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Anime that you have recently watched


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^Lol yeah 15 really isn't that many xD
Anime is great tho, you should definitely get back into it!

Back to the topic, I'm currently watching:
-(Rewatching) FMAB- Very mainstream ik, but it's still a great show and its very special to me

-Shin Sekai Yori- Super good dark dystopian story that really makes you think, also has amazing music

-Nana- I have to admit, I started this solely because of Romi Paku but it's proving to be a really touching and sweet josei so far

-(Rewatching) Hellsing Ultimate- still one of the best (Also it has the only English dub I like because everyone is British and I love British accents way too much)


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Ugh, I hate it when stories go unfinished like that. That's why I generally wait for shows to end before picking them up.

As for this thread, I'm watching Pokemon S&M and Zaregoto. Yuri and Ice was there but I think I'll wait for that to finish and watch it all at once.


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It's a pretty special case in regards to NANA, as the author of the manga got very ill and was unable to draw for years. She's done a few little bits here and there as small works, but hasn't ever gone back to NANA.


I eat sleep and breathe Yuki
Yeah that's why I was wary of watching/reading it originally, I hate the fact that I'll never get any closure for the characters and story, especially if I really like the story (which I do).
But I heard so much good about it so I gave in and it's super good but I know I'm just gonna be really sad when I read the last chapter of the manga and I'll just never know what happens next :(


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I binged A.I.C.O. -Incarnation- yesterday. Pretty much loved it despite some lolanime characterization/dialogue. 4/5
Sort of felt like a good version of King of Thorn that I never got in animated form.
Also the opening could've been something truly special with better arrangement or maybe even only mixing.
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I…I also watched AICO, back at the end of the year I guess. It was amazing! These Netflix shows that are dropped in full are easy to miss. I also recommend B The Beginning but I wouldn't say it was great, but more good.

I have downloaded but not watched several of those, but I recommend Baki the Grappler as well. If you like martial arts or manly drama like HnK at all, then you will love that.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Only thing I know about B is that Yoshihiro Ike did the OST. Never got around to watching it. I'll try it someday.


Watched Requiem for Phantom. Was alot like noir, but more emotional and with sad ending, but kinda expected from the show's title.