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The CURRENT Anime OP/ED/insert Songs Thread


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So the full Zankyou no Terror/Trigger single just appeared and I needed a place to say how disappointed I was with it.

So yea, just that. Seriously, what an uninspired full version. Such a shame since I actually loved how the 2nd verse started but it just went back to pretty much the same exact arrangement as the first verse; And then that mellow ending dragging for almost a minute... Sorry, YKanno, full "inner universe" tier this was not.

I did however like the other tracks on the single - I assume the 2nd one will be an insert song in the show since it's also by YK?

I guess Tokyo Ghoul OP wins this season.
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That's a shame about the single. Though I'll save my opinion on it until I hear the full version myself. Have you been watching the show? How do you find the soundtrack?


I have reached Yuki nirvana
It's okay. I'm glad they aren't using that much from that CD from July (I didn't care for it, OST2 in October in theory should be more to my liking).


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I honestly don't remember any tracks in particular from the show or the first OST, other than the lolol riff.


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Heh. I think that ended up being my favorite track on the CD, which is surprising since I don't usually like Kanno instrumentals.


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I totally feel the same about Trigger. The single just appeared just right before I went to sleep and because me was too excited for the song me turned my laptop on and downloaded the single. Yes it's really disappointing because the track feels 'okay just like that' when the song ended and do not satisfy my excitement I had for the song before. My favorite track from the single is track#3 actually. I might get this single though, since overall the single isn't bad.

Zankyou no Terror is really good imo. The OST is pretty sleep-inducing. :XD:

unravel FTW.


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I am kind of disappointed with the music from this season. To me, nothing really stands out except for Unravel and the two endings from Aldnoah, A/Z and aLIEz. Despite this we still have some nice piece of music. Here my recommendations:

-Glasslip OP, Natsu no Hi to Kimi no Koe by Choucho. Her voice is just so relaxing.
-SAO II OP, Ignite by Aoi Eir. I'm not one of her fans but I love the energy she puts in this song.
-Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen OP, Though Intention by KOTOKO. I have a thing for her voice and for her music.
-Nobunaga Concerto ED, Fukagyaku Replace by My First Story. This song reminds me a lot of One Ok Rock and so I like it.
-Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance OP, Kyoumei no True Force by Hitomi Harada. Standard anisong but still enjoyable.
-Akame ga Kill! OP, Skyreach by Amamiya Sora. Same as above.
-Kuroshitsuiji: Book of Circus OP, Enamel by SID. Not their best song but I still like it.
-Barakamon ED, Innocence by NoisyCell. Such a good song.
-Mahouka OP, Grilletto by GARNiDELiA. I still prefer Ambiguous but it's still a nice opening.
-Mahouka ED, Mirror by Rei Yasuda. I feel like her songs sound all the same but I love her voice.

OMG, this list is too long xD

I was kind of excited for this season because we had some great name among the singers (Minori Chihara, Faylan, Yousei Teikoku, Nano, Kuribayashi Minami, Haruna Luna and ZAQ for example) but, according to my opinion, they all failed to bring nice music to the shows. It's not that their works were terrible or unlistanable but I just expected something better.

P.S. I literally hate Dramatical Murder music xD


I have reached Yuki nirvana
I've checked some of them and here's my opinion :
I'm never a big fan of Minorin's and Faylan's voice so I didn't bother to check their songs - though I do like some of Faylan's songs.
Haruna Luna song for SAO is boring - which is a shame because I expect something better like overfly. I like overfly - this song's range suits Haruna Luna the best.
Unless Eir starts to do a proper singing and not screaming those notes I will not bother with her.
Griletto is okay, I like ambiguous much better - though I have to say that Garnidelia's songs have weird lyrics, or maybe it's just me who couldn't understand the reference lol. I like Maria's voice. What surprised me is that she used to be in Chix Chicks just like Kaori (though it seems that she participated after Kaori's out) :XD:
Enamel is also okay, but I expect something better from SID since I usually like their songs. I remember listening nothing but VIP for a day back then (really love that song).

Will check the Nobunaga Concerto and Barakamon songs.


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I feel the same about the lyrics by Grnidelia xD I guess they're strictly linked to the anime the songs appear in.

I agree with you about Startear. It's kind of boring, I like Overfly much better.
About Eir, I don't mind her screaming too much since I'm a huge fan of LiSA :XD:


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And so, according to the results gathered by animetrending as of September 6, the ones leading are:

I have just cast my vote too. xD
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Are you serious? I was laughing and cringing at the same time when I watched the show. It's terrible, lol.


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Not sure if I like it or not. Konomi's voice is great as usual (I think she's a great and talented vocalist despite being so young) but the overall sounds "weird" since her voice doesn't match the atmosphere of the OP. I don't feel like it's a song that Konomi would sing xD

@george1234 She's Konomi Suzuki, one of the rising stars among anison. If you like her I recommend you Choir Jail, Days of Dash, Avenge World and This Game ;)


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Not all songs aired yet but so far my personal favorites would be the Kaitou Joker OP and Sora no Method ED.