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What's stuck in your head?


Yuuki's new song Polaris. It's my favourite right now. Now if Ayaka would release some new music, my lovely ladies trifecta of Kaori, Ayaka and Yuuki will be complete.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Tsuioku always seems to be in my head first thing in the morning, and I even haven't woken up to it recently. I just find myself humming Keiko's part especially. It's just so good, wish I could see it live, not just hear it.


Golden daffodil at her window
The opening number from the musical Matilda. I just came back from Melbourne where I saw it. The casting was genius, it really captured a childish essence. However since like 90% of the kids were 5 it has a very childish sound which can be a little irritating and get stuck in your head.

I haven't even opened my London Cast Recording yet and it's ALREADY stuck in my head.


just that one line over and over.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
I Didn't Raise My Boy To Be A Soldier

this is what happens when you write a paper on a wwi song.


HA! I live in her CLOSET!
The piano part in the intro of My Heart is Broken by Evanescence cause I played it on my piano for about 3 minutes straight cause I was bored :XD:


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Today I was debugging a crash, which (as I suspected) turned out to be because of some wrong parameters. However, in order to debug that, I failed to set up my company's VPN under Linux so I had to dig up an old Mac Mini from my boyfriend and use that.
My long forgotten cloistered sleep said:
In your old forgotten Mini Mac
you and I were sharing a VPN
Was it just a wrong parameter?
Now it's crashing, don't know why
My long forgotten cloistered sleep said:
Where do all the bugs come from (to my eyes)
Could no-one ever fix the segfault?
If you find me crying in the dark,
it means the test case still fails.
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I adore Yuki
We Are Number One.

It won't leave.
Same here. It is admittedly catchy even though it's mainly being used as a meme for the most part. I find myself listening to the original on occasion. The reason it is gaining popularity is apparently because the Actor who plays in the Music video has cancer, and people are trying to raise his awareness with this song, to also motivate people to donate to fight cancer.

On another note, the song "Servant of Evil ~ Classical Version" is stuck in my head as well. It came on randomly on my playlist at one point, and I can't stop listening to it now.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
A tie between Yume no Daichi and to the beginning, meaning they play after one another... it's kind of strange but I like it. lol


I have reached Yuki nirvana
These days, strangely enough I find Marchen stuck in my head. Even though I don't feel like it sounds like your stereotypical 'catchy' song. But it's been stuck in my head a lot.