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Yuki Kajiura's own agency - FictionJunction Music [Confirmed]


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I don't care much for the font of the logo at the top of the page. Otherwise it's pretty nice; I like the train theme.

I have to admit it's a little weird not seeing Keiko and Wakana listed under the artists section. It makes sense given the issues with Kalafina and such, but still weird considering how long they had been with Kajiura.

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I’m also sad to see Keiko and Wakana (and Hikaru) missing from the artists list. But since there’s a concert scheduled with Yuuka, you’d think that she would be on there. Also, I wonder whether there’s a role for Sakurada in the future. (Does anyone else think Remi looks like a vampire in this picture? I love her.)


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On the top it says something about vol 14, so perhaps she's only listed recent collaborations.
That's literally what it says. Musicians participating in vol#14.
I like Aira's picture.

PS. I don't like the new FJ.com site design at all.


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Didn’t see the thing about vol. 14. Not sure if vol 15 was already announced, but it’s nice to see a date in place for it
PS. I don't like the new FJ.com site design at all.
Its true that its not the best that it could be. Its basically more or less the same infos in different theme, and transfered to wordpress for easier editing. And if i understood the google translation from that blogpost she wrote she wont be the one updating the site anymore but has hired someone else, possibly the one who also did the update.

btw whats with the different fonting on every fictionjunction site ? lol
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btw whats with the different fonting on every fictionjunction site ? lol
There's another one on top of the FictionJunctionStation site. As this is one company belonging to Kajiura herself, the website creators should aim to be consistent. Now it just looks like a bunch of confusing fan-created logos, especially the FictionJunction.blog one, despite having 'official' written under every logo.

Screen Shot 2018-10-01 at 10.11.47 PM.png

The 'website' is spelt right on the station site, but not on the actual FictionJunction.com site lol. It is quite a mess right now.
I have FictionJunction station membership, but can't re-post fanclub only stuff. If anything is mentioned that points to public web pages, I'm happy to mention them.

PS, my nickname on the site is kugayama and membership number is almost 2500.
Along with the new FictionJunction website now being managed by staff, Kajiura has also just announced a new staff account on Twitter that deals with delivering official information.
I think it's a good idea to have a place where we get official information. Tracking her Twitter is quite hard as she posts a lot of meaningless stuff (but interesting) lately.
Had a look at the sheet that came in the pack with YK Live vol.#14 concert admission and besides the mention of "Fun Club" instead of "Fan Club" noticed that Highway Star was mentioned. AFAIK Highway Star are an artist agency that includes the old SoliVoxl artist management (many of the members of JAM Project, Sayaka Sasaki, Chihiro Yonekura, Kuhei Shita...).