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Anime that you have recently watched


I adore Yuki
Finished Sound! Euphonium I really loved the show and I'm sad to see it end now. What am I gonna do on my Tuesdays now :comeback:
Oh well I'm gonna check out Snow White With the Red Hair when that comes out.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Watched the first episode of Rampo Kitan: Game of Laplace. Really bizarre/edgy murder, and the main character is kind of psycho. Oh, and I seriously thought he was a girl at first glance. I guess he's the Shiota Nagisa (from AssClass) of this season? :XD:
Will check out the first eps of some of the other newly airing series at some point later too, probably.


I'm watching Toaru Kagaku no Railgun - it's better than toaru majutsu no index (harem theme was annoying).


7 billion humans. She must know I exist
Arslan Senki marathon.
Wished the artwork was more close to those shown at the ED than the actual production ...

Looking good so far (At EP5 in one sitting)
Ordered D'AZUR because I missed out on Lapis Lazuli.

The opening is horrible imo. A sure skip.


Just finished all aired episodes of Arslan Senki (lapis lazulli is amazing ending, one light is good but not so gorgerous)
Now I'm watching Katekyo Hitman Reborn - first episodes was so boring but from 20 episode action is interesting


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Recently watched Arslan Senki. Its few first episodes were really boring but it gets better towards the end of S1 I guess. S2 started with another boring and slow first episodes, not sure will continue this or not. I watched through all S1 episodes because of lapis lazuli lol. uverworld's songs surely aren't for everyone since their melodies aren't conventional but I quite like the opening. It's not as good as their works for Ao no Exorcist, though.

Kekkai Sensen - this is really good and the theme songs are great.

Ranpo Kitan - the show is somewhat disturbing and the writing is quite a mess but I like it. the op song is great, my favorite of this season. the ed is also enjoyable, and the soundtracks imo are really good. After episode 5 I hate Akechi so much he's so stupid. Kagami is my precious baby.

Gangsta - hot oyajis and hot busty lady. op and ed songs are nice.


Black Lagoon - I like mood of this anime. A lot of dominating women, guns, car chases... Original characters - it's a big advantage.
Now I'm watching Bokura wa Minna Kawaiso - really light romantic comedy. When I'm watching this I really miss time of high school and youth:comeback:


I adore Yuki
I'm currently watching some newer Anime which includes Tokyo Ghoul, and Assassination Classroom.

Blast of Tempest was also one I watched not too long ago. It felt like a very great quality Anime.

I plan on rewatching Noir very soon as well since I have a craving for it again from listening a lot to the Ost recently.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I plan on rewatching Noir very soon as well since I have a craving for it again from listening a lot to the Ost recently.
if you do end up rewatching, do keep an ear out for unreleased tracks/alternative versions


I like Yuki
I'm kind of in an anime burnout phase, but I did manage to finish Maria the Virgin Witch. It's actually rather interesting and has things to say about man's relationship with God and religion. I was kind of surprised by how good it is.

I might be tackling One Week Friends but like I said I'm kind of in a burnout as of late so we'll see if I actually finish it (short as it is).


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Started watching Tsubasa Chronicles not too long ago, and started Your Lie in April last night. Tsubasa seems a little boring so far, and it seems the plot is literally just "Syaoran and company goes to a world, gets Sakura's feather, and ends up saving that world in the process." Plus A Song of Storm and Fire is way overused. As for Your Lie in April, I've only seen one episode, and it seems like a "meh" anime. I mainly started watching it for the music aspect of it, and I don't care about the romance aspect of it one bit. The opening is nice, though.


I like Yuki
As for Your Lie in April, I've only seen one episode, and it seems like a "meh" anime. I mainly started watching it for the music aspect of it, and I don't care about the romance aspect of it one bit. The opening is nice, though.
I only ever ended making it halfway through Your Lie in April, but I would say the music aspect was definitely the draw for me. The romance is okay but everything is telegraphed from the start so there's less of a tension and more dread for the inevitable tragic ending. If you like the opening, I would say you should definitely check out more of Goose House's stuff. They do monthly covers on ustream which they post to their YouTube account, but they also do original songs and every one of the members is a singer/songwriter and plays multiple instruments. I've been meaning to see if I can submit Kalafina song cover requests for their UStream haha.


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^That sounds like my impression of Your Lie in April as well. I absolutely loved the musical aspect (after getting to know the two other kids in the competition, I wanted more episodes to be devoted to that side of it). The emotional manipulation rubbed me up the wrong way though.

I'm assuming it's part of a bigger "tragedy pr0n" trend in Japanese film and TV, in which characters go through unbelievable amounts of misery and adversity. There must be a huge intended audience who love being in floods of tears all the time or something.

On the plus side, it does look fantastic and the music is gorgeous. It also reminded me that I'd had Nodame Cantabile on my "to watch" list for years, so I watched all three seasons of that straight afterwards. And loved it.


I like Yuki
Sometimes I feel like Nodame Contabile goes really under appreciated. Or maybe I'm reading through the wrong forums and websites. But it's something that I wish I could easily buy and add to my shelf. Unfortunately, it's never really gotten a good shake at a US release, manga or anime, which pretty much leaves importing Japanese singles. Sigh.

That live action adaptation is something else! I usually really dread J-Drama/K-Drama adaptations of anime and manga, but they really did make it their own and really committed to the over the top action and comedy stunts. I have to give them props for committing.


@noGenerators the first season of Nodame Cantabile was available in an English dub in Hong Kong from play-asia.com and apparently it will get an Australian release. The torrent of all three seasons is quite good and I've watched it through about 3 times.

Also watching Shirobako again.


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Oh yes, Your Lie in April/Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso is one series that really left its mark on me, thanks to its music and the drama, lol.

If I recall correctly though, one week before they managed to air the final episode, the producers launched a twitter campaign saying that if the hashtag they used reached a certain number of tweets, a miracle will happen on the final episode.

So much for false hopes, we did not get an anime-only ending and they decided to stick with the source material. It was also interesting to note that its manga ended just around two weeks before the final episode, so many of us that time really wanted a different ending lol.