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Not sure if this was posted before and I didn't want to bump the LORD thread to give false hope Re: OST but I was looking around JASRAC and indeed those two theme songs with CHINESE performers are registered with their respective English titles. The same ones which are also credited to Joelle in the movie credits.

Why is it always "LORD Theme" in lives?

Edit: I checked the live bootleg and it indeed seems the same as Han Hong version (which is different than Joelle's BGM used as the battle theme). So... what gives?

223-0095-3 人間沙(FLOWERS IN SAND) 梶浦 由記 CHEN XUE DONG (陳 学冬)
223-0104-6 霊犀一動(WE FELL IN LOVE) 梶浦 由記 韓 紅
223-0359-6 爵迹~LORD~BGM 梶浦 由記
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Maybe she used that title in vol14 so the audience would know the source of the song, and the title stick so she didn't bother to change it in vol15 hue. There's no OST, and the movie was a flop, so a lot of people probably wouldn't even know the titles of the songs.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Weeeeeeeelllll... "made"....

Spoiler: The sequel was supposed to come out in 2018 but remains unreleased, without a new date.
as discussed on the LORD thread, I think one of the cast got involved to a tax evasion issue or something,....