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Not sure if this was posted before and I didn't want to bump the LORD thread to give false hope Re: OST but I was looking around JASRAC and indeed those two theme songs with CHINESE performers are registered with their respective English titles. The same ones which are also credited to Joelle in the movie credits.

Why is it always "LORD Theme" in lives?

Edit: I checked the live bootleg and it indeed seems the same as Han Hong version (which is different than Joelle's BGM used as the battle theme). So... what gives?

223-0095-3 人間沙(FLOWERS IN SAND) 梶浦 由記 CHEN XUE DONG (陳 学冬)
223-0104-6 霊犀一動(WE FELL IN LOVE) 梶浦 由記 韓 紅
223-0359-6 爵迹~LORD~BGM 梶浦 由記
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Maybe she used that title in vol14 so the audience would know the source of the song, and the title stick so she didn't bother to change it in vol15 hue. There's no OST, and the movie was a flop, so a lot of people probably wouldn't even know the titles of the songs.
Weeeeeeeelllll... "made"....

Spoiler: The sequel was supposed to come out in 2018 but remains unreleased, without a new date.
Weeeeeeeelllll... "made"....

Spoiler: The sequel was supposed to come out in 2018 but remains unreleased, without a new date.
as discussed on the LORD thread, I think one of the cast got involved to a tax evasion issue or something,....
Well yes if all scenes were filmed with him they d have to film most of the movie all over again if he was protagonist.
true... btw here
Okay so some stuff,

The episode guide was updated with Unison and .hack//GIFT. Also fixed whatever I found wrong with the other episodes. No updates to the rips but I realized that HACKSIGN_UNR_EP12 from the rips was actually the 2nd part of suspense & mystery (just "mystery" then maybe? heh). I'm not going to do anything about it since it's unreleased in this form anyways. ;p

I updated Kaze no machi he instrumental to version 4. Available as a seperate file which includes the updated full instrumental and one with the original chorus bridge as per request thread. I may have gone too far with the noise reduction but I tried to keep it at bay - I'm too frustrated to care more at this moment and with these sources.... Still has some SFX.
@Azokad I added the two missing openings which you pointed out I skipped from Hokuto no Ken to its respective post. I'm not sure how that happened - I can only guess I automatically moved on to the next BGM once I heard those vocals (the openings in 1-3 are the same from what I can tell).

The 4th one came out decently, 5th one is what it is. Don't know when I get to re-doing the whole thing from bluray audio (same mixes as DVD AFAIK).
Thank you grunty! Now this is complete! I’m pretty fan of those openings with Yuriko on vocal so I love that badass OP4 (oh, yeah! The best one?) and for OP5, well, it has an eerie charm.
Uh, I started working on the 5th movie with bluray audio. Has its problems in each language I have but so far I'd guesstimate 50% of sound effects are reduced... Unfortunately not much luck with voices...

5th: Done.
4th: Working on it. I'm not as optimistic as I was on the 5th - quite demotivated actually. Audio keeps desyncing between languages, mixed slightly differently and don't show results as good as the 5th. Also glitches. EH. Hopefully the 3rd one is more like the 5th. Done
3rd: Similar to the last two. Some tracks should have ~reduced SFX but unfortunately this one had the most raw audio in the center channel of all the movies, I think. I also skipped one or two tracks in the previous rip. I assumed RAOH when they weren't in fact RAOH. Done
2nd&1st: After a break but I can already tell you these 2 won't be any different to the previous rips unlike the last 3 movies.
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Somebody was kind enough to post the American DVD on nyaa so below you can find all the cut out music from this live-action movie's stereo audio. I did nothing more with it - cut it up (took an annoying moment), added album names to "released" tracks (just a quick pass so there might be mistakes) and called it a day.
Quotation marks for "released" because not a single appearance of those tracks is in album versions - feels like a wasted opportunity of Works for Soundtrack for only including 2 alts of previously released tracks (Songs With No Words~original and Tohou ni kurete non-fadeout) and including 7 of the Boogiepop tracks in album versions instead of soundtrack ones/alts/unreleased. I would've liked to have this version of nepenthe1 on CD among others.


PS. Not gonna lie I'm pretty sure I always thought Kajiura's Boogiepop album was really only "Inspired by", not an actual soundtrack.

Edit: Fixed nepenthe.
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