Yuki Kajiura and Kalafina girls left Spacecraft (confirmed)



'I am still not deciding what to do from now on...'

Let's hope she joins with YK again

Cocho Sensei

I like Yuki
Let's just hope she forgot to follow Kajiura lol. Or maybe she's just not that close to her.
She is following FBM Korenaga Koichi though.


Yeah, I am sure Keiko is doing the same thing. I think she will follow Yuki, since she was so excited to get new songs written by her. Even if they are individual they could join FJS and still have Yuki as producer, or is she going to have other producers in her company? Not sure. But yeah, it is strange seeing Kalafina in front of Wakana's name. Kaori just went as Kaori, not FJ Kaori. They all should go to Yuki's company and form a large group. lol I mean, Yuki can write for multiple people, as she did for Angel Gate with everyone singing and Dream Port. But one can dream, right?
Kajiura forming a new agency just so she can insulate herself with the same people she's been working with for the last 10 years is the last thing I want from this development. If she's serious about making changes in her career and "breaking out of autopilot", she should look for new talent instead of resting on familiarity.

FictionJunction Kalafina

I totally agree with Sora. I mean as much as I love FJ and Kalafina. It's best that the Kalafina girls and Yuki go their separate ways. Probably Yuki will produce songs for the girls within their solo career. I'm actually excited to see where they go from here on.

I mean good things come to an end, and in life we have to move on, try new things and get out of our comfort zone. Yuki and girls had a great decade together producing beautiful music.

Hikaru always wanted to have a solo career on the side, but Kalafina was just too demanding. Wakana wanted to become an opera singer, that was her dream. Now it is their chance to do those things

This maybe bittersweet, but it's for the best


I have reached Yuki nirvana
They deserve for sure all our support and they have to follow their dreams! In all cases they will do great things and I'll always support them! But what Kajiura-san have created for them is too unique, too precious and I won't never lose hope to see them together again!
I really really hope that this will happen again and exploring new things, growing on a person side doesn't close the chance to return where all is started, creating a new chapter, a new adventure.
Their bond is so strong and the red thread of fate will bring them together again!


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Why so much protein (egg + yoghurt + supplement) is she doing bodybuilding ? Or got jealous of Keiko abs ? 🤭 As for the 2 languages maybe she does it for practice, maybe planning to start a career that includes US.


Can we talk about how she’s NOT following Kajiura or any of the FBM or yuriko or kaori though ?? :(
Hikaru follows the following twitter accounts, most recent follows first, it includes Yuki Kajiura, 2 Front Band Members and Aira Yuuki:

@MaiNote_JUNGO ‏
@airayuuki ‏<- Aira Yuuki
@LiSA_OLiVE ‏<- LiSA
@Anison_R ‏
@angela_atsuko ‏<- Atsuko from Angela
@konkin7777 ‏<- Hitoshi Konno
@Fion0806 ‏<- Yuki Kajiura
@KORE1225 ‏ <- Koichi Korenaga
@tomitaakihiro ‏
@ed7210 ‏
@edproductionhk ‏
@sca5435 ‏
@kaxtupe ‏
@spice_topics ‏
@spice_25stage ‏
@spice_mu ‏
@spice_anige ‏
@nhk_kokusai ‏
@madoka_magica ‏
@timeofeve0306 ‏
@bayfm78MHz ‏
@nobunaga_kt ‏
@arslan_anime ‏
@aldnoahzero ‏
@kuroshitsuji2 ‏
@Fate_SN_Anime ‏
@ufotable ‏
@katsugekitouken ‏
@tkrb_ht ‏
@fgoproject ‏
@CLAMP_news ‏
@animateinfo ‏