Updates to the interviews page

It's been forever since I've been on here and I have new stuff I can add. Note you can also find these in the database link below. Just click the image in my signature. You can find there a bunch of pamphlets, including almost every single FictionJunction newsletter to date. I now have every single one. It's just getting off my butt and scanning 1-4. I'm also a member of FictionJunction Station, so while I won't provide the Japanese text to some of her posts publicly, if someone wants to translate a few, I'm happy to send that person the text. One seems to go into detail on how she went about some of her latest work and the recording process.

I decided to repost the following on my minds account as it's less of a load time than tumblr.

Kalafina interviews:
Anican R 126
Tsutaya Animation 9
Tsutaya Animation 10

note these ones I found and did not scan myself:
B-Pass May 2017
B-Pass Septermber 2017
Madoka Magica: You Are Not Alone Guidebook
Newtype April 2012
Weekly Playboy 10 February 2015 (includes link to a translation provided by kuroiyuki88) - warning adult

FictionJunction and Yuki Kajiura (found):
Madoka Magica: You Are Not alone Guidebook (again)
Mai Hime Visual Collection Artbook
Newtype March 2009
Added some more. Some I know you already have. Apologies for the double post, my logic was that those were internet interviews and these are paper ones. The following are all ones I found and did not scan myself.

Anican Free 69
Kera Archive (just contains Kalafina interviews and articles - mostly small interviews)
Megami Magazine with a rough translation from a Madoka Magica site (partnered with a FictionJunction interview - it's the one Aki saved linking my Tumblr page)
Weekly Spa September 13 2016 - warning adult

Unknown (along with Megami Magazine - see Kalafina)

Kaori Oda:
Anican R Music 5 (along with Yuki Kajiura and Revo's interview regarding Dream Port)

Yuuka Nanri:
Anican Free 69 (see Kalafina)

Yuki Kajiura:
Anican R Music 5
Kirara Magica
Otona Anime 20
Newtype from 2004

Also on my Minds account is FictionJunction Extra, Salon de Horizon 13 (recap of Dream Port), and Lisani! Live 2011 with Kalafina and Yuuka Nanri, which I scanned. I'll go through all my stuff and see what has interviews. Just about every FictionJunction newsletter has an interview and a lot of the pamphlets as well.


You literally posted more the second I was about to say "thanks, I downloaded all of it!" Damn YK looks so young on the cover of Anican R Music 5.

Also I can be wrong but your 'Newtype Archive' link was taken down
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Sorry I've been gone for a long time. It's been an unusually cold and wet winter and spring, leaving me wracked with migraines. I haven't even partaken much in the discord lately because of it. Anyway, finally updated my site. Here's the link: https://www.minds.com/MistressOfTheObvious

Found Scans:
Super Decryption Madoka Magica
Otona Anime Volume 20
Madoka Magica: Only You
Madoka Magica: With You
Madoka Magica Rebellion: Limited Edition Exhibition Booklet
Madoka Magica Movie 2 Brochure

The Madoka Magica fandom is good about scanning things.

My Scans:
FictionJunction Station 00
FictionJunction Club Volume 36 (a simple repost to my Minds account)
FictionJunction Club Volume 35 (a simple repost to my Minds account)

Related but with no Yuki Kajiura or Kalafina interviews:
Kalafina Live The Best 2015 "Red Day" & "Blue Day" Live Photo Book (just pretty photos here)
Harmony Volume 4 (this is after the breakup with just Hikaru and Wakana - this is also a repost to the Minds account)
Harmony Volume 6 (this is just Wakana)

V!nyl Syndicate: Sex Pot Revenge October 12 2010 Volume 21 (came in a lot with the V!nyl Syndicate issue of Kalafina - also a repost to the Minds account)

Feel free to click my signature for other downloads.
More stuff here. Most are transfers to Minds, but I have a few new ones.

Yuki Kajiura
Live volume 7 - Fiction (new!)
Live volume 8 (repost)
Yuki Kajiura Live volume 12 - 7 Day Orchard Special (repost)
Yuki Kajiura Live volume 13 ~ featuring Sword Art Online (repost)
FictionJunction Club issue 32 - Winter 2016 (repost)
FictionJunction Club issue 33 - Spring 2017 (repost)

Lisani! Live 2010 (repost)
Sex Pot Revenge: V!nyl Syndicate Volume 23 (repost)
Red & Blue (repost)
Harmony 1 (repost)
Harmony 2 (new!)
Harmony 3 (repost)
Kalafina 10th Anniversary Film Pamphlet (repost)

Harmony 5 (just Wakana and Hikaru - new!)
Harmony 7 (just Wakana - new!)
Yuuka Nanri's newsletter P.S. 1 (repost)
Yuuka Nanri's newsletter P.S. 2 (repost)
Yuuka Nanri's newsletter P.S. 3 (repost)

Sex Pot Revenge: V!nyl Syndicate Volume 22 - Chiaki Kuriyama from Kill Bill fame on the cover (repost)

Every single Harmony issue is now available. I have the completed scans for the last few FictionJunction Club newsletters done, which means every single issue of that will have been scanned and available. Some I'm not happy with the quality that are older ones, so I might do clean up and re-scan some of them. They're all currently active in the link on my banner signature.

I also have a youtube channel dedicated to finding all the video interviews I can find on various sites and ones I have in my archive and uploading them. You can see it here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZemdDYLKMYGSG5EImMQYuw

Content so far:
Star Light - the movie Keiko was in when she was 15, with just a cut of her
Star Light - DVD extras cut focused on Keiko
Tokyo Number 1 Kawaii Radio: Kalafina - promotion for the Best of Red and Best of Blue albums
A & G Artist Zone: Takeshi Washizaki's 2h with guest Yuki Kajiura - promotion for Elemental
A & G Artist Zone: Kaori Oda's The Catch - Episode #30 (10/28/15) - Kaori cosplays as beer and tries a pumpkin flavored one
Kalafina "Far On The Water" Live Tour 2016 Shanghai Press Conference (Chinese Subtitles)
Kalafina "The Best of Red & Blue" Release Live Talk at Nico Fare
MBS Radio Utagumi Smile x Songs with Kalafina - promotion for "Alleluia"
WKTK The Frame: Kalafina Interview - promotion for "Blaze" and the Arena tour
Kaori Oda's More Colorful Mode Radio Show: with Yuriko Kaida Episodes #131-134 (one with all the episodes together and episodes 131 to 134 separate like originally aired) - promotion for Yuriko's "My Hometown"
Hikaru Masai's Interview with Spice - the recent livestream that was up until July 9th
Kalafina Club: Episode 6/30/2015

Other content:
Star Light - Max movie and DVD extras cut
Star Light - Hiroko Shimabukuro movie and DVD extras cut (she was in the group Speed and at this time went by the name Hiro)


I am bad at using minds. I already have followed your stuff for quite a while and I'm basically looking to grab all the 'new' stuff but actually I can't find them for some reason, it doesn't help there is no good search feature on there. Plz help locate them.

Edit 1:

I found your stuff more up to date on here it seems, in case anyone is looking:

Sankyuu beri macchu!
Yeah, I'm moving my old Tumblr stuff over to Minds. It's not more up to date, it just has more older stuff until I transfer everything over there. Actually, the most up to date place to get my stuff is here.

That link above has a new better version of FictionJunction Club 1 for download, as well as FictionJunction Club 2-4. I haven't put them on any site yet. I still have to go through some of my old scans because I'm not happy with the quality. I'll keep you all updated on any ones I fix with the new link. You can also see my collection of all the books I have and plan to scan.

I can give you the individual links on Minds though.

Lisani Live 2010: https://www.minds.com/media/999548420589219840
FictionJunction Club 32: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/999547832708206592
FictionJunction Club 33: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/999546991959969792
Yuki Kajiura Live volume 12: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/999545824226963456
Yuki Kajiura Live volume 13: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/999539731434172416
Kalafina 10th Anniversary Film Pamphlet: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/999535835244523520
V!nyl Syndicate 23: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/989761911583506432
Kalafina Harmony 1: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987560013687787520
Yuki Kajiura Live 8: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987515076121972736
Yuki Kajiura Live 7: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987406029694181376
Kalafina Harmony 3: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987202093456732160
Kalafina Harmony 2: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987101892016181248
Kalafina Red and Blue Day: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/989751215649189888

Yuuka Nanri's newletter P.S. 3: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/989759303072608256
Yuuka Nanri's newletter P.S. 2: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/989753570413490176
Yuuka Nanri's newletter P.S. 1: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/989752273153011712
Harmony 7 (just Wakana): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987192780129910784
Harmony 6 (just Wakana): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987164516146716672
Harmony 5 (just Wakana and Hikaru): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/987163089039335424

Non Yuki Kajiura/Kalafina related:
V!nyl Syndicate 22: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/989760926759079936

The older stuff:
Super Deception Madoka Magica: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/986063072935776256
Otona Anime 20: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/986031320725811200
Madoka Magica: Only You: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985997652588376064
Madoka Magica: With You: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985981594850701312
Madoka Magica Rebellion: Limited Edition Booklet: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985966767385276416
Madoka Magica Movie 2 Brochure: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985950654186319872
FictionJunction Club 35: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985761421819727872
FictionJunction Club 36: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985753417260691456
Harmony 4 (just Wakana and Hikaru): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985416725575319552
FictionJunction Station 00: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/941583639896084480
Kalafina Red and Blue Live: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/941202691662073856
Anikan R Music 5: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/934315993568243712
Misc articles found (Otona Anime 20 again as one of them): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/934307805767774208
Misc articles found 2: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/934304630416584704
Anikan Free 69: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/934300476866424832
Weekly Spa September 2016 (!!ADULT!!): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/934290807345360896
Kera Archive: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/934288612800442368
Mai Hime Artbook: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933981657397854208
Madoka Magica: You Are Not Alone: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933980878015164416
Newtype Archive: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933977980150591488
Newtype April 2012 (if you want the whole issue): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933975867436691456
Weekly Playboy February 2015 (!!ADULT!!): https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933970259448037376
B-Pass September 2017: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933968113000099840
B-Pass May 2017: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933966984774266880
Anikan R 126: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933965589378625536
Tsutaya Animation 10: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933964555227869184
Tsutaya Animation 9: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/933963230011322368
FictionJunction Extra: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/921271160088604672
Kalafina 8th Anniversary Card: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/921264359199866880
Salon de Horizon 13: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/921256548795871232
Lisani Live 2011: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/913257666419429376

Unrelated old stuff:
V!nyl Syndicate 21: https://www.minds.com/newsfeed/985420475089113088


Thank you! I didn't expect such a big response, actually I had all your things except the 'new' so far, so I hope others take advantage of this. That said I am grabbing the 4 FJ Club new rips you mentioned. I am glad you did these because I did find that some of the older rips around were too small to get a proper look at them.


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Yes it would be good to keep a track of all interviews with small summaries too. The "Interviews" section hasn't been updated this year and I think there's like a dozen of them ^^


I ll updated soon, i have 6 saved (3 Fena, 1 SAO, 1 HF and this new one from the university) on my pc but not sure about the rest, you can help if you want :)


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Let's do it. DeepL + manual reading side-to-side to fix possible inconsistencies.

There is at least 3 SAO interviews.
2021 06 01 7 Rules TV program https://twitter.com/7rules_ktv/status/1399734479036596227?s=20
2021 10 29 https://akiba-souken.com/article/53370/
2021 11 17 https://www.lisani.jp/0000185580/

KNY 2021
2021 01 13 Homura https://shuchi.php.co.jp/voice/detail/8253
2021 10 21 Akeboshi (only LiSA) https://www.tfm.co.jp/lock/lisa/ind...vcXYiWioaIL21Mjw2IMZZWSSuBUhq7MsM67zhb77ryTSU
2021 11 18 Collaboration with YK (only LiSA) https://natalie.mu/music/pp/lisa19
2021 11 19 Again, Collaboration with YK (only LiSA) (part 2 is not related to YK) https://ddnavi.com/interview/883629/a/
2021 11 21 One more (only LiSA) https://www.animatetimes.com/news/details.php?id=1637226695&utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social

2021 04 30 Aimer's Walpurgis (sth about wonderland) (only Aimer) https://rollingstonejapan.com/articles/detail/35747/1/1/1
2021 08 23 To celebrate the streaming of Type-Moon OSTs https://anitrendz.net/news/2021/08/23/interview-fate-zero-anime-music-composer-yuki-kajiura/
2021 10 19 Madoka anniversary book (new? or compilation which is the purpose of this book?) https://honto.jp/netstore/pd-book_31086496.html
2021 12 02 Ani-Pass Creator's Interview https://t.co/D83l8BjBXD