Υour CD collection! XD

Here's a pic of my collection as it currently stands:


•Red Moon RE
•After Eden RE
•Consolation RE
•far on the water LE+DVD
•Fiction (US version)
•Fiction II
•Yuki Kajiura The Works for Soundtrack
•FictionJunction LIVE The BEST 2008-2010
•FictionJunction LIVE The BEST 2 2010-2013
As in, it's a regular CD case with an outer cardboard sleeve that just slots over the top.
Hmm, I would respectfully disagree, as the Red Moon LE's photo album (not the one inside the CD case) is much thicker than that of the Alleluia LE. Also, the Red Moon LE outer cardboard "sleeve" is open only at one end; the outer cardboard sleeve of the Alleluia LE is open at both sides.
So as I said before, I've started growing my YK collection since last Summer.:sohappy:


YK non-Kalafina works including Seako Chiba albums and Marina Inoue single.



Kalafina releases (Just received Re/Oblivious and the live albums)

Here is how my mini YK section looks on my desk which is running out of space unfortunately! (Living in dorm :touched:), although I collect stuff of three artists only: YK, Revo, and Utada Hikaru.



And Finally, thanks to @Seasonreaper , @Atlas Star , and other members' experiences, I've got most of them from AmazonJP, CDJapan, and Suruga-ya.
Awesomeness picked up "consolation LIVE 2013" bluray with the two post cards for ~45.00USD!! And a "sample" version of the "blaze" single (RE). Honestly wouldn't have gotten this shit if it weren't 10USD.

Edit: FYI this purchase was at a shop so no shipping FTW!
Does the sample version look any different? Most sample CDs I've seen are in cardboard slipcases, is that the same here?
Does the sample version look any different? Most sample CDs I've seen are in cardboard slipcases, is that the same here?
It looks exactly the same! Except on the back, there is a yellow sticker that says "sample version" in Japanese and then some blah blah about how it should only be used for sample use and not for sale (lmao).
I don't want to open it until I get back home though, so I will let you know if there is anything different (doubt it though)
Just got my parcel through from one super lovely CPM member (I forget if you want to be named, if so just PM me and I'll edit this post) with a bunch of stuff from the Arena lives. Unfortunately no Kobe exclusive shirt, but they managed to get everything else, plus a couple of neat bonuses :goodjob:.

Collective image of stuff, with the postcard set, the pamphlet (which is HUGE, I didn't expect it to be so big) and one of the main tour design shirts. Also the 2017 calendar with the bonus postcard from the live which is... odd. They just cropped the girls together on a white background and then realised they ran out of space so overlapped where Wakana and Hikaru's parts are? I don't even know.


Back of the shirt design, which is pretty cool. Makes me want a world tour even more, though.

And a bunch of flyers that were presumably given out at the event, similar to the pack of random stuff I got when I was at one of the events I guess. Wasn't expecting these, so it's a nice bonus :sohappy:. Mostly just relatively basic merch flyers and a pretty cool Haruna Luna advert which I didn't bother taking a photo of, but I am happy I got these two :plz:.

After seeing some photos from the postcard set and the pamphlet, I was looking forward to them and frankly they don't disappoint. I'd honestly say this is the best pamphlet since the Red/Blue Day one, it's massive, the photos look gorgeous and finally there's a marked absence of super obvious shit filter use and lens flares everywhere like some of their other newer photoshoots (mostly looking at some of the FotW pamphlet and some of the 2015 Christmas pamphlet photo sets here), just a whole bunch of lovely photos. Each of them also gets a couple pages of interview and four (!) full page shots of them in those white Arena Tour dresses they showed off a while ago with a slight sepia tone and oh god they look so pretty there. Also none of that Keiko super wide eyed crap like there is in the calendar either. The only real complaint I have is it's too damn big for my shelf :ohoho:.
@Atlas Star there's this one on ebay if you want to purchase it. I'd assume the price is fair since it's now out of print and was made around like 2008. Kalafina items from that time can go for ridiculous prices on these sorts of places (where proxy services aren't needed) in my experience, especially any kind of poster.
I've never had many problems buying off of ebay, just be weary of scratched jewel cases, the scratches barely ever show in pictures. Of course always be weary of seller credibility so look at ratings but that's pretty much a standard for buying anything anywhere online secondhand or not.

I actually own one myself that was around $25-30 AUD in really good condition. It just looks so pretty and shiny.
Also picked up on my last trip:

Kalafina Winter Acoustic "Kalafina with Strings" with postcard and poster
Madlax OST 1
FJY - Hitomi no Kakera / Nowhere CD single
FJY - Inside your Heart CD single
Tiaraway - Two Leaf (with DVD)
Stuff I've got:

Kalafina Merchandise:

"Far On The Water" special order cellphone case - "Usumurasaki"

"Far On The Water" 2015-2016 Live Tour Microfiber cloth - "Usumurasaki" (Nagoya performance)

"Kimi no gin no niwa" Animate poster

"After Eden" Live Tour 2012 Poster

"After Eden" Special Live 2011 Acrylic Strap

Kalafina Pamphlets:

X'Mas Premium Live 2012

To The Beginning 2012

Kalafina Paper #1

FictionJunction Club: Making Of "After Eden"

Magia 2011

Magia Tour 2011

FictionJunction Club: Making Of "Magia"

Red Moon Live Tour 2010

FictionJunction Pamphlets:

FictionJunction Club Newsletter #6-#31

FictionJunction Club: KajiFes. After Memorial Live

FictionJunction Press #1

Volume #6

Magazines and other pamphlets:

Anican R Volume #126 - June 2011

Coming soon:

Live volume #11 Elemental tour 2014 tour book

Lisani! 3 pamphlet

Lisani! 2010 pamphlet

...and a surprise!

Amount of CDs/Vinyl: 0
Next fall It'll be 2 years since I discovered my favorite artist Kajiura-San next to Revo. Also, I would like to know if Fictionjunction Club vols are mostely photos (like Sound Horizon's)?

The one on Tumblr with the archive of pamphlets is me. Four are released each year, one for each season. Each is sixteen pages up from the original twelve. Also each issue has a form to it:
Messages from members (Yuki, Kaori, Yuriko, Keiko, Wakana, and Hikaru. Older issues also have Yuuka)
Pictures, reports, and thoughts from Kalafina/FictionJunction on concerts as well behind the scenes photos of concerts
Behind the scenes photos and thoughts regarding the making of pamphlets
Kaori's solo career
Ending message from a member of FictionJunction Club (Kaori, Yuriko, Keiko, Wakana, and Hikaru. Older issues also have Yuuka in the rotation)

Sometimes there will be little question and answer sessions that all of them will participate in.

I'd say they're picture heavy, but have a lot of little comments and the interviews balance things out a bit.

I've been interested in the Sound Horizon newsletters, but can't seem to find scans of the whole issues. Someone used to be active that did that, but no longer does it and their links are no longer active. I do know Dreamport comes up in two issues of Salon de Horizon. I've been saving up to get those particular two.

Go ahead and click on the image in my signature for the newsletters.
Just received the Christmas Live 2016 pamphlet. Seems the first photoshoot has gone back to them using dumb looking filters and effects again, but the rest of the shots are rather nice.
had to consult my list today so might as well do my annual update (new items are in bold)

新きまぐれオレンジ★ロード 〜 そして、あの夏のはじまり ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK
Boogiepop 君に伝えたいこと (US release)
blanc dans NOIR ~黒の中の白~
blanc dans NOIR ~黒の中の白~
.hack//Liminality ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK (US release)
Dream Field (re-release)
MADLAX O.S.T. (US release)
暁の車 -akatsuki no kuruma-
MADLAX O.S.T. 2 (US release)
Le Portrait de Petit Cossette ~コゼットの肖像~ Original Soundtrack
エレメンタルジェレイド サウンドトラック
焔の扉 -HONOH no TOBIRA- (re-release)
Destination (re-release)
「舞-乙HiME<マイオトメ>」オリジナルサウンドトラックVol.1 乙女の花園
circus (re-release)
Dream Port
fairytale (RE)
oblivious (RE)
sprinter / ARIA (RE)
アキレスと亀 オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2008.07.31
Everlasting Songs
Lacrimosa (RE)
Pandora Hearts Original Soundtrack 1
Pandora Hearts Original Soundtrack 2
Parallel Hearts
progressive (RE)
storia (RE)
歴史秘話ヒストリア Original Sound Track
FictionJunction 2008-2010 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE
The Works for Soundtrack
光の旋律 (RE)
時の向こう 幻の空
After Eden (LE+DVD)
stone cold
歴史秘話ヒストリア Original Sound Track 2
After Eden Special LIVE 2011 at TOKYO DOME CITY HALL (DVD)
Distance/eternal blue
moonfesta ~ムーンフェスタ~ (LE+DVD)
to the beginning (LE+DVD)
ひかりふる (Anime Ed.)
暁の車 〜ReTracks/水の証 〜ReTracks
空は高く風は歌う (Anime Ed.)
Consolation (LE+DVD - signed :)
Kalafina 5th Anniversary (LE)
LIVE TOUR 2013 "Consolation" Special Final at TOKYO INTERNATIONAL FORUM HALL A (DVD)
Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#9 Shibuko-Special (DVD)
アレルヤ (RE)
君の銀の庭 (LE+DVD)
魔法少女まどか☆マギカ Music Collection
歴史秘話ヒストリア Original Sound Track 3
連続テレビ小説 花子とアン オリジナル・サウンドトラック
Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#11 FictionJunction YUUKA 2days Special 2014.2.8~9 中野サンプラザ
花子とアン オリジナル・サウンドトラック2
Yuki Kajiura LIVE vol.#11 elemental Tour 2014
花子とアン オリジナル・サウンドトラック3 ~完結編~
ring your bell (LE+DVD, Vinyl)
FictionJunction 2010-2013 The BEST of Yuki Kajiura LIVE 2
Kalafina LIVE THE BEST 2015 "Red Day" at 日本武道館 (Blu-ray)
Kalafina LIVE THE BEST 2015 "Blue Day" at 日本武道館 (Blu-ray)
One Light (LE+DVD, Vinyl)
far on the water (LE+DVD, Vinyl)
The Live Album "Kalafina LIVE TOUR 2014"
Sword Art Online Music Collection (LE)
アルシラの星 (RE)
"far on the water" Special Final (DVD)
blaze (LE+DVD, Vinyl)
Winter Acoustic "Kalafina with Strings"

3rd Anniversary/Red Moon Clear File
Kalafina Cafe Bento Box
Consolation Special Live T-Shirt (ACen exclusive)
5th Anniversary Keychain
One of Jr.'s bass picks
Christmas Premium LIVE 2013 "Kalafina with Strings" Postcards
カドカワ Special Issue: Kalafina
Trickster Age Vol.19
ユリイカ Yuki Kajiura: Poetics of Fiction Making
Kalafina Pocketwatch
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