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The CURRENT Anime OP/ED/insert Songs Thread


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Just wanna say that I really like what I hear so far from Ranpo Kitan OP&ED. The OP imo is really good. I'm surprised because I don't like amazarashi's song for Ghoul. I don't really like the ED singer's voice but the song has a really pleasant melody and arrangement to my ears. That, and both of them have a seriously awesome lyrics. Plus Gangsta (those are some hot oyajis there :p)OP. Gangsta ED is also nice but it's just that, I guess.

One Light is still shit it's not even in my top10.
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My favorite right now is probably Gangsta ED (prefer it over the OP which is nice too but anyway) ….. funny cus I didn't think much when I first heard it. I really like the "kimi to futari de" part where Nico does the sign language to match.

Rokka no Yuusha's OP&ED (the ones by Michi are quite good) … the 2nd OP by UROBOROS is okay too except too much unnecessary English. The lyrics and the lead singer's way of singing reminds me of Taka from One Ok Rock lol. I like her voice though, it's very androgynous.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
best music award for this season for me is definitely ranpo kitan. both the op and ed are great, not to mention the music in the show is also really good. can't wait for ranpo kitan full soundtrack. I'm currently looping speed to masatsu and mikazuki.

yoru no kuni is nice but idk it completely passed my mind just like that, it's nothing special imo.


I have reached Yuki nirvana
As the season ends I'm throwing some love @ Divine Gate's OP One Me Two Hearts (Hitorie) and Haikyuu2nd's OP2 FLY HIGH (BURNOUT SYNDROMES).
If 2015 is considered "Current enough" then the Seraph of the End Opening X.U. is one of the current Anime Openings I'm somewhat obsessed with. There's something alluring about it that draws one in, and the great Guitar sound combined with the English Lyrics makes it great.


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YOLO from Yuri on Ice yo. best ending theme this season (not that I watched that much anime) I'm jamming to this song for the rest of the year - the song is "just like that" but I can't help dancing to it lol and as a whole the single is really enjoyable.
plus I like Bump of Chicken's songs for Sangatsu.
I don't really like Aimer's song for natsume yuujinchou but everyone seems to love it (plus the only song of her that I can tolerate is Anata ni Deawanakereba)


I have reached Yuki nirvana

nothing really good this season. I only liked 3 songs and they're from the artists I've been following. Sayuri's Heikousen for Kuzu no Honkai is decent (most people put this on their #1 and I incline to agree because almost everything else is just bad), FLOW's innosense is okay, and uverWORLD's (title too long, don't remember) for AoEx is also alright but nothing worth downloading/buying. FLOW's and uverWORLD's songs are very typical of them. uver's song has the same notes to their other song that I couldn't place at the moment because their titles are often weird and/or really long. Might buy Sayuri's Heikousen though.

I'm so glad more and more people liking my baby Sayuri. She's so talented.
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^ As ballad its pretty typical and actually good to make you fall asleep :3 but as ED its so boring, and the faster flow of the animation sequence doesnt help. (i talk about the Aira Yuuki song)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
^ since when she became your baby ? :XD:
since she's so precious and cute I want to protect her :XD:
there's a moment in a video where she was still struggling to debut and singing on the street, suddenly rain started to pour and she 'plead' people not to go and to listen to her last song, Mikazuki. She's so precious I love her and her talent.

Asuka's song isn't that bad...it's just nothing special and I still don't really like her voice.