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Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
So I didn't dig into the exact cuts that were used during the episodes as much as you, but I enjoyed the album-set on its own.

Vol.2 is more interesting than Vol.1 imo but overall, the reminiscent main motif is interesting and not boring. This is a score with world atmospheric moments, timeless outer space moments (synths), sometimes weird, uplifting, even epic... I thought the mix of nordic traditional instruments (esp Nyckelharpa*) and synths was quite innovating, and that seemed to be Natalie Holt's initial goal so this is an achievement. For a first time with live brass and choirs, nice!

If I remember something about the music in the episodes that lacks in the final soundtrack, maybe it would be some more emotional tracks?
I'm glad that you pointed out the unreleased music, because I didn't pay enough attention to notice by myself... and I can understand your disappointment. Like, the album could be even better so... good job to Natalie Holt. I hope she comes back in the MCU, should they keep at least her themes or hire her for a future movie.

#97 As a Justisimp my favorite tracks are obviously "He Who Remains" > "Living Storm" > "Headless", "Pep Talk", "Be", "TVA", "Reset Charges".

* found this interview interesting

Sorry but can't help making another weird disgression but it gives me some Transformers 5 vibes, maybe because of the Hybrid-Nordic-Starry-Uplifting genre.
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Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
#98 Brand New World / Songs To Your Eyes (Andreas Ahlm)

#99 Shadow Of A Memory / Audio Network (Mark Petrie)


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
#100 Aa Jinsei ni Namida Ari arranged by Yasuharu Takanashi
So niche... btw has anyone seen the "Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal The Movie" OST (enclosure ofc) released last month? Can't find it.

#101 Vocoder Transcendence / Gothic Storm (Lionel Schmitt)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Vol.2 is more interesting than Vol.1 imo
I think I preferred Vol. 1. I didn't count the actual minutes but it felt like this one has less theremin and less solo stuff in general. Despite synths still being there, they aren't really the focus and it's far more orchestral and grand (and then mellow), even in its lesser tracks.
If they included some of the missing tracks from the show on this 2nd one then maybe I would bump it higher.

From vol.2 I guess I would pick these as favorites: Headless, Alligator Bite (ynot), Secret Hideout, Goodbyes, Living Storm (the first part is insane), B15's Memories, Ohio 2018, Stop, Be (considering how operatic/inyoface the tv series is with its music, this one is probably the best non-action background track with how it incorporates previous motifs), Back in the TVA.
Actually, I guess rather than must-have-favorites, these would be the ones that I can see myself going back to. Others not so much, although I am tickled by the cheesiness of "Classic Builds" and its ?interpolation of Ride of the Valyries.


Sailor Yuki
the arrangements of Final Fantasy I & II & III are SUPERBBB

how many times. how many osts. and every time I... like them. just incredible.


I like Yuki


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Disney releasing OSTs for single episodes of What If...? but not Loki...

They really don't want my money. Feels weird.