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Anime that you have recently watched


I have reached Yuki nirvana
since there is a movie thread there should be an anime one :ohoho:

just finished Fate/stay night :sohappy:


I will move it (as well as the movie one) :sparkleguy:

I recently watched:

- Ixion Saga (pretty funny)
- Da Capo ( I, I SS, II, II SS) and now I am watching the III that's coming out this winter. My favourite character is Kotori, Nanaka and the sisters of the protagonist in the 2nd game/anime.
- Mirai Nikki: Is alot gore but lets you see how some events can affect your life forever. Very interesting plot. (not recommended for audience <18)


Last anime I watched was K-On! The Movie on the flight from Narita to Singapore (-:.

Quite enjoyed it, even though I've never been to Europe and specifically to London (<- reference to joke in the movie).


YES! I live on her roof
The latest episodes I watched:

Maoyuu EP02
Amnesia EP01
OreShura EP01

I think I'll focus on these series this season, along with Da Capo III which I will watch later.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Magi - The story is nice and interesting. But Alibaba and Aladdin. Urgh. How I hate a clueless and unstable main characters. Morgiana is one of the most badass anime girl, though. Love her so much. BGM is awesomely awesome. 7/10

K - Idk...my only impression is so many fujoshi fanservice all over the anime. The story is nice, though. 7/10

SAO - Don't really like the story, Kajiura's music isn't that good for me, typical shounen harem anime. 5/10

Kuroko no Basket - Your typical shounen-sport anime where the characters have some kind of abilities that are impossible / can't be real in reality (just like Captain Tsubasa, Prince of Tennis,...and most shounen sport animes). The good thing is this anime has a clear and flowing plot. 7/10

I don't really enjoy todays animes. 90s and Early 2000s animes are the best.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Last i watched was gosick and it was just what i was looking for :sohappy:
A plot in 1924 (if i remember well :XD: ) when a japanese boy goes in high school in a fictional country near france and meets a girl who can solve crimes. Very interesting, tense and a bit humorous


Let's see, since this Januaray I've watched:
_ Tari tari (rewatch, the series ended last year). Much more realistic plot than I expected and I like all the characters And their festival performance!! It felt like the series was made solely for that song, not the other way around! The song's like a melodic recap of the whole series. Sr about my weird English, that song's just too awesome I can't find the write words to express it xD
_ Accel World and SAO (rewatch). Honestly, they could have done better. I can guess why they were badly-made and I sympathize with those anime makers, but still ... D: Both light novels are way better. I think I've said this before, but playing SAO OST while reading the novel is much better than watching the anime :psst:
_ Robotics; Notes. As expected, the flow only picked up after ep 15 or so :XD: Good plot.
_ Magi. Also read the manga :psst: It's great. Every character has something that I like.
Haven't watched much of this season ... Too many series with harem, ecchi, romance, etc. which are not my type, and I'm spending more time on other things (CPM, homework, sleeping etc.) :XD:


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
Finally watched everything for Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.
Omg, this is such a genius anime, I havent quite liked some anime like that in a long time! :omgz: :sohappy:
Well, I wasnt quite satisfied with HNNKN Kira, but ok..x)

/me proceeds to watch Umineko No Naku Koro Ni :sohappy:


I like Yuki

MegyTomitatsu said:
Finally watched everything for Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni.
Omg, this is such a genius anime, I havent quite liked some anime like that in a long time! :omgz: :sohappy:
Well, I wasnt quite satisfied with HNNKN Kira, but ok..x)

/me proceeds to watch Umineko No Naku Koro Ni :sohappy:
Don't. The Umineko anime is baaaad. Higurashi is a bad adaptation, but it's an okay anime on its own merits. The Umineko anime is bad, both as an adaptation and on its own. It's also only half the story. Less, really, it omits a TON of details that are necessary to solve several mysteries.

Read the visual novels instead. They have some problems of their own (for instance, the character art is either charmingly bad or just plain bad, but you can replace it with the competent-but-uninspired PS3 art), but it's the only way really worth experiencing Umineko.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
last week I finished Skip Beat! and caught up with Karneval
(Gareki-kun in Karneval looks like Gil's twin (Pandora Hearts)) :psst:


i'm not pretty update about animes, but well...
i've just finished Maria Holic and i'm in Maria Holic Alive :ohoho: its second season isn't as funny as first season, i think, but it is still good~
(and i have to hide it from my lil-sis XD)
and Hotarubi no Mori he! it is an amazing anime movie~ :shy: it is only 44 minutes tough~
my friend recommended me 'the wolf children ame and yuki' and 'natsume yuujinchou', i'll watch later :sohappy: