The works for soundtrack 2 (December 6, 2023)



The Works for Soundtrack II", a collection of unrecorded soundtracks by Yuki Kajiura, will be released on Wednesday 6 December!
On Wednesday 6 December, an unrecorded soundtrack by music producer Yuki Kajiura, who has worked on numerous hit anime theme songs and play accompaniments, will be released!

The tracks included are the CG film "L.O.R.D: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties ~Kokuzeki Mudou Dynasty Legend ~Kokuzeki~" including the theme song sung by Joelle, NHK TV drama "Eien no Nishipa: Eien no Nishipa, Hokkaido to na toona Otoko Matsuura Takeshiro", NHK TV drama "Kaze yo Arashi yo", NHK TV drama "Kaze yo Arashi yo", NHK TV drama "Kaze yo Arashi yo", NHK TV drama "Kaze yo Arashi yo". TV Asahi TV drama 'Kitchen Revolution', NHK TV drama 'Rekishi Hiwa Historia 4', etc., the unrecorded soundtracks of approximately 100 songs created by Yuki Kajiura are included on three CDs in a large volume.

The first edition will include a booklet containing a dialogue interview between Yuki Kajiura and Tsuyoshi Yanagawa, director of the NHK TV dramas 'Eien no Nishipa: Hokkaido to namaite Otoko: Takeshiro Matsuura' and 'Kaze yo Arashiyo'.

Title: The Works for Soundtrack II
Artist: Yuki Kajiura
Release date: 6 Dec 2023 (Wednesday)
Item number/price: initial specification disc (3CD + booklet + three-sided sleeve) ¥4,950 (¥4,500 + tax) (VVCL-2380~2)

- CG film 'L.O.R.D.: Legend of Ravaging Dynasties -Kokuzeki Mudou Dynasty Legend -Kokuzeki' Drama accompaniment
- NHK TV drama 'Eien no Nisipa - Hokkaido to namaite Otoko Matsuura Takeshiro' (The Man Who Named Hokkaido - Takeshiro Matsuura)
- NHK TV drama 'Kaze yo Arashi yo' (
- TV Asahi TV drama 'Kitchen Revolution' theme/theatrical accompaniment
- NHK TV drama 'Rekishi Hiwa Historia 4' accompaniment
- Other
Special corporate bodies

Translated with (free version)[3CD+ブックレット]
This is too beautiful to be real.

1 CD will be for LORD. That's for sure.
I'm pretty lost with NHK dramas but, they could complete 1 CD?
And how many unreleased pieces for RHH4 did you count?

Wonder if TTR and Gaia themes will be included...
And, of course, nothing for Hokuto movies...

Edit: OK, it's Sony, no TTR lol
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I mean, yes, it is absolutely unlikely to happen... but at the same time Victor's Early Best for Soundtrack also features Lantis stuff from My-HiME/ZHiME so where there's a will (and money)...
LORD, Kitchen Revolution, and Historia 4, noice. Shame there's nothing pre-Kara no Kyoukai, but I'll take it.
Mmm, it also says "other".
this is so cool. I love it. I hope "Other" includes unreleased Xenosaga and Hokuto (though the collection would be huge)... it could be completely unreleased music too who knows
When I finally have my hands on those Eri Ito songs from LORD and Tsubasa Tokyo Revelations, my life will finally be complete.

Not even kidding, I was just cleaning out my music collection and saw the ripped file of the Eri Ito song from Tokyo Revelations, and it made me fantasize about it finally being released on a Works for Soundtrack 2. Then I thought, "Weird that there hasn't been any recent news about an upcoming YK release.... when's the last time I checked canta-per-me?" and I opened the site and BAM. Dreams can come true.
Actually, if the TTR theme could be released, it would have already happened and be included on TWFS1. I think this album is for works from 2011-2023 and, of course, the label issues: Tsubasa is Flying Dog and Hokuto is Universal.

For 30th anniversary album, she could have add an extra CD with unreleased tracks...

Better be surprised than disappointed. :)

I don't know why but I kind of doubt there will be much, if any, anime here but well, there's always Madoka Magica Concept Movie & Sagitta luminis 1st Anniversary Version (but I'd rather get the standalone movie music collection with those bonus tracks, lol). Maybe ERASED main theme violin version from the first promos would be nice? Frankly, any and all unreleased music is welcome in my book, including SAO. :p

Outside of animu, as it was mentioned earlier - GAIA Great Nature. Yes. Maybe there's still some Hanako to An left?
Preordered my copies and holy f... I am now poor. Can't wait to spend more money I don't have on the hirez digital WfS2 when Dec 6 midnight hits...
They are specifically singling out Joelle's theme songs in the WfS2 announcement so I think her kajiurago versions of LORD's theme songs are a guarantee.

Movie credits View attachment 23967

223-0095-3 人間沙(FLOWERS IN SAND) 梶浦 由記 CHEN XUE DONG (陳 学冬)
223-0104-6 霊犀一動(WE FELL IN LOVE) 梶浦 由記 韓 紅

(Chinese versions: and respectively. If you wanted these particular versions on CD, then no - I don't believe one bit these will be included. 人間沙 was available internationally for digital purchase for some time, but I think they pulled it back. 霊犀一動 I never noticed internationally.)
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