Project "Appreciation and Support for Kalafina" (non-Yuki)


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My reason for not being so supportive of this project is because I feel like you're putting focus on the wrong thing.

I mean, we should be putting focus on the new chapter of their journey. (...)
So, I am just wondering, why can't we focus on that. On encouraging the Kalafina singers and Yuki on their new journey.

It makes more sense to me
Very that. Support and appreciation is great.

Throwing yourself at the 3 ladies on their seperate paths with your "emotional" memories of Kalafina while also involving SPICE editor is not that.
And it's definitely not "pure" or "driven mostly by positive emotions".


I adore Yuki
Thanks for keeping our little dying forum alive @Sania. We appreciate it.
Okey, I'm actually laughting a lot with this thread! I'm not to active in the forum, I read it everyday but don't write too much, but the only thing that kept me here is that most people see thing in a REAL way, not a fanatical way. And all the things I've been reading regarding this project just looks like that, FANATISM, don't expect all of us would like something like that, dunno.
Lets just stop with this ridiculous discussion since all we get is accusations of us beeing badmouths, or anything else!
Good luck with your project, just hope that if the girls notice you, they don't feel stress about it!


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mind if I crash innnn

my opinion is that they should move on. and keeping them in the kalafina loop is not helping with that. but that is my opinion. that doesn't make me any less kalafina fan than anybody else. though I am probably a lesser fan than most lol.

kajiura seems worn out by all this stuff too. so better leave it. just hope for good music from her. the three ladies will prosper in their own ways I'm sure and it's exciting to see what they will come up with next.

(I mean though in reality, if you ask me Keiko will shine; Wakana and Hikaru may eventually but boy they need to improve/revert their voices)


I knew that I would being throwing a kerosene lamp into a old style Japanese inn with my post, but I'm just giving my honest first impressions here. I'm not a troll or spiteful person. I will try and follow up once I catch up with what else was said.


Following @VyseLegendaire's advice I started attending the therapy sessions, dissasembled my Kalafina shrine and became a new man. Thank you very much for your consideration and support. Let's hope these dangerous, insolent Kalafina-tards are gonna face punishment for their boldness and overstepping the boundaries one shouldn't ever overstep.

You all would like to hear sth like that, ain't you?

It would be a little bit different if this forum wasn't almost dead. Fortunately, thanks to the efforts of our favourite toxic team quite a lot of members decided to permanently quit. But, as it is now, you are right, technically you could say "most".

Seriously it surprises me how much of a backstory and hidden motives behind this "project" or whatever it is you managed to find. Personally I bet most of the participants would be completely shocked to realize they take part in such a ominous, evil initiative.

To be perfectly honest, I do think you are right about a lot of things regarding the idea. Trying desperately to get media attention might be unneeded. The entire project might be too pushy. But, while maybe faulty in design, the idea itself has pure intentions driven mostly by positive emotions, so considering it a "pity" project that "demands" anything from anyone is really a sign of ill will.

But ill will is what drives you people, am i right? Sometimes I wonder why you keep acting this way. While ago, when I joined, i thought this community might be fun. Now, after a year I rarely even bother typing. What's the point if the only think you can receive here are mischevious comments and badmouthing? Just like now, you've found more fuel, and are gonna feast on "Putschki's zealous dedication", right? And talk shit about her based on the content of her super kawaii blogposts? So let me ask, how many of you know her in person? Because I do, even if only met her once, but this is enough for me to say your implications are despicable. But more despicible are your pathetic attempts to boost your ego, by drawing this thick line between you - the "always right" good guys, and others - whom you consider trash and loosers that cannot deal with depression after their favourite vocal unit disbanded.

Your arrogance never ceases to amaze me.
I'm not an active member of this forum, just your average weaboo who follows YK since 2001. The drama is a little intense with this issue. Its probably pretty easy to be a fan and 'support' your favorite artist without attempting what amounts to a foreign-language publicity and pressure campaign on behalf of someone who doesn't really know you.

You have no idea what happens behind the scenes, and the artists are obliged to be polite and smile at every opportunity, regardless of how cringe-worthy. You want to push somebody over the edge, then maybe keep doing what you're doing. Maybe you should consider a bit more where the distinction is between 'support' and 'pressure' and which one is appropriate and when.

10 years in the spotlight and heavy stress is probably enough to deal with, but then the fallout of the 'breakup' has only multiplied that. I think its obvious that they are doing their own things now and thus taunting them with 'maiy-ay-ya' etc. will be like the taunt of a frustrated bully. Do you think that the members of Kalafina have forgotten they were part of it up until now? This is nothing but a self-assurance campaign for your very needy fan clique.

In fact it is not only, in my view, an irresponsible and inconsiderate response to the current fallout, but in fact the exact opposite of the appropriate measures. You stand over a convalescing patient who has collapsed right after completing a long marathon and taunt them about how great they were during the run how you so badly want to see them get back on the track because of how inspiring they are, cheering at their bedside with whistle in hand. Good grief, are we cheering on the sportsman or the wheezing spectators?
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Putschki has made another post outlining her upcoming plans to torment Kalafina members into being still-attached to Kalafina post-breakup, even while in the same breath reminding us how the girls are now liberated and very possibly doing fine and not distraught, freely choosing their own paths now - and how we thusly should support them by tweeting at members of the music media in Japan with the phrase maiy-ay-a from their signature Kalafina live song.


Note to the participants and the organizers of this "event":
Miss Hikaru Masai was having a twitter Q&A today. And she specifically said that she's not answering any questions/inquiries about Kalafina because she wanted it to be about Hikaru Masai the individual. So far the only question related to Kalafina she answered was when someone asked Did she teach Wakana and Keiko the english pronunciations for their English lyrics. It's about Hikaru as a person teaching W&K so I understand why she answered that question.

You all should pay attention to the fact that she doesn't want to talk about her as Kalafina Hikaru. DO you think this twitter thingy you're doing will do good for her?


Hi all!
It is very difficult to find the right words.

Explanations #1 (excuses):
  • Topic start text was compiled collectively.
  • Unfortunately, I was too lazy to think for a long time about the meaning of each phrase from different angles. And I asked other participants for help in translation the text to English.

Explanations #2:
  • The original idea was to do something a little more than just words on the Internet.
  • Wherein do not cross the border.
  • Exactly an idea of supporting them right now in their future path. Without waiting for visible results from them.

  • It was offered more complex implementation of this idea.
  • The idea was released to people at the end of the summer for rework together.
  • Than the idea was reworked. What we have at the moment.
Explanations #3:
The start text (and the topic start text) has several tasks:
  • attract the attention of fans
  • organize and outline the borders
  • give the event a "shape"

  • All points of start text must be perform and must be considered totally together, and not separately.
  • Some points limit other points.

(End of explanations.)

You correctly said, we do not know what happened.
I try to look at many different possible variations of possibility.

If everything is fine with Keiko-san, Wakana-san and Hikaru-san - I think our action will not bring them down from their current path. Well, why would?
If it will be inconvenient for them - then it is necessary to minimize the inconvenience.
Perhaps they are tired of attention for all these years. Maybe. And if it is opposite?

[You do something and get attention and support for it. Then, there comes a moment when you stop doing something visible. And attention and support are also decreasing.] Is such variant impossible?

Important questions #1:
  • We need to change the hashtag? What are variants? (The hashtag in this case plays the role of giving shape to this event that it is collective.)
  • We should do not use items related to Kalafina on the photo?
  • Are other rules about content of twits fine?
  • What's else?
And the question is how to keep (or create) a shape this event?

Important questions #2:
  • How to do that it did not look like a mockery or just trying to show yourself?
  • How to avoid becoming look like to "fan's squads" that send intimidation and threats?
  • But to do something a little more than just words on the Internet.
(End of important questions.)

The above variants for the actual situation is not the only ones.

Everything described above is only my personal thoughts and my vision. (my IMHO)
Everyone's vision is different.

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I’m actually looking forward to seeing the end result of this MAIYAIYA project. Wonderful insights, @ritardando. Now let’s just sit back relax and enjoy the reactions.


I can't believe I'm doing this but I'll give some advice.

I'm fine with a fan outreach/suport. The issues I see are making it about KALAFINA especially, and about combining that with media attention which seem counterproductive to "we love the individual Kala girls" message .

Its possible to even cross the line when you are trying not to do so. For instance supporting each person with a smaller campaign might be better, in order to individuate, think about avoiding mass media and music media people who were involved especially with Kalafina, or change hashtag to something like geared towards the individuals, like #Hikarugakuru (Hikaru is on the move), or #UtaojouWacchan(song queen Wacchan, no longer a uta-hime she is grown up now). I don't know about Keiko because she has fled to the highlands of Peru or something.

I seriously think the term 'maiyaya' is cringe-worthy even if you didn't mean to bring to mind Kalafina explicitly, because how could you not.
I would replace the parts calling for Kalafina centric photos etc. with more personalized ones as well.
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Important update to the project rules!
There's no more need in mentioning editor of SPICE, Takeshi Kato.

I contacted him through Twitter and we end up with understanding, that by mentioning his personal Twitter account would restrict his actions (if there be any, that is). He won't be able to show messages to other people, when his personal tag is there.

And knowing, that we can just send him our common hashtag (for him to be able to read messages), this will be the best solution.

So, there is no more need to add @kaxtupe to your message!


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Oh go away already.

Important update to the project rules!
There's no more need in mentioning editor of SPICE, Takeshi Kato.

I contacted him through Twitter and we end up with understanding, that by mentioning his personal Twitter account would restrict his actions (if there be any, that is). He won't be able to show messages to other people, when his personal tag is there.

And knowing, that we can just send him our common hashtag (for him to be able to read messages), this will be the best solution.

So, there is no more need to add @kaxtupe to your message!


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It looks like the vocalists of Kalafina want to avoid publicity that involves Kalafina talk. what's this spice thing? this is not helpful at all, if Keiko is off to Peru or somewhere, it really means they want a break. Peace though. I am curious about what reaction you may get.

It may be absolutely nothing.