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Thanks for translating that!

I think I know what Airwolf was...it was a looong time ago, but iirc it was like Knight Rider with a helicopter instead of a car...?

And if you can't remember Knight Rider...I really am old! :imdead:


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^I like Knight Rider! But indeed it's too old for me. I saw it ten years ago (wow, it's been so long already?) when it reprised. I saw it's remake some years ago, too, but it was canceled after the first season (no wonder, it was really a mess). Judging by what saw on Google, Airwolf is pretty much a KR with a helicopter - I even saw a fan-made video on YouTube of Airwolf chasing K.I.T.T. (and the guy made that video 20 years ago...that must have been a hard time :ohoho:)

Sorry for the off-topic rambling :imdead:

Kagaribi no Hanabira

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Urobuchi: Uryuu Ryuunousuke's also a highlight. Because I was astonished by him. "Did I write such a cruel scene?!" (laughs).
Hmm.....so he's Urobuchi bias...??? :knife: . Thinking about Uryuu's God view....now I wonder that it's from the novel or Urobuchi added it by himself... :ayashii: .

Edit: Umm....I feel that I must share this fanart...lol.
http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/115 ... air-blonde

I really agree with the first comment..'ther's need to extend that bench, more guys coming up soon XD'.. :ohoho: . Who will be the next one..???

Nick Hunter

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Edit: Umm....I feel that I must share this fanart...lol.
http://danbooru.donmai.us/post/show/115 ... air-blonde
Feeling bad for Tokiomi, but he should take a look at his left:
Mami - fight a glorious battle and get your head bitten off in the middle.
Dirmuid - fight a glorious battle and be forced to commit suicide in the middle.
Assassin - arrive to a glorious battle and get ironed down by a friggin' ARMY before even beginning.
Sayaka - no, let's not even go there. :rain: She needs more hugs then the rest combined. Iri will probably rival her upon her arrival (insert unintended lame pun tag here), but I expect her closer to the end of the series. :leaf:

As for the next one on the bench, my bet is Kariya. The guy has lived surprisingly long by Urobuchi standards as it is. :uh..:

"Did I write such a cruel scene?!"
Did you once mention that the famous scene in MadoMagi ep 3 was one of your favourites? Did you once read the game's script and think that "Sayaka isn't bullied bad enough here"? Come on, Gen, the time when I saw your name in the credits and it didn't tell me anything is long gone. :knife: :knife: :knife:

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What is this it keeps showing me? :confu:

EDIT: must have been loading, since it's playing fine now.
The track around 4 minutes into the episode seems new. Wow, sounds like Yuki's moving on the border of blues here. :ayashii: :sohappy:

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I have reached Yuki nirvana
19:30 into the episode. :nophoto:
Even with all the death flags necessary for a flashback character, Urobuchi managed to surprise me again. :white:

Well, I like this flashback more, and here I can really feels sorry for Kiritsugu. Regardless of the fact that this man plain SCARES me. We sure have got the big picture of this character now.
and showing us that he will not hesitate to sacrifice those he loves doesn't look like any good foreshadowing concerning Iri. :uh..:

A very good track in the plane scene, and the one I mentioned earlier, too. :sohappy: And Manten again, although I expected it this time. :XD:

Next ep... "Return of the Assassin"? As in, again? :desksweat: :XD:


- Totally loving the strings music that's on the chase for the evil guy. :dote:

-some new ambient musics

-Also liking the touching good-bye music before the stinger shoot

turn out manten was for this episode too, next episode normal plot continues~

also looks like there are many ways to make these vampires: potion, bees :@_@:


Yes but its different to curry a captule of drug (which a non-living tihng) and different to curry a bunch of bees that are flying inside you and they might even bite YOU.

Btw how they hell do they extract the drugs afterwards? :XD:

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I heard there are non-digestible small capsules... And as to how they leave the body, no guess would be appropriate enough to voice in public. :ohoho:


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One word for this epi...


:imdead: :rain: I am terrified of bugs/insects... DX Seeing those bees up close was just... )*Y(W)*W@(W$R^Q#T&RWOGWTH!!!!!!!!


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-calms down from being creeped out by the bees-


Q_____Q I want to cry... such a sad epi... Darn you Gen Urobuchi!!


Are you trying to get a rational logic explanation on a magic show? just say it was magic or something.

Nice episode.

It was quite a silent one so new musical tracks were really audible. Unlike some fight in the past where kirigitsu is.

The plane scene was quite emotional. Dammit Urobuchi :cry:


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Mambo to interrupt, but here comes more translations by me and The Niney :ohoho: This time, it's from last month's Newtype, which brought short interviews with Kala, Haruna (that you can find here - you can find here: /?laacm7i0mm14b3v), and Akio Ootsuka, Ayako Kawasumi and Tomokazu Seki. First is Kala and Haruna:

(Text in between pages) The begining of the battle portrayed by song.

Songs composed by Yuki Kajiura tie up the begining and the end of Fate/Zero. The artists who sing these songs appear now on Newtype.


Composer Yuki Kajiura embraces all feelings contained in Fate/Zero in a beautiful song. The singing voices of Kalafina paint the colors of the begining.

NT: What impression do you you three have about Fate/Zero?

Hikaru:I've been able to watch both Fate/Zero and Fate/stay night, and I've been enjoying myself as I discover the connections between them. I like Saber. While carrying her own beliefs, she suffers and continues to search for her answer. I could sympathize with her suffering.
Wakana: Fate series isn''t about the struggle for the holy Grail only, but also about the human drama. In Fate/Zero, I like Kiritusgu. I like his looks and also Koyama (Rikiya's) voice.
Keiko: Fate/Zero was......scary. There are grotesque scenes and scary Heroic Spirits. But I like when male characters are active. Isn't this anime full of singular men? (laughs) It gets funnier as I watch it. I like to see the power of men's ambition.
Wakana: But in Fate/Zero, there are noble and lesser men, right? (laughs)
Keiko: Among the characters, I like Rider and Rin-chan. I'm bad at dealing with complex personalities.

NT: What are your impressions about the opening theme "to the begining"?

Keiko: This is a song that Kajiura-san wrote specially for Fate/Zero. Few days ago, when singing it live, I could remember the characters. The lyrics describe the inner hearts of people who yearn for something.
Hikaru: The lyrics are very appealing, and the words have weight. At the recording, Kajiura-san said to me "sing according to the meaning of the words". As the lyryics say about the "stained sky", she instructed me to "stain" my voice as well.

NT: Amazing!

Hikaru: I believe that, this time, I was the one who sang the most piercing and painful parts.
Wakana: There is a big sprinting feel in the melody, so, by adding the singing, various images are added. It starts with Keiko, then I come in with a mellow singing, and Hikaru adds a piercing voice. I think that, by making the best use of our voices, this time Kajiura-san created a song full of things she wanted to do.

NT: A last question for the three persons that are participating in Fate/Zero's Holy Grail war for the first itme. What wishes would you fulfill through the Holy Grail?

Wakana: My wish is to keep singing forever.
Hikaru: I think it would be good if everyone in the world could be happy.
Keiko: Let me see...I'd like to convey many songs to everyone along with Kalafina.

Haruna Runa:

Various Heroic Spirits are fading away. Luna Haruna's fresh voice ties up Fate/Zero's second season. What is contained in this sad melody?

NT: Runa-san, have you heard of Fate/Zero before?

Runa: I just saw the first episode of Fate/stay night. When the mansion came into play, I was wondering whether it would turn on something peaceful. After that I saw Fate/Zero, and I really got into it. I ended up wanting to buy goods, and I got some ring notebooks...

NT: That's definitely getting into it! Which Servants do you like?

Runa: I like Servant Rider and Servant Caster! Recently I've gotten to like Caster. He's cute, isn't he! Ryuunosuke-kun and Caster are both charming. They're like little kids, and they get their faces all flushed. So cute! Anyway, Waver is the work's heroine (clearly)! (Note: she did called him "heroine")

NT: What were your thoughts when you were chosen to sing the ending theme?

Runa: I was very frightened. I wondered if I could sing it well enough so I wouldn't break down it's worldview. Even so, when I thought that I could actually be able to get my song into this work, I became very happy.

NT: What impression did you have of "Sora wa Takaku Kaze wa Utau"?

Runa: It really conveys Kajiura-san's worldview, and I think it can condense, in one song, everything about this story - the painfulness and the sublimeness that it has. Afterward (after being chosen to sing the song), I was able to meet one-on-one with Kajiura-san about the composition, but I was very comfortable with her. I was told that it would be better if I sticked to the natural characteristics of my voice to sing. My voice is pretty low, but she taught me to sing high more easily by raising the corners of my mouth as I sang.

NT: What sort of things are you trying out from now on?

Runa: I always dreamed of singing anime songs, so now I'm having a lot of fun. If I possible, I want to sing while cosplaying! And if I can enter that worldview, I think I'll be able to express various things more.

NT: A last question for you that is participating in Fate/Zero's Holy Grail war for the first itme. What wishes would you fulfill through the Holy Grail?
Runa: For me, I'd like to connect 2D and 3D (note: she seems to mean "the anime world" and "the real world" here). Sometimes I want to get into 2D, and bring along a 2D character into 3D. If the Grail granted my wish, I'd want to have that ability!
Some comments I wanna make:

1. Hikaru seems to be indeed the most grown up among these four. And haruna is crazy :XD:

2: Wakana said "I think that, by making the best use of our voices, this time Kajiura-san created a song full of things she wanted to do." ... :omg: That means Kajiura wants FJ!! Everyone! Stop hiring Kajiura, so she can have time to work on FJ!! :listen: :stars: :nosebleed: /me is shot by everyone :XD:

Enjoy! Any corrections, suggestions, bomb threats...erm, talk to Niney :XD:

Edit: I changed some minor things in Kala's interview according to Niney's revised version.


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^ Thanks for the translation!

:ohoho: Kukuku, Luna's responses made me chuckle. So cute!!! She likes Caster and Ryuunosuke ehhhh????