable fact that the SAO franchise is garbage, how is a composer supposed to make good music to set to trash that even its author admitted was just a joke novel he wrote with no intention of quality which just magically became a hit because fans are apparently fasteless.
Must we really go into the 'you've/we've/I've got crap taste' discussion? Let's stay positive, even if we're disagreeing, shall we? Thanks.


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I thought it was in-vogue to bash SAO now, anyhow you should know by now not to take anything I say with above 80% sincerity. Its Schrodinger's sincerity.
I think YK's best songs are the random ones where she does a song but not the soundtrack, or her unrelated album tracks. We get to see what she does with no limitations....

*cough*I still think Hikari no Senritsu was a FJYuuka song... Oh... you need a song for your sloppy anime series? Here's something with an enchanting flute solo just like Hitomi no Kakera... but Yuka's not around but look who I found to sing it for you.*cough*


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FictionJunction Station Newsletter


この度は、『FictionJunction Station』に事前登録いただき誠にありがとうございます。
皆様と一緒に『FictionJunction Station』を盛り上げて行きたいと思っております。

『FictionJunction Station』スタッフ 


FictionJunction Station、初めての【準備中!】メールをお届け致します。梶浦由記です。

この度は、梶浦由記オフィシャルファンクラブ「FictionJunction Station」、略して「FJS」に事前登録頂きましてありがとうございます。

元々自然の中にも美しい音、色、風景は山ほどございますが、それだけでは我慢出来ないニンゲンが「オレに! 作らせろ!」とメラメラして発信してしまったナニか。








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Introduction ...

Thank you for preregistering at "FictionJunction Station" this time.
I am preparing it steadily, so please wait for a while now.
In order to be a fan club that everyone can enjoy,
I'd like to go exciting "FictionJunction Station" with everyone.
I look forward to your continued support in the future. In case

"Fiction Junction Station" staff

We will deliver 【FJS mail preparation number】.
It is a message from Yuki Kajiura. 】

FictionJunction Station, the first [in preparation! We will deliver mail. It is Kajiura Yuki.

This time thank you for pre-registering with Kajiura Yuki Official Fan Club "Fiction Junction Station" for short, "FJS" for short.
FJS will start full scale on October 1 this year, but until that time we will gradually disseminate various information irregularly from me and FJS staff in the form of such advance mail magazine.

First of all, "Fiction Junction" is the name of the personal music project of Yuki Kajiura.
I like the word "Fiction" and I regard this meaning as "a creator made by a person" without permission. (Please be aware that it will be translated as a translation of English words)
Originally there are many beautiful sounds, colors and scenery in nature, but Ninen who can not stand alone by that alone is Nani sent out as melameled as "Make me!

Yuki Kajiura is a member of "FictionJunction", but it is not a translation that makes music by itself.
The music of "Fiction Junction" is created at Junction (= intersection) where the musicians and singers who make music and playing and the singing fiction they interacted intersect.

I thought whether the station, "station" could be located where the Fiction junctioned. It is a place that stops not only for a moment crossing and passing, but also a little.
I exchange information, leave a message, or each other who was running on a different rail changed in this place and tried riding a slightly different member rail.
Or occasionally just relax.
I hope that you and me and the musicians will be able to stop by not only for you, but also for "listening to" music. With that kind of thought, I named it.

Even though such a station ...... is also a mountain, what I would like to do is still my main business was "to make music", the information to deliver and the activities of FJS were born in the narrow "to make music" It will be something.
Even if it is difficult to do extensive things ... ... As much as possible to twist your head to make it possible to deliver the necessary information and services pinpoint, extension of the building while also asking for opinions of everyone In preparation for the beginning, I should open it.

First of all, I'd like to think that you can relax as to whether or not you want to drop in at this station after informing everyone until October 1st how this new "station" opens in what kind of service .
Anyway, I would like to make each other enjoyable ... ... It is still under construction but the foundation is finished as shown in the design drawing. I hope you can wait for a while until completion.

I also hope to deliver new notices and so on.
The Kanto district, and perhaps almost all of Japan, the unstable weather is likely to continue, but please take good care of yourself!

Yuki Kajiura


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Notice of system maintenance

Thank you for always using FictionJunction Station.

The following period is supposed to be the maintenance period associated with official fan club site opening.

<Maintenance time>

September 28 (Friday) 15: 00 ~ October 1 (Monday) 12: 00 (until the site opening)

We are sorry for the visitor, but please wait for a while until the site opening.
Also, blogpost about the new site: http://fictionjunction.cocolog-nifty.com/blog/2018/09/fjs-5e7f.html


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Hm so the site we had seen earlier this summer for few hours it was a test thing. She us really going to changer her website !

The new look is already visible on phones


websete :plot:

Her discography section now has filters and search.
LOL you should check the profile page there are some additional info...that are not posted on the original site

Also, they spelt website wrong
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