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I have reached Yuki nirvana
442-Wakana (hopefully she isn't so strained for this song in the upcoming live, like in the digest for last year, it's my fave solo song of hers)


I like Yuki
So I finally watched Spring Song. I had a good time overall. HF is a very flawed trilogy, but overall it was fairly entertaining. Maybe I’ll review the OST in the movie thread someday, I dunno.

But I have not been able to stop listening to In Early Spring. That track is utterly gorgeous. Between this and the Prelude: Act 1 Instagram snippet I am hopeful we’ll get a lot more Shaylee in the future. She has such a lovely tone, she’s like a cross between Wakana and Eri. She is excellent with atmosphere and just pulls me in. And, of course, the Haru wa Yuku melody flows effortlessly with her voice. WHY THIS SONG SO GOOD?!

Link To Standalone Song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvWBBykdqhQ




Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
#78 Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- Original Soundtrack / MONACA

#79 Vivy -Fluorite Eye's Song- Vocal Collection Sing for Your Smile / MONACA

Hmm... nothing crazy there, but now I want them (including Keiichi Okabe) on a Macross. Would be pretty cool.


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
#80 THE SEVEN DEADLY SINS Cursed by Light / Kohta Yamamoto, Hiroyuki Sawano
Only arrangements for Sawano's part as expected, but at least he ultimately paid respect to the main theme, greatly improved here (not a simple band arrangement this time!).

#81 Sono Saki no Hikari He / Akihito Okano (ft. Yuki Kaji, Sora Amamiya) (Hiroyuki Sawano & lyricists)
Meh. But lucky how he managed to bring everybody out (Man with a mission, FLOW...) with 3 theme songs in the final season and final movie.

Entering Sawano's month...


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Loki 1-3 by Natalie Holt

The good:
It's good. For me the best Disney OST since Mandalorian season 1.

The bad:
It's under 50 minutes long. I don't have the episodes to check for how much music there really was but it's not a stretch to expect it to be over 50% of the episodes' running time and 50 minutes is not it.
Even if this is "complete", it's 21EUR for a CDquality digital release of under 50 minutes. Dem Disney prices. (A moment of silence for the complete release of Mandalorian S1 being 120EUR.)
"Very Full" sounds like it was taken straight from episode audio and it's a "no-no" for me.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
haven't watched it yet T_T
Weird to release small cues by episodes nowadays, instead of a full release after the series ends
"Aix-En-Provence, 1549" <- is that the french town near Marseille? I know it very very well haha, my interest is growing =p
Listen, the first Mandalorian season had great 20min+ soundtracks for every episode. Better have all of it than just half of it. ;p

So ya, I'm going through episode1 through reaction videos on youtube - it's a pain in the butt since it's hard to hear the BGM or tell if the tracks start/end the same (or are a mix of multiple tracks in show or OST) but I don't have access to the episodes.

Anyhow, It actually seems almost complete for ep1, if one ignores how the tracks are combined on OST.
Proceed with caution. Could have a lot of mistakes cause of me using just the reactions and me not being that familiar with the OST yet.
Maybe someone already made a better breakdown.

Loki Ep1:
(the episode starts out with a cue from Avengers or Endgame OST, I presume. Can't check now.)
New York , 2012
Gobi, 2012
Loki Processing (after first part)
Miss Minutes
TVA/Title Card
Aix-En-Provence, 1549
Loki Processing (first part)
--------missing track(s) during trial????
TVA First View
--------missing track(s) during interrogation????
DB Cooper
Mischievous Scamp
TVA Inner Workings
Glorious Purpose
--------missing track(s) during B-15 fight and rewind???? I'm actually kind of perplexed with this omission here
--------missing track(s) during Mobius' variant reveal????
Salina, 1858
--------ending: TVA

Quite a few tracks used for ep1 alone... afraid to check ep2 lol.

Loki Ep2: (this is bound to have a shitton of mistakes, I think I should stop doing this with these reaction videos lol)
--------source track(s) during fair music????
--------source track: Holding Out For a Hero
--------missing track(s) during TVA briefing????
Oshkosh, 1985
--------source track(s) during Ravonna chat????
The Archives (first part(s))
--------source track(s) during librarian chat????
--------missing track(s) during Loki's archive files???? starts with Frigga but then transitions into something else - perplexed again with this omission
Jet Ski
Loki Green Theme
The Archives (last part)
--------missing track(s) during first Roxxcart encounter????
I Miss Randy
Roxxcart, 2050
Reset Charges
--------ending: Loki Green Theme

OK, I'm really starting to dislike how some of the tracks are edited together on the OST.

Loki Ep3:
--------source track(s) during enchantment????
--------missing track(s) during enchantment????
TVA Title Card
--------missing track(s) during TVA infiltration????
Lamentis-1, 2077
--------missing track(s) during argument????
--------missing track(s) during Loki's deception/transformation????
Very Full
--------missing track(s) during train fight???? dafuq with this omission?
--------missing track(s) during TVA twist????
--------missing track(s) during city fight????
--------ending source track: Dark Moon

So I did not even catch Dangerous Variant and Catch Up in these episodes so I'm sure there's a fuckton of mistakes up there from just skipping through reactions.
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#82 The Boss Baby: Family Business / Hans Zimmer & Steve Mazzaro
Solid. But as always on Zimmer releases: who did what???
Family Dinner at 1:30 -> William Tell Overture again, thus a mandatory throwback to the masterpiece "Finale" from The Lone Ranger 🐎🎺

#83 The Tomorrow War / Lorne Balfe
↑ epic trumpet | soaring build ↓
Not his best work imo. Is it Geostorm, Gemini Man, Pacific Rim 2 or MI6? Loss of versatility here.
Movie: Han Tae-sul shouldn't have uploaded his time machine. And Edge of Tomorrow is better imo: acting, ost, plot, army, and esp. creatures.


I adore Yuki
Kalafina - Alleluia from 10th anniv live

listening to this makes me feel complicated because i dislike the way KEIKO sang almost all her parts save for the last part but the last Kimi no mirai e, Alleluia was probably the best between all other alleluia lives


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
#84 Yuukoku no Moriarty / Asami Tachibana
A very interesting score.
Can't help imagining a young Yuki Kajiura with a Legendoor music style watching and listening to this MV lol
Will Kajiura manage to provide a more distinct accordion on Vanitas? Hmm tough task, ngl...
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Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
#85 VALIANT (EP) / David Chappell
Synths unleashed. One more innovative rendering for a bulgarian/hungarian or whatever it is - choir. Big love for the cello as well.
David never fails... even if his album "A World Of Color" remains largely undefeated imo.


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
#88 Black Widow / Lorne Balfe
Lorne said he had the largest orchestra ever to perform on Abbey Road Studios, with 118 musicians and 60 piece choir.
Not really what I was expecting from such a record, but still better than "The Tomorrow War" (although this Black Widow's pre-pandemic score is actually older...). So far we have enjoyable soundtracks for Loki and Black Widow, then we'll have Ramin Djawadi on Eternals..... phase IV can be good.


Bowl of Yuki-shaped cereal
*Cello fetish intensifies*

#89 kIng / Emiko Suzuki
Sawano making more Sawano for his 7th anisong (out of 13 songs and more remixes) so far this year...
Not sure if it fits KINGDOM well and I hear no difference with the nZk project; but at least he (co-)wrote the lyrics for the first time in 1 year lol

#90 Freesia / Sora Amamiya
Just because Akiyuki Tateyama is the arranger on this song, yet it doesn't simply "sound Tateyama".
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Progressive-Kalafina live vol 10, I thought Hikaru did an awesome job. She was kind of shaky on every other song. heh This song she is great.