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Coincidentally my Storia shirt arrived today as well. Considering it's an S size I can't fit into it, and I wasn't actually planning on buying it at all. But then my friend said 'why do you need to wear it? Just buy it and get it signed and framed or something' and I thought hey, that's not such a bad idea and put a bid on it. Didn't really expect to win since the bid I placed was the same as the starting bid but hey, nobody else went against me. All I need now is another chance to get autographs :TdT:. Not gonna open it until I get that chance though, want it kept safe.

Honestly I would've skipped it anyway if it wasn't for the fact that it's the very first shirt design they ever released which is cool. There's an S size Kagayaku one on Surugu-ya right now for example and I'm not bothering with that. This thing however is a lovely design and it's in absolutely perfect condition despite how old it is, gives me hope that one day I'll find one in my size :touched:.


Decided to open it up to check its good anyway, plus it's obvious the bag it was in wasn't unopened anyway. Didn't take pics for some reason, not sure why.

I didn't know beforehand but it has a little print on the back near the top with the date and venue this particular variant was from, being Shibuya O East 2009/08/26. Also this thing appears to have been initially opened and then simply put in a bag and then left since then, there's no indication it's ever been used or even left out from what I can see and seemed to even have a slight scent of new to it.

Also it seems to be a little larger than I expected for an S size, seems more like an M in comparison to the Red Moon and Progressive+ shirts I guess? Honestly if it was an M I reckon I could use it, at least as long as I don't have anything underneath, so knowing that means I guess I'll make attempts at getting this design in M or L on the super rare chance it becomes available, rather than hoping specifically for a L.


I've only managed to buy one so far ^^;
Kalafina - Consolation special edition cd+bd
It's hard when you can only buy overseas


Today: Pandora Hearts OST 1, Re:oblivious, .hack box (sign ost 1&2, Liminality and EXTRA) at Book-off Akihabara and progressive single at Mandarake Akihabara.

Staff were helpful at both places.

Would like to find more CD singles from .hack.

Older material (such as early See-Saw singles) seem to only be available from Amazon resellers.


At Nakano Broadway today:


Animelo Summer Live 2008 day 2 blu-ray (Chiaki Ishikawa and Chihiro Yonekura singing Anna ni Issho Datta no ni)

Kaori Hikita - Natural

At Lashinbang :

Noir OST 1

Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles Future Soundscape 1


Reposting my collection (if you need something, just ask)

- circus CD+DVD
- Destination CD+DVD
- romanesque single (sealed :3)

- Seventh Heaven CD+DVD (*reserved*)
- Re/oblivious
- fairytale LE (sealed :3)

- Dream Field First Press (pwetty box with snowflakes :3)
- Chao Tokyo Single (with "not for sale" sticker :3)
- Dream Field Shinseido sampler (ultra cute :3)
- Kimi wa boku ni niteiru first press single
- Slender Chameleon Single (with "not for sale" sticker :3)
- Kirai ni Naritai Single (with "not for sale" sticker :3)
- Mata Aeru Kara Single

Saeko Chiba
- hikari single
- winter story single
- sayonara solitaire single
- ice cream single
- Melody First Press Album (with "not for sale" sticker :3)
- Everything First Press Album

Kajiura Yuki no Sekai
- BLOOD the last vampire game OST (sealed :3)
- Kajiura Yuki & REVO - Dream Port Deluxe Box
- Marina Inoue - houseki single
- aquarian age SPHERE E.G.O
- blanc dans Noir ~Kuro no Naka no Shiro~ First Press (Comes in Digipack :3)
- Fiction 2003 first press <3
- FictionJunction ASUKA - everlasting song single (sealed :3)
- savage genius - hikari no yukue single
- Shin Kyuseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken Raoh Den Junai no Sho / Yuria Den ORIGINAL SOUNDTRACK I (sealed :3)
- Mika Arisaka - Life Goes On Single
- .hack Sound & Song Track Collector's Box
(includes: - .hack//SIGN OSTs 1 & 2
- .hack//EXTRA soundtracks
- .hack//Liminality OST) :3 <3
- Reika Okina/Kaori Hikita - Tsuki no curse/Michiyuki single
* EAT-MAN Image Soundtrack ACT-II
* EAT-MAN Sound Art Book
* Boogiepop Kimi ni Tsutaetai Koto Music Album Inspired by Boogiepop and Others
* DNA presents RAINBOW movie CD >w< :3
* Sakura Taisen Hanasaku Otome Musical Soundtrack (sealed :3)
* Afternoon Tea I ~Interior Music Style~ CD >w< :3
* Le Portrait de Petit Cossette Special DVD (promo stuff + houseki & ballad PVs)

Official promo posters

* FJYUUKA romanesque promo poster
* FJYUUKA kouya ruten promo poster
* FJYUUKA silly-go-round promo poster
* FJYUUKA destination first press poster
* FJYUUKA circus black promo poster
* FJYUUKA circus first press poster
* Kalafina fairytale promo poster
* Kalafina seventh heaven promo poster
* Kaori Hikita natural promo poster :3

Might sell my Kalafina stuff if you have something nice to trade (PM me with details)

.hack box (sign ost 1&2, Liminality and EXTRA)
Kaori Hikita - Natural

:waii: great catchs Kuga! that .hack box is pretty (i have it too) :shy:Erementar gerad Cds also have one (the Re NO.1 cd first press comes with it). I'm so glad there's another Hikita fan here, she's so sweet and gentle. :plz:

Would like to find more CD singles from .hack.

Older material (such as early See-Saw singles) seem to only be available from Amazon resellers.

Try yahoo japan auctions , japanese people tends to be really careful so their used stuff tends to be in great condition (unless otherwise stated), so buy with confidence. If you need more info just PM me :goodjob:
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Picked up from the post office, delivery from CD-Japan including:

FictionJunction - Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora CD single


Set up a blog or something? Or spreadsheet lmao
If someone had the time and ability to set it up, it would be good if forum members could indicate (either for themselves only or publicly) which titles they owned and/or which lives they had attended by selecting the titles and / or lives from the discography and lives list.


You may have noticed that @maxwell9 crossed out the Seventh Heaven and fairytale promo posters on the list up there. That's because they're now under my control :plz:. Thanks a lot, much appreciated. Just got them through and checked them today, they're in perfect condition as far as I can tell. Might well see if I can get the SH one framed tomorrow, gotta keep that safe.

Also acquired my other parcel today, mostly stuff from other artists (in this case Mimimememimi) but there was also something I managed to clutch win on auction a couple weeks back, the other guy stopped bidding no less than 43 yen below my maximum bid. Wasn't cheap but I've been looking for one of these for years, and it fits really nicely too. Bit dusty and seemed to be hastily packed, but otherwise in fine condition. It's gorgeous.



Picked up Moonfesta single with blu-ray from Mandarake Akihabara, Life Goes On single from Book-off Akihabara.