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Anime that you have recently watched


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^ Ends awful, making you to have no choice but read the manga. It's very squished in 12 episodes. And... I love Paku Romi, but Ganta's voice is making that character look so pitiful somehow....


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I've become really obsessed with Ansatsu Kyoushitsu. Both the anime and the manga. Is anyone else here really enjoying it?
And I think 80% of that obsessions is just for the lovable evil lord Karma :XD: And how cute is Karma x Okuda...I also love Kayano x Nagisa. And Chiba x Hayami. Seriously, everyone is just too cute.


currently watching:
hataraku maou-sama
owari no seraph

not much good anime out there right now (in my opinion) lol. i tried to get into arslan senki...but the first 2 episodes bore me to death...has anyone caught up to the recent episode? does it get better?


finally finished Tokyo Ghoul (1st season) in 2 days XD
... wow, it is great. not really good in early episodes, but get greater in the end. hehehe...

and going to watch Kanaan (or Canaan?), still wait for my friend's copy though.
it is one of Type-moon series, though, she said, it is underrated.
want to give it a try~


I have reached Yuki nirvana
@nimsaj omg, Hataraku maou sama is so hilarious :XD: I loved that show, feel like I need to rewatch it sometime. I also watched the first episode of Arslan Senki but it bored me too, so I didn't continue with it. I think have seen some positive reviews of later episodes in the blogosphere saying it picks up a bit later on. Iirc it's gonna go through the whole life of the main character prince dude from youth to adulthood?


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^I've heard a lot of good things about Arslan Senki too, but they say it takes a few episodes to really get going. I'm just worried that the TV adaptation will have an unsatisfying ending, because the manga's still ongoing or something (it's from the same writer as Legend of the Galactic Heroes iirc...which is looong).

I've been keeping up with UBW, and made a start on Sound! Euphonium. That started out as just another KyoAni cutesy show, but it's grown on me quite a lot in the last couple of weeks.


Finished The Sky Crawlers last night, watched From Up On Poppy Hill last Monday night and have Fafner volume 1 from the library to watch.


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DanMachi continues to beat my expectations. As what the reviewer from ANN said on a certain episode review, its title is the most midleading among all shows of the season. xD

Not to mention that I am already liking the full version of its ED courtesy of Kanon Wakeshima (without her signature cello though on the video) :dote:

"Both up, Both down, and shake right, more shake left, keep both and slow them down~" (trumpet sounds follow lol)


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Recently watched Tokyo Ghoul (both seasons), Arslan Senki and Death Parade

Tokyo Ghoul was very good and had me
hooked by the first episode. But there are hardly any likable characters imo

Arslan Senki had hardly any likable characters or character developement, and it gets boring a lot. I only stayed to watch cause of UVERworld, the epic ending and the fact that I fell in love with Arslan in a mere two minutes of him being on screen. :dote:

Death Parade was amazing and intruiging. It was the only anime I've ever watched we're I've complained about how short the episodes felt because of how into the series I was. Definitely reccomend it.

God I feel like one of those anime reviewers lol


Now I'm watching Air - anime based on the visual novel. Excactly music sounds sometimes like from game, a lot of female characters and one male character. It's interesting anime, very relaxing (I like watch it after work). It fits to holiday.


^ The song: Tori no Uta / Lia (Air OP) is great.

I hope with Lia doing a couple of new anime songs this year that she might appear at Animelo Summer Live or Animax Musix again.


Opening is beautifull. Has Lia sung themes for Clannad or Angel Beats? I've heard her voice earlier


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Yep, GiDeMo's version of 'My Soul, Your Beats' is the one sung by Yui in the anime.

@Kugayama I didn't know Lia made a collabo of Brave Song! That would sound great.