Kalafina 10th Anniversary Live at Nippon Budokan (2018-01-23) (BD/DVD Release June 13/2018)


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Did they sound the same as in the bootleg recordings? (Genuinely asking.)
I listened to some of the bootlegs, and yes, they sounded just as good in them as in the official release imo, just more cleaned up
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To say that they sounded good is such an overstatement considering what hikaru (or to an extent, all 3 girls) did couldn't exactly be described as proper singing but i just wanna say that for their final release as a trio, the video editing left much to be desired. i thought they would at least make some decent edits for this one but no, the edits looked so amateurish with some random flashes of random parts of the musicians pasted here and there. Why.

On to the documentary, Keiko sounded real good on their Deck the Halls (was it deck the halls?) practice. One Christmas song in which she seemed to be actually carrying the melody and ofc they didn't put it on their Christmas album. The documentary itself is... not special, to call it a proper documentary really is a stretch and they even used the exact same cuts from their previous DVD/BD extra documentaries.


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There was bootleg of the exact live if you want to compare it.
Unless someone posts a direct comparison, no thanks. I'm not that interested to do it myself since I'd already made up my mind on their abilities years ago.

Edit: Removed "girls" as per request in another post.
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I listened to some of the bootlegs, and yes, they sounded just as good in them as in the official release imo, just more cleaned up
I disagree.

Reference these few moments I picked up on major editing of offkey notes:

Ring your bell: WAKANA' final "ring your bell and raise your song...ring your bell" was super flat in real life

Sprinter: HIKARU started off sharp During the actual concert

Hikarifuru: WAKANA's line, "chiisana kororo [hitotsudake de]" -- CRAZY flat From my memory.

I'm not here to shame the girls - I actually loved hearing these imperfections in the live. It proved to me that there was no lip syncing and all that nonsense. Volume editing I'm cool with Cus there were major disparities in the volume of their voices throughout The live. I don't appreciate how crazily they (Kajiura?) edited the pitch. Nonetheless a great release, I'll definitely enjoy listening to this concert for an eternity! But hardly a good representation of their true vocals from that day (and it's ok!!!)


I'm just here to say that I've watched the 10th anniversary concert aaaaaaand it broke me in pieces lmao. Last concert as trio... I'm still in my withdrawal phase.

By the way, Wakana's facial expressions here are considerably her better ones. Perhaps it's on par with the Blue Day live.


What was her reaction? I saw she seemed flustered but that's all I got
I think Wakana's reaction to lirica in the documentary will answer your question.
...think George misheard or mis-interpreted a couple of scenes...
Wakana and Keiko say ordering the songs that the fans selected out is really difficult and say the fans have selected a a hard combination of songs (to put into a live in a sequence that makes sense). So they said "This is a tough order from the fans" - referring to all the songs they chose, not Lirica.

In the solo practice sessions with wakana that looks over Wakana's Lirica notes, Wakana laughs and says "this is embarrassing" regarding the random notes she scribbles into her music - because she writes things that no one understands.
Looking closely at her notes, they say things like "falsetto here", "aim to get pitch perfect once today", "its okay to be stronger/more assertive here".

At no point in the documentary does she actually say Lirica is difficult.
Ever since George said it a few pages ago I've rewatched the doco to see if I missed it. But I didn't.

I think they probably don't perform is much for the same reason they don't dress the same as they used to? Their image/sound/branding has somewhat changed?? Or maybe they didn't think people like those tracks? *just speculations really*
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HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Or maybe they didn't think people like those tracks?
Definitely a possibility with other songs, though with lirica specifically I believe this is the second time it was chosen in a poll, first time was for a FJC live (best 20 iirc). If it's been chosen twice in polls then they should know fans like it XD

Thanks for the clarification, though!


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
I don't feel like writing a complete report, but I loved this live. A bittersweet yet exciting time for the 3 of them, you could definitely tell they were pouring out all of their emotions in it. My favorite songs in it would definitely have to be lirica, 屋根の向こうに (Yane no Mukou ni), ARIA (yes, ARIA), serenato, 君が光に変えて行く(Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaeteiku), progressive, and the entire encore. Overall, Wakana sounded completely awesome during this live, Keiko sounded mega deep (and mega awesome) during lirica and Hyakka (among others), and Hikaru sounded roughly the same as in 9+ONE (to say, better than all the ones from red/blue day-arena)

My tweetstorm that I made while watching it: :tea:


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I got mine yesterday, and took some notes. I actually thought Hikaru was struggling for some of the songs, but ARIA and progressive were awesome. Lirica... OMG LIRICA! Wakana killed it, though she looked like she was having a tough time, but it is such a hard song to sing (I have a hard time and I am also soprano.) Keiko's Kajiurago... Keiko did give too much oomf (if that makes sense) during some of the songs, like Alleluia at the end, but I think she was trying not to cry. Sprinter was great this live too! Wakana was great all the way through... except for Hikari she was losing momentum at the end, but anyways. I will give my full review tomorrow probably. I enjoyed it, and glad I got to see: Kantan, lirica, serenato, progressive, Yane and Hyakka (one of my faves, wish they would have sung: Marchen, obbligato (my favorite song, instead of heavenly blue, and Tsuioku, but at least we got those in a live) btw... actually enjoyed this heavenly blue live. I like Wakana's part a lot, but Hikaru and instruments are weird.

Does anyone have any good rips of the live in mp3 format? Please?