The works for soundtrack 2 (December 6, 2023)

Thank you grunty for the detailed response. Yes, it was those chinese versions that I was talking about... I never realised one of them was even available for purchase, as I always only heard the versions with questionable audio quality on those youtube videos and was hoping for an official clean version. Are Joelles versions, apart from the vocals, identical to the chinese songs or are they seperate instrumental recordings entirely? (I never watched the movie or listened to audio rips from it so I have no clue...😅)

Also, since you mentioned the song being potentially pulled back from purchase, I was always confused that the soundrack was never fully released officially in China. Is there any specific reason behind this, apart from maybe some Chinese people having an inter-generational grudge against the Japanese and as an extension against anything that comes from there?
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I have no idea about the Chinese releases.

Joelle's version of the ending theme was supposedly used in international screenings of the movie but I don't think we ever got rips of that. The DVD sold on Amazon and the digital version of the movie had the Chinese songs AFAIK. As for the main theme, I do believe it's going to be the exact same as the Chinese version because that's exactly what the YK live performance of LORD~Theme was, just with Joelle and kajiurago. The theme is also used during a battle sequence but I don't think it's the same mix as the single version, difficult to judge from the shite we got.

Oh you asked about instrumentals. I've not heard Joelle's versions so no clue but I am indeed going to assume that these two songs will be using the same instrumentals - we'll find out soon enough.
Frankly, while I actually like them, the Chinese versions seem like a mandated karaoke to pre-existing Kajiura tracks. The lyrics aren't credited to Kajiura either.
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Frankly, while I actually like them, the Chinese versions seem like a mandated karaoke to pre-existing Kajiura tracks. The lyrics aren't credited to Kajiura either.
I never thought about it in this way, but I agree that it sounds indeed likely that the Joelle-versions could be original versions since I assume Kajiura probably doesn't speak Chinese. However, as far as I remember, Kajiura did mention going to China for recordings at some point, so couldn't it be, that it was for supervising the vocal recordings? Either that, or she actually recorded some instrumentals in China as well, which sounds a bit unlikely to me, since she usually does all her soundtrack recordings using mostly the same core musicians (FBM, Kiyo Kido strings, Tokyo Konsei etc.). The credits in the booklet could maybe be enlightening regarding this matter.
Can't wait to listen to this OST in decent quality in 10weeks. :D

PS. Also if you look at ~3:08 in this track, you'll find the weirdest thing about this movie as far as its music goes. How randomly Han Hong's main theme single appears and is looped.
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Hmmm... I wonder if they'd throw some missing tracks from double cast in... m01 would be nice. (BLOOD did get featured on WfS1...) Meguri Aishite, while unreleased, doesn't really seem like something that NEEDS releasing... but hey... why not if they have space...

This is going to be a long wait til the tracklist reveal lol...
It depends if when before releasing the soundtrack, hands to them the publishing rights to the entarity of the music she makes for the respective show, or just the tracks she decides to release.

The releases she makes so far point to the first possibility.
Question tho. Since we're talking about tracks that were never released on disc, would they even need permission from Victor/Lantis/whoever to release them? Would they even have the publishing rights?
Not going to pretend I know it all but if we look at WfS1 (which was technically Sony) it has a lot of different companies listed and on every respective project's credit it says "Licensed by *insertcompanyhere*" so I would imagine yes, even for unreleased tracks they still have control.

Since I'm too lazy to look for scans or take photos of my booklet:

I guess it might not be exactly what we're talking about since I'm not sure if any of these are examples of shows with released(@OST) and unreleased(@WfS) tracks...

edit: nevermind my KOR comment, I'm dum, can't see, just woke up.

I'm thinking, but I don't want to give anyone hope...
og Tsubasa TV was technically produced by NHK and not Victor (OST recorded&mixed@NHK, too)... but it might not be the same for the movie and OVAs...

to give some hope (lol, sure am flipping back n forth), Taku Iwasaki's 2008 Selfconsciousness best album released by Sony featured tracks from Victor (all previously released) so who the f knows - "where there's a will..."

I wish we got the tracklisting already, lol.
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Wow, that's good label mix, even Universal 👀
But I've lost all the hopes for Tokyo Revelations and, Madlax? No... Pretty sure all the content of this album will collect works from 2011 to 2023. (hope I'm wrong)
Oh I definitely do not have any hope for shit I want. Maybe TTR's Eri would be nice, since that really is THAT ONE TRACK (though I also like the other stripped down version, too...). But for other stuff I need more than single tracks, lol, so even if they include stuff... I'm gonna be sad it's not more...
Interesting that it was Sacra Music since iirc this the first time they will handle an OST?

Anyway if you guys hab free time you can message/email Kajiura of unreleased tracks that you want...maybe she will listen lol
It's not really an OST... and again, like PARADE, this isn't even on SACRA's page. v( '')v
Sony/SACRA are just cool with working with Kajiura/HS, I guess... Bless.
9 weeks to go, can we get a tracklist plz?

Also, I just remembered that I still need so much Sony stuff to get standalone releases/Music Collections...

Alicization, Heaven's Feel, ERASED, Madoka Movies... (garden of sinners 5.1 music bluray...? ;p)

Come on Sony... Make it happan...