The Yuki Kajiura Anime & Game Music Guide


I have reached Yuki nirvana
BGM listings for episodes of anime with Yuki Kajiura as composer. Video games too.

Rips of the unreleased material are also included but beware of spoilers cause of dialogue & SFX! Sometimes when 5.1 audio was available the rips are more listenable.

All audio uploads are on mega. The passwords for archives should be in every post in quotation marks. To use the links from each post, take the 2 lines with exclamation marks which are in musicks code and add them after:

1996 Shin Kimagure ORANGE ROAD ~Soshite, Ano Natsu no Hajimari~ (Movie)
1997 EAT-MAN (TV)
2001 NOIR (TV)
2002 AQUARIAN AGE Sign for Evolution (TV)
2002 .hack//SIGN (TV)
2002 .hack//Liminality (OVA)
2004 MADLAX (TV)
2004 Cossette no Shouzou (OVA)
2004 My-HiME (TV)
2005 Elemental Gelade (TV)
2005 Tsubasa (2xTV, 1xMovie, 2xOVA)
2005 My-Otome (TV)
2006 My-Otome Zwei (OVA)
2006 Shin Kyuuseishu Densetsu Hokuto no Ken (3xMovie, 2xOVA)
2007 Kara no Kyoukai (8xMovie,2xOVA)
2009 Pandora Hearts (TV)
2016 Kubikiri Cycle: Aoiro Savant to Zaregotozukai (OVA)

-video games-
1998 Double Cast (PSX)
1999 Meguri Aishite (PSX)
2004 Xenosaga II (PS2)
2006 Xenosaga III (PS2) with XIItoIII a missing year (flash series)

Corrections are welcome. Works in progress.
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
Obviously starting with my favorite MADLAX again, lol. The unreleased BGM count is perhaps a little off cause I went overboard including the single chord cues (and then didn't seperate one of them) so plz2forgive. They are simple cuts from stereo audio so beware of spoilers if you're thinking of watching the show at some point. (The 5.1 mix on American DVDs is g-a-r-b-a-g-e.)

I tried to be consistent in using alternate 'edit' and 'version' - 'edit' means it's basically the same BGM as the version released on CD but with less layers, while 'version' implies a whole new mix or very different new layers compared to the CD version. I excluded the various nowhere and I'm here cuts since we know those songs by heart. "cpm"


EP01-A-01 the story begins
EP01-A-02 nowhere
EP01-A-03 Galza
EP01-A-04 BGM-01
EP01-A-05 calm days
EP01-A-06 BGM-02
EP01-A-07 a plot
EP01-A-08 BGM-03
EP01-B-01 BGM-04
EP01-B-02 the day too far
EP01-B-03 lost command
EP01-B-04 nowhere
EP01-B-05 battlefield

EP02-A-01 the story begins
EP02-A-02 BGM-05
EP02-A-03 cradle
EP02-A-04 the story begins
EP02-A-05 BGM-06
EP02-A-06 Vanessa
EP02-A-07 BGM-04
EP02-B-01 the day too far
EP02-B-02 BGM-07
EP02-B-03 BGM-08
EP02-B-04 BGM-09
EP02-B-05 Margalet

EP03-A-01 the story begins
EP03-A-02 BGM-10
EP03-A-03 calm days
EP03-A-05 in a foreign town
EP03-A-06 Limelda
EP03-A-07 The story begins
EP03-B-01 complicated (alternate edit 1)
EP03-B-02 cold (alternate edit)
EP03-B-03 nowhere
EP03-B-04 BGM-04
EP03-B-05 BGM
EP03-B-06 cold (alternate edit)

EP04-A-02 BGM-11
EP04-A-03 the story begins
EP04-A-04 BGM-12
EP04-A-05 BGM-13
EP04-A-06 BGM-14
EP04-A-07 Vanessa
EP04-A-08 BGM-13
EP04-A-09 to find your flower
EP04-A-10 BGM-01
EP04-A-11 dawnlight
EP04-B-01 calm violence (alternate edit 1)
EP04-B-02 BGM-15
EP04-B-03 Enfant
EP04-B-05 the story begins
EP04-B-06 to find your flower

EP05-A-01 midnight
EP05-A-02 the story begins
EP05-A-03 calm days
EP05-A-04 BGM-16
EP05-A-05 Limelda
EP05-A-06 nowhere
EP05-A-07 the day too far
EP05-B-01 bank on me
EP05-B-02 lost command
EP05-B-03 nowhere
EP05-B-04 midnight
EP05-B-05 flame
EP05-B-06 Enfant
EP05-B-07 BGM-17

EP06-A-01 the story begins
EP06-A-02 cradle
EP06-A-03 BGM-05
EP06-A-04 Vanessa
EP06-A-05 BGM-18
EP06-A-06 peace in your mind
EP06-A-07 Margalet (alternate edit)
EP06-B-01 BGM-19
EP06-B-02 Vanessa
EP06-B-03 BGM-20
EP06-B-05 a pursuit
EP06-B-06 Elenore

EP07-A-01 places of the holy
EP07-A-02 the story begins
EP07-A-03 street corner
EP07-A-04 Margalet (alternate instrumental)
EP07-A-05 street corner
EP07-A-06 street corner
EP07-B-01 BGM-21
EP07-B-02 cannabinoids
EP07-B-03 nowhere
EP07-B-04 Enfant
EP07-B-05 we are one (alternate edit)

EP08-A-01 the story begins
EP08-A-02 flame
EP08-A-03 BGM-07
EP08-A-04 bank on me
EP08-A-05 Quanzitta
EP08-B-01 Enfant
EP08-B-03 cannabinoids
EP08-B-04 battlefield
EP08-B-05 no man's land

EP09-A-01 BGM-14
EP09-A-02 BGM-21
EP09-A-03 BGM-14
EP09-A-04 Vanessa
EP09-A-05 BGM-22
EP09-A-06 the story begins
EP09-B-01 BGM-03
EP09-B-02 BGM-23
EP09-B-03 BGM-06
EP09-B-04 no man's land
EP09-B-05 BGM-01
EP09-B-06 BGM-14
EP09-B-07 nowhere

EP10-A-01 to find your flower (alternate instrumental)
EP10-A-02 BGM-06
EP10-A-03 complicated
EP10-A-04 BGM-24
EP10-A-05 peace in your mind
EP10-A-06 BGM-07
EP10-A-07 BGM-04
EP10-B-01 a pursuit
EP10-B-02 Enfant
EP10-B-03 a plot
EP10-B-04 Galza

EP11-A-01 Galza
EP11-A-02 BGM-04
EP11-A-03 Enfant
EP11-A-04 nowhere (instrumental)
EP11-A-05 Gazth-Sonika (alternate edit)
EP11-A-06 BGM-18
EP11-B-01 a tropical night
EP11-B-02 BGM-25
EP11-B-03 complicated (alternate edit 2)
EP11-B-04 BGM-23
EP11-B-05 people are people

EP12-A-01 BGM-26
EP12-A-02 BGM-07
EP12-A-03 BGM-04
EP12-A-04 BGM-03
EP12-A-05 in a foreign town
EP12-A-06 BGM-17
EP12-B-01 dawnlight
EP12-B-02 nowhere (instrumental)
EP12-B-03 Limelda
EP12-B-04 nowhere
EP12-B-05 the story begins

EP13-A-01 the story begins
EP13-A-02 BGM-05
EP13-A-03 BGM-05
EP13-A-04 BGM-18
EP13-A-05 BGM-27
EP13-A-06 Madlax (alternate edit 1)
EP13-B-01 BGM-06
EP13-B-02 cold
EP13-B-03 to find your flower (instrumental)
EP13-B-04 no man's land + CHANT
EP13-B-05 BGM-18
EP13-B-06 no man's land

EP14-A-01 no man's land
EP14-A-02 BGM-22
EP14-A-03 Limelda
EP14-A-04 she's gotta go
EP14-A-05 Margalet
EP14-A-06 BGM-14
EP14-A-07 peace in your mind
EP14-B-01 BGM-28
EP14-B-02 BGM-20
EP14-B-03 I'm here
EP14-B-04 no man's land
EP14-B-05 BGM-25
EP14-B-06 BGM-08
EP14-B-07 Vanessa

EP15-A-01 BGM-03
EP15-A-02 calm days
EP15-A-03 BGM-15
EP15-A-04 BGM-05
EP15-A-05 lost command (alternate edit 1)
EP15-A-06 we are one (alternate edit)
EP15-B-01 BGM-29
EP15-B-02 Enfant
EP15-B-03 I'm here
EP15-B-04 the story begins

EP16-A-01 people are people
EP16-A-02 battlefield
EP16-A-03 a pursuit
EP16-A-04 complicated
EP16-B-01 BGM-22
EP16-B-02 I'm here
EP16-B-03 BGM-18
EP16-B-04 nowhere
EP16-B-05 we're gonna groove

EP17-A-01 we are one (alternate edit)
EP17-A-02 BGM-13
EP17-A-03 a plot
EP17-A-04 the story begins
EP17-B-01 Elenore
EP17-B-02 lost command
EP17-B-03 Margalet
EP17-B-04 nowhere (instrumental+vocal mix)
EP17-B-05 calm violence
EP17-B-06 fall on you
EP17-B-07 BGM-30
EP17-B-08 the story begins

EP18-A-01 Limelda
EP18-A-02 a tropical night
EP18-A-03 BGM-16
EP18-A-04 if I die (alternate edit)
EP18-A-05 if I die
EP18-A-06 if I die (alternate edit)
EP18-A-07 BGM-22
EP18-B-01 flame
EP18-B-02 BGM-30
EP18-B-03 BGM-31
EP18-B-04 nowhere
EP18-B-05 hitomi no kakera

EP19-A-01 BGM-12
EP19-A-02 BGM-23
EP19-A-03 dawnlight
EP19-A-04 calm violence (alternate edit 2)
EP19-A-05 no man's land
EP19-A-06 Madlax (alternate edit 2)
EP19-A-07 BGM-32
EP19-B-01 nowhere
EP19-B-02 I'm here
EP19-B-03 BGM-04
EP19-B-04 saints
EP19-B-05 BGM-33
EP19-B-06 we're gonna groove
EP19-B-07 the story begins

EP20-A-01 saints (alternate version)
EP20-A-02 BGM-30
EP20-A-03 places of the holy
EP20-A-04 BGM-23
EP20-A-06 lost command (alternate edit 2)
EP20-B-01 I'm here (vocal/off-vocal mix)
EP20-B-02 BGM-31
EP20-B-03 BGM-33
EP20-B-04 to find your flower

EP21-A-01 cannabinoids
EP21-A-02 BGM-14
EP21-A-03 Elenore
EP21-A-05 BGM-34
EP21-A-06 Elenore
EP21-A-07 places of the holy (alternate version)
EP21-A-09 the story begins
EP21-B-02 I defend you
EP21-B-03 to find your flower
EP21-B-04 lost command
EP21-B-05 I defend you
EP21-B-06 lost command (alternate edit 2)

EP22-A-03 BGM-13
EP22-A-04 BGM-23
EP22-A-05 I'm here
EP22-A-06 the story begins
EP22-B-01 we're gonna groove
EP22-B-02 BGM-33
EP22-B-04 BGM-31
EP22-B-05 saints (alternate version)
EP22-B-06 she's gotta go

EP23-A-01 lost command (alternate edit 2)
EP23-A-02 saints
EP23-A-03 your place
EP23-A-04 Madlax (instrumental+vocal mix)
EP23-B-01 BGM-35
EP23-B-02 a pursuit
EP23-B-03 BGM-33
EP23-B-04 nowhere

EP24-A-01 Elenore
EP24-A-02 places of the holy
EP24-A-03 nowhere
EP24-A-04 fall on you
EP24-A-05 Elenore
EP24-B-01 if I die
EP24-B-02 BGM-31
EP24-B-03 the day, too far
EP24-B-05 Elenore
EP24-B-06 hearts

EP25-A-01 to find your flower
EP25-A-02 she's gotta go
EP25-A-03 saints
EP25-A-05 places of the holy (alternate version)
EP25-B-01 I'm here
EP25-B-02 places of the holy
EP25-B-03 open your box
EP25-B-04 nowhere

EP26-A-01 the story begins
EP26-A-02 lost command
EP26-A-03 BGM-14
EP26-A-04 BGM-10
EP26-A-05 places of the holy (alternate version)
EP26-A-06 no man's land (alternate version)
EP26-B-01 Enfant
EP26-B-02 nowhere
EP26-B-03 if I die (alternate edit)
EP26-B-04 saints
EP26-B-05 your place
EP26-B-06 we are one (alternate edit 2)

Edit: spoilers, codes
Edit: fixed link
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This is awesome work! So thorough :D When I ever get around to watching madlax I am going to have this page open the whole time :XD:

There really are a lot of missing songs despite having a 2-CD release. I think there should be a link here from the disco page on the main site

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
Kudos, man. This is really valuable info. :stars: :ayashii: :sohappy:
Looking forward to Tsubasa guide. :shy: I could give a helping hand here and there in making a list, if you want, although my current workload doesn't let me promise full involvement (and my music ripping skills are lacking :spotlight: ).

As to pieces of dialogue in Madlax... I listened to a lot of them in the unreleased tracks collection. I understood about every tenth to twentieth word there, so I'm not afraid of spoilers. :XD:


Meaty thread. Don't forget all the Hokuto no Ken movies (overall ZERO, which the 90% of the music is NEW).
I didn't read all the titles but
EP26-B-06 Madlax (alternate edit 3)
isn't "we are one"?

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
^ I think they are separable, since "We Are One" has a Madlax part merged with Margaret. Provided that part is audible enough in the OST...

Don't forget all the Hokuto no Ken movies

I get a feeling that Grunty will have nightmares about it... I tried watching one of those movies, and I had trouble HEARING the music there. Hopefully it won't be El Cazador case all over again. :omg:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Kazado said:
EP26-B-06 Madlax (alternate edit 3)
isn't "we are one"?

Of course it is an edit of we are one. Brainfart on my part.

And yea, I decided to go for Tsubasa next since it's probably going to be the most annoying thing ever... At the same time the dub mix is much much better than on MADLAX so a lot of the ripped BGMs may turn out dialogue free.

Nick Hunter said:
I could give a helping hand here and there in making a list, if you want, although my current workload doesn't let me promise full involvement (and my music ripping skills are lacking :spotlight: ).

Well, you could try making a guide for .hack or Noir. With those having multiple soundtracks there could be little unreleased stuff and I can rip the audio if there are any.


fantastic work kitty! i wanted to do the same with some other works but i'm lazy ._.

Alphard Sokaina

Great job! Thanks!

Ihope to hear that nice dark piano track in later episodes, when Rimelda leaves her home to search for Madlax :dote:

Alphard Sokaina


Alphard Sokaina said:
Ihope to hear that nice dark piano track in later episodes, when Rimelda leaves her home to search for Madlax :dote:
If anyone cares, it's BGM-31


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Anyone wants to help with Tsubasa? It's going painfully slow whenever I find the time... The unreleased stuff obliviously isn't sorted yet.

I can sort the unreleased stuff out myself once I know where it is and rip it but making the full list is just so bothersome... -_-

EP01-A-01 ship of fools
EP01-A-02 believe
EP01-A-03 BGM
EP01-A-04 the dreamers
EP01-A-05 best years in our lives
EP01-A-06 BGM
EP01-A-07 BGM
EP01-A-08 ship of fools
EP01-B-01 break the sword of justice
EP01-B-02 strange games
EP01-B-03 BGM
EP01-B-04 BGM
EP01-B-05 BGM (a song of storm and fire edit)
EP01-B-06 a song of storm and fire

EP02-A-01 BGM (I talk to the rain acappella)
EP02-A-02 BGM
EP02-A-03 BGM (ship of fools instrumental)
EP02-A-04 through the gate
EP02-B-01 BGM (I talk to the rain alternate edit)
EP02-B-02 together for tomorrow
EP02-B-03 BGM
EP02-B-04 storm and fire
EP02-B-05 BGM (a song of storm and fire acappella)

EP03-A-01 BGM (a song of storm and fire acappella)
EP03-A-02 BGM
EP03-A-03 BGM
EP03-A-04 tsubasa
EP03-B-01 wayside
EP03-B-02 black sword
EP03-B-03 together for tomorrow
EP03-B-04 BGM (break the sword of justice alternate)
EP03-B-05 break the sword of justice
EP03-B-06 if you are my love

EP04-A-01 BGM
EP04-A-02 ship of fools
EP04-A-03 BGM (believe alternate)
EP04-A-04 wayside
EP04-A-05 I talk to the rain
EP04-B-01 blue clouds
EP04-B-02 if you are my love
EP04-B-03 guess how much I love you
EP04-B-04 storm and fire
EP04-B-05 BGM (tsubasa acappella)

EP05-A-01 guess how much I love you
EP05-A-02 lost wings
EP05-A-03 wayside
EP05-A-04 BGM (ruthless alternate)
EP05-A-05 break the sword of justice
EP05-A-06 BGM
EP05-A-07 strange games
EP05-B-01 strange games
EP05-B-02 strange games
EP05-B-03 strange games
EP05-B-04 dewdrops
EP05-B-05 BGM
EP05-B-06 BGM (a song of storm and fire acappella)

EP06-A-01 black sword
EP06-A-02 BGM
EP06-A-03 BGM (witch alternate)
EP06-A-04 hear out prayer
EP06-B-01 BGM (a song of storm and fire alternate)
EP06-B-02 a song of storm and fire + acappella
EP06-B-03 BGM (I talk to the rain alternate edit)
EP06-B-04 BGM (believe alternate edit)
EP06-B-05 through the gate

EP07-A-01 BGM (break the sword of justice alternate)
EP07-A-02 BGM (ruthless alternate)
EP07-A-03 BGM (a song of storm and fire cue)
EP07-A-04 BGM
EP07-A-05 wayside
EP07-A-06 a tiny sunshine
EP07-A-07 BGM (witch alternate)
EP07-B-01 strange games
EP07-B-02 BGM
EP07-B-03 BGM
EP07-B-04 if you are my love
EP07-B-05 BGM (a song of storm and fire alternate)
EP07-B-06 I talk to the rain
EP07-B-07 BGM (I talk to the rain acappella)

EP08-A-01 if you are my love
EP08-A-02 BGM
EP08-A-03 break the sword of justice
EP08-A-04 BGM (together for tomorrow alternate)
EP08-A-05 BGM
EP08-A-06 morning moon
EP08-A-07 a song of storm and fire
EP08-B-01 storm and fire
EP08-B-02 BGM (hear our prayer alternate)
EP08-B-03 strange games
EP08-B-04 witch


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Yea but I want a list of it all so I can rip it all and then try to piece them together with as little dialogue/sfx as possible. It will just take me longer on my own but I'll get there one day. v( '')v


^ I volunteer to help you, I will rewatch the Tokyo Revelations episodes, after relistening to the osts first and make that list you ask for. Qustion what is A and B in the lists above? half of episode?


After I finish I will come to help with the tsubasa anime.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Yea, A and B are parts divided by an eyecatch/commercial break. I don't remember if the OVAs had those though.

Remember to include everything and NOTE if it's different than the CD recording. Thanks for any help - it should make things faster. :D


^ They didnt since they were directly released on DVDs witout TV airing. Thanks for answering. can you answer to my pm too ?


double post & bump

sorry for the delay,grunty, here are the 2 first episodes of Tokyo Revelations tomorrow I will do the third one

EP01-01 tsubasa tokyo revelations (ttr) main theme (vocal only)
EP01-02 unreleased bgm
EP01-03 0&1 instrumental
EP01-04 break the sword of justice (varation w/faster strings end)
EP01-05 unreleased piano bgm
EP01-06 ttr main theme (vocal only)
EP01-07 another unreleased piano bgm
EP01-08 unreleased cello bgm
EP01-09 ttr main theme (vocal only)
EP01-10 unreleased strings bgm (during Syaoran's strike with the sword)
EP01-11 ttr main theme (full)

EP02-01 ttr main theme (sfx only)
EP02-02 synchronicity
EP02-03 darkness comes
EP02-04 ttr main theme (sfx only)
EP02-05 prove yourself instrumnetal
EP02-06 ttr main theme (sfx only)
EP02-07 moebius
EP02-08 catastrophe instrumental
EP02-09 hear our prayer
EP02-10 song of song and fire (varation with different strings @ the end)
EP02-11 total eclipse (sfx only)/ or unreleased bgm