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Υour CD collection! XD


^ I have six framed posters so far (Animelo Summer Live 2011 & 2012, Angela - Kings, Nana Mizuki - Live Grace Orchestra X Live Union II, Kaori Oda - Place, Kanako Ito - Steins;Gate and none of them have anything beyond small "not for sale" notices on them.


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@Seasonreaper that looks great - pretty much exactly what I plan on doing. It'll involve trimming a bit off the bottom and sides, but all you lose there is some beige background and those ugly PIRACY IS BAD, YO! messages.

It doesn't look like I can't afford my frames this month any more, but yeah. That's spot-on! :goodjob:


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I would've just cut more off the bottom but due to the centimetre or so at the top damaged it had to be split between both ends. I'll just have to deal with Sony shouting at me despite preordering the album :cry:.


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Yes, I made the better I could. ^^' French title was "les trois grâces", which sounds exactly like "les trois grasses" = the three fat girls... :XD:


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Yes, I made the better I could. ^^' French title was "les trois grâces", which sounds exactly like "les trois grasses" = the three fat girls... :XD:

keep forgetting to include my collection (all JP releases except where noted)

Boogiepop 君に伝えたいこと (US release)
blanc dans NOIR ~黒の中の白~
.hack//Liminality ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (US release)
Dream Field (re-release)
MADLAX O.S.T. (US release)
MADLAX O.S.T. 2 (US release)
暁の車 -akatsuki no kuruma-
Destination (re-release)
焔の扉 -HONOH no TOBIRA- (re-release)
circus (re-release)
Dream Port
fairytale (RE)
oblivious (RE)
sprinter / ARIA (RE)
Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2008.07.31
Everlasting Songs
Lacrimosa (RE)
Pandora Hearts Original Soundtrack 1
Pandora Hearts Original Soundtrack 2
Parallel Hearts
progressive (RE)
storia (RE)
歴史秘話ヒストリア Original Sound Track
FictionJunction 2008-2010 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE
The Works for Soundtrack
光の旋律 (RE)
時の向こう 幻の空
After Eden (LE+DVD)
stone cold
歴史秘話ヒストリア Original Sound Track 2
After Eden Special LIVE 2011 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL (DVD)
Distance/eternal blue
moonfesta ~ムーンフェスタ~ (LE+DVD)
to the beginning (LE+DVD)
ひかりふる (Anime Ed.)
暁の車 〜ReTracks/水の証 〜ReTracks
空は高く風は歌う (Anime Ed.)
Consolation (LE+DVD - signed :)
Kalafina 5th Anniversary (LE)
LIVE TOUR 2013 "Consolation" Special Final at TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM HALL A (DVD)
Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 Shibuko-Special (DVD)
アレルヤ (RE)
君の銀の庭 (LE+DVD)
魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Music Collection
歴史秘話ヒストリア Original Sound Track 3
連続テレビ小説 花子とアン オリジナル・サウンドトラック

Consolation Special Live T-Shirt
5th Anniversary Keychain
One of Jr.'s bass picks
wow I hadn't realised how much I had collected over the past four years


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Nice frame, I envy you :touched:

@aki here it is: http://postimg.org/image/bvq8pbdin/full/ (sorry, I don't know why I can't hotlink)
You're just reminding me how much I adore the To The Beginning dresses. Still wish I'd won that auction a while ago for a TTB promo poster :comeback:. Neat article though, also nice to look back on it and see 'we hope to see them in France in the future'. If only they knew :plz:. Mini info on FictionJunction is a nice touch too.

Also 'undeniably their most beautiful song is Hikari no Senritsu' is a pretty bold statement to make.
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It has been such a long time since I've posted and I figured the best way to stop my continuous lurking was here (unless I should reintroduce myself ahaha).

I sadly can hardly afford buying various FJ, Kalafina, and other overseas artists' works I like. What I do have, though is as follows (and it's literally all Kalafina):

- sprinter/ARIA RE
- After Eden RE
- to the beginning LE DVD
- Hikari Furu AE
- consolation LE DVD
- Alleluia AE
- Kimi no Gin no Niwa RE

Amazon helps greatly when they happen to import some of their CDs.

Also worth noting that as much as I'd love to get seventh heaven and red moon, I already have the full digital albums (got it before I knew about CDJ). Ahhh, sometimes I wish I could afford more!


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My collection(as a poor senior student orz):
-Everlasting songs(FJ)
-Sing a song(FJC)
-Fiction II(YK)
-Fiction Junction 2008-2010 The Best LIVE(FJ)
-Seika(KAiiDA\Yuriko Kaida)
-Crystal Ocean(KAiiDA\Yuriko Kaida)
-Solid gold\My hometown (MIDORI+Yuriko Kaida)
I can hardly afford to buy some CD.:cry:


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Well I guess this is kind of a CDs + miscellaneous thread anyway, but I have nowhere else to really share this stuff.

Got round to framing my Red Moon promo too. All that was lost was an ancient QR code, some white background and the official website URL from the bottom. Unfortunately when I received this poster it wasn't in perfect condition, there's some slight blemishes here and there, a small black dot near Wakana's head (which coincidentally she's looking at :XD:) and some slight minor creasing on the right hand bottom side. It's mostly a non-issue though and still looks fantastic.



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Massive update! Aside of the autumn preorders (YK #11 BD and Kalafina calendar), I drove my banker crazy... as also did my postman to me :tea:

+ Kalafina - 5th Anniversary Live Selection LE bought second hand on Amazon
+ Kalafina - The BEST Red & Blue LEs + Animate box & postcard bonuses found on Yahoo auctions
+ Hiroyuki Sawano [nZk]:Aimer - UnChild amazingly, the album front art is on the reverse side of the case, and the tracklisting on the front page of the booklet ^_^
+ Nana Mizuki - Rockbound Neighbors
+ FictionJunction Club - sing a song found on Yahoo auctions from a seller who seem to have many copies in stock
+ Kaji Fes. book

Here is the new layout of my shelves. Upper shelf is for Kalafina, middle shelf for FictionJunction, bottom shelf for other asian music.

The books, previous calendars and magazines are arranged in my manga shelves:

And you probably noticed on the first picture that they was something interesting on my wall... inspired by @Seasonreaper:


For people interested, they are promo posters for Consolation (incl. one signed at Japan Expo at an incredibly high price), The Best, Fairytale and Hikari Furu, as well as Stone Cold and Yuuka's albums on Yahoo auctions, at reasonable prices.
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Not all, I miss Seventh Heaven & 5th Anniversary Live. I bought all of them on eBay except The Best on Yahoo auctions (currently After Eden is sold out on eBay and even anywhere else I'm aware of, but The Best is now on eBay). I'm checking several times a day for the Seventh Heaven poster on Yahoo and Rakuten, one was sold for ¥15,000 on Yahoo in June... :comeback:


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Seventh Heaven is looking to be a massive issue to find. Still, I'll be happy with my RM/Consolation/AE/Best promos for now.

And yeah, Daiima bought the last AE promo that was on eBay :ayashii:.

I need to get my others framed though, I'm still not sure how to deal with the AE tour one though, but my AE and Best promos should be easy enough.

What I really want is a TTB one. Last one on YJA I bid on ended when I was at work and went for 8k :touched:.

Also I must add, I'm really quite jealous that you have somewhere to put yours up. I can't really display mine at all until I get a new place and I don't have any plans for that right now.
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^ For out of print stuff I have sometimes had success with resellers on amazon.co.jp using fromjapan.co.jp to get them and ship them to me.

I've been able to get Chiaki Ishikawa's "Magnolia - Somali" CD and the "I have a Dream", "See Saw" and "early best" See Saw CD's this way (all in mint condition I might add).