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Puella Magi Madoka Magica


From animesuki forum:

Manga series! (from early sale of Manga Time Kirara Forward, via Twitter)

Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magica (manga adaption)
Art: Hanokage
Release in February, March and April by Houbunsha, total of 3 volumes. No serialization.

Mahou Shoujo Orico☆Magica (spinoff manga)
Art: Mura Chloe
Release after the anime is done, presumably Spring 2011. No serialization.

Mahou Shoujo Kazumi☆Magica (spinoff manga)
Art: Tensugi Takashi
To be serialized in Manga Time Kirara Forward starting the next issue.

Mura Chloe posted an illustration of Mami in her website; maybe Orico Magica is some kind of Mami's backstory? Also, last month she mentions her spin-off manga is based on "January anime" that "has a grotesque element in it."
Full quote, if anyone is interested… (from Twitter)

"I'm working on spinoff manga adaption for January anime. Since I'm also in charge of scenario and few characters, it won't stray to much from my style. The anime series has grotesque element in it, so I wish the adaption would went on smoothly…."

Also, pixiv pages:
Mura Chloe
Tensugi Takashi
Houbunsha's special Madoka☆Magica site open

Scripts for Mahou Shoujo Kazumi☆Magica will be done by Hiramatsu Masaki (Kara no Kyoukai movies.)
http://i.imgur.com/WXwD1.jpg(Click it)

Drawing: Taniguchi Junichiro

Featuring long interview with director Shinbo Akiyuki, illustration from Ume-sensei and 39 staff comments; not sure when I will be able to get my hands on it (probably after new year), but I will translate them all… I think.

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
I checked Mura Chloe's page, seems she's keen on Tohou illustrations. Another bit to add to the anticipations from the plot. :psst:


I have reached Yuki nirvana
Interesting animation style...looks very hand-drawn around the eyes and such. Unfortunately, Connect doesn't sound any better to me. I wish Kajiura-sensei was writing the opening theme too... :uh..:

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
A whole bunch of pics collected in the AS thread. :stars:

The last one is from the manga spin-off, Kazumi Magica. :ayashii:

in other news... I just realised that the computer lab obviously won't be open on the 31st, meaning I have little chance to see the new CM until the January 3... :wai: The good thing about it: I've been longing to see a trailer with Yuki's music, and since I'm missing this part, by the power of Murphy's laws this will MOSTL LIKELY be the expected trailer. :ohoho: Stay tuned, everyone.

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
Dunno, the graphics in the CM didn't look that bright compared to this pic. Although it could be blamed on the trailer thing (or on Youtube video quality :ohoho: ).

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
A new CM as it was shown during Comiket

Mostly cementing what we have seen and heard so far, with recognisable Shaft style, a really small intro by Yuki... and probably up to A THIRD of the opening. Not a bit of Magia to be heard, and even the intro sounds like the one from first CMs (although a different melody... or am I hearing things?).
AS thread cites just one phrase, but what a phrase:

Sayaka "I can't forgive it! Madoka must become my wife!"
Now this show is packed and ready to rival MGLN. :ohoho:
Somehow I predict Sayaka gaining the most popularity of them four. She already has comparably more fanart (to say the truth, I haven't even seen the other girls' pics so far), and the show has yet to START AIRING! Loli knights FTW, indeed. :XD:

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
I thought it was all part of the OP
You may have a point. :ayashii: Madoka's voice makes it hard to hear if there is a clear transition or not. Although the melody really sounds not unlike what Yuki might compose - mild, but with some kind of anticipation thrown in.
Ok, next week... next week... :TdT:

Nick Hunter

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Some hi-res scans (courtesy of AS again). :dote:

Some obscure scene/[CM?] voting... GoogleTranslate isn't too helpful.
A gift wallpaper...
And, last, but far from being least -

Summary from Megami interview and staff comments
It was Shinbo who put "Mahou Shoujo" into the title, he feel it would become something else that is not strictly magical girl without it. He want to put Madoka Magica into a "magical girl" category.
Unlike any previous Gekidan Inukare participation on OP/ED or small clips, they're in charge of visual art designs this time. Their position is to connect director Shinbo's style, Ume-sensei's characters and Urobuchi-san's scripts together.
The series is 12-episodes, if possible, director Shinbo want you to watch it again one more time after the series has ended, it would become clear why characters act in the way they did.
Importance is put on to respect Urobuchi-san's scripts as much as possible, there's no major change to his script except for a little time adjustment. At the point of interview, all editing until episodes 3 are done.
Shaft recruits and set up a new CG production management position for Madoka, main highlight of CG works in this series is Gekidan Inukare's scenes in the show.
Kashiwada Shinichiro (Shigofumi, Index 1, Railgun) is in charge of production supporting from Aniplex's side; animation producer from Shaft's side is Iwaki Tadao (line producer of Arakawa Under The Bridge 2).
Yuuki Aoi "Madoka is fluffy cute! She is like a strawberry daifuku!"

Summary of interview with Kalafina (Wakana, Keiko, Hikaru)
Magia meaning is "magic" but also has "power of believing in someone" as its main theme. Magic that is power to create a miracle. A strength that come from "wish."
Keiko says she repeat the bridge part as practice until she become used to its unique rhythm. Wakana says since the lyric is powerful, the expression of "weakness and gentleness within the strength" is hard to sing.
"What pop up in your mind when talking about magical girls?" Wakana "Kiki's Delivery Service and Akazukin Chacha" Keiko "Himitsu no Akko-chan" Hikaru "Card Capture Sakura"

Summary of interview ClariS (Kurara, Alice)
Connect's main theme is "adventure, comrade, bond and dreams."
The song is "cool" in an opposite direction from their debut song, Irony.
"What pop up in your mind when talking about magical girls?" Kurara "Hoshikuzu Witch Meruru" Alice "Not magical girls, but Disney shows like Cinderella, Enchanted and Little Mermaid. I adore princess when I was a child."
some first-hand info about Magia. :ayashii:

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
oh, and something else:

"Witch" (the enemy) will also use some sort of weapon.
Gekidan Inukare seems to be in charge of transformation scene?
I wonder if this "witch" will be anything like those in Soul Eater. :ayashii:


I have reached Yuki nirvana

HIS MASK said:
The staff is soooooooooooo excellent, but strangely I don't really want to watch this. :uh..:
I have to agree...if it's not available on Anime News Network, then I think I'll just search Youtube for the ending with Magia and wait for the OST to come out :desksweat:

Nick Hunter

I have reached Yuki nirvana
One has to be a Shaft fan to feel the REAL hype. :groucho:
I'm not that familiar with or that anxious about Urobuchi and Aoki, but Akiyuki Shinbo and Yuki Kajiura teaming up [again] is what has practically listed me among Madoka followers in advance. :waii: :XD: Besides, I'm alright with magical girls, I'm a fan of action magical girls (especially Nanoha, and she was launched by Shinbo, too!), and I really like what I see so far. :dote: This is definitely a MUST WATCH for me. :sohappy:

Another scan from AS, probably after the transformation
Madoka with a ball of light... KAMEKAMEHAAAAA... ahem. :XD:
I like one of the other scans, where she makes a "fox" sign with her hand. :XD:
And Murphy-san rejoiced again - this Friday is Orthodox Christmas, so the university will be closed again, and I'll have no sufficient Internet at hand. :cry: :ohoho: