Yuki Kajiura and Kalafina girls left Spacecraft (confirmed)


Do we have a specific date for Kaori Oda having left Spacecraft? Shouldn't that be in the subject title also?


Well no it was about Kalafina members leaving spacecraft. Just someone menthioned that Kaori also left, but it was off-topic.


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Not to be annoying but Keiko or anyone else "following"/"joining" Kajiura is not up to them or us. Kajiura (and FictionJunction Music) is flying solo ATM as far as we know.

That is correct. Don't we all hope for something.
I know, I was just hoping. I know I am excited for them and their future music careers, whatever that may be. Who knows, maybe Keiko will learn all the instruments like she was doing previously. haha (Remember when she stole Konno's violin?) And lol at the punching part... reminds me of the story someone wrote about Yuki being the mob boss.

I do like that she is taking on other artists, like Aimer. (I really really want Aika Yoshioka, who did the Hakuoki themes. I think she would fit a Kajiura style song. And maybe she will write more for Joelle, instead of just being in lives.)


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Kalafina is trending and I'm bored so I'm sharing this pos article from bunshun(a very trashy gossip media-but I have an idea why they posted this and lol it kinda backfired hahahah)

REALLY HATE how they label Kajiura as Akimoto of Anime :stupidbox:

Personal Opinion: I don't want Kalafina to revive again. Keiko is on FJ. Wakana on solo. Hikaru is happy. Disappointing that most Japanese fans want them back tho...


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Mmm, idk if i'd want kalafina getting back together per se (though i wouldnt be opposed tbh lol), because Wakana does seem a lot happier and more comfortable now, but I definitely want Keiko to do something other than the seldom YK live once a year, I really miss seeing her more regularly. Same with Hikaru.


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I hope someone corrects me on this cause google translate:

Basically, the article suggests there's a possibility of Kalafina revival. Their reason? None as far as I read lols but I'll get to it later.

They summarized the events happened from disbandment until the leaving of two members.
Now there are "interesting" parts of the article that just surfaced on this.
1. According to spacecraft? staff, Kalafina members from the beginning, are not on good terms. And something about Keiko becoming popular. I'd say complete bs cause we see in twitter Hikaru and Keiko are on good terms. I can't say something about Wakana since she's busy. And if they meant it as literally as the start of the group, it's understandable given that have different personalities, there will be disagreements. The one they interviewed(so one-sided wtf) is just nitpicking if u ask me.

2. I'll just copy paste this one: "It seems that management damage is large. It seems that there is a delay in salary of a member's talent, or that the amount is short. Of course, there are complaints from the talent. The popular voice actor of the company belonging and talent's Sumire Uesaka (27) was also troubled, and despite the fact that the members of the club in Kalafina had left before the break up, they continued to make announcements to earn their dues and protests from the fans in response to that act."
This one I agree with. It's not just Kalafina in general that was backlashed from this scandal. I counted at least 2? major VA that leave the agency. Downsizing? Maybe...I doubt it tho....

3. Internal fight. SO this is the major tea anyone :ohoho: So the president is in love with an employee(Ms. I) from Takarazuka Opera Company so he was trying to raise her position. President and the manager of Kajiura(I think anyone knows who is it) is not on good terms? President shouted??? Mr. M if he's a spy(I'm confused spy from what lol) and in Kalafina Live in Budokan held on 2016, Mr. M invited guests but no seats were given/available. He left the office and guess who replaced him lols. Kajiura and Ms. I disagreement. Then here we are now.
So is this the reason why there's a joint concert from Wakana before? They clarified about the seats but nah I'm on Kajiura side all the way.

And they finished it with asking everyone if they want Kalafina to be reunited again since Hikaru and Keiko is fine with Kajiura.

Is there still an upcoming tour for Wakana? Cause it would make sense since the general sales in fj tour is pretty good and hers is...I mean it's such a coincidence that they would drop this article after the sales. But then again, it came from BUNSHUN.

Again, please correct me if something is wrong :bow:


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Thanks, Nightmare~
If #3 is true, then that's some shitty nepotism.
Is there still an upcoming tour for Wakana? Cause it would make sense since the general sales in fj tour is pretty good and hers is...I mean it's such a coincidence that they would drop this article after the sales. But then again, it came from BUNSHUN.
Wakana's tour didn't sell well or what do you mean?


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If they will come together again, I will be really really happy!! Together they're amazing, it's evident, I think! In the meanwhile I'll suppor them along the paths they have decided to follow :P They deserve all our love