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What's stuck in your head?


I adore Yuki
These 2 Songs in particular have been stuck in my head for several weeks since listening to them (Both Video Game Music):

Rage of the Wind God from Chantelise

The Hidden True Form from Legend of Heroes Trails in the Sky SC

Listen to them too long like I did and they really stick to your mind like a True Earworm. Due to the Nature of Video Game Music looping itself while you're playing the game it ended up happening to me.

Various Yuki related songs have also gotten stuck in my head naturally.


7 billion humans. She must know I exist
ONE OK ROCK - Always Coming Back
(i don't usually like their songs but the melody is really nice ….. so calming)


I adore Yuki
"Fallen" from the Ga Rei Zero OST has gotten stuck in my head, which caused me to rewatch the Anime series again.

Also "She is a Witch" from the Madoka Magica Movie OST, just thinking about that song sends chills down my spine since it feels so powerful.