Project "Appreciation and Support for Kalafina" (non-Yuki)


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^which type? xD

who knows, maybe in five years time they will re-band and it will draw even more attention.

what kalafina together again? what whattt!!!

hopefully this won't happen because it will make me think this was the plan from the beginning.

perhaps such an event can be excusable if :
1) Wakana and Hikaru recover their voices
2) Kajiura write interesting music.

either criterion seems unlikely to me. but each to his/her own.


Most people left tumblr because porn will no longer be allowed there from dec 17 but the currently tested algorithm sucks and even unrelated/non-porn posts get flagged... But people are still using it tho bcs even though there are some other alternatives to tumblr, people are still the most comfortable with tumblr. I still open my tumblr for my other fanboying needs


Update! Final version of the plan.

Main moments:
  • We are beginning on 25th of December at 7 a.m. by Japanese Standard Time.
  • Try to send your message before 12 a.m.;
  • End of the event the same day at 23:59;
  • We are sending messages through Twitter;
  • Message tags:
    • @Hikaru_0702_
    • @kaxtupe
    • #マイヤイヤ
  • Message should contain:
    • Words of gratitude/appreciation for everything Kalafina done or/and
    • Words of support girls and their personal choice of path.
  • Message is restricted by 280 symbols (including spaces and tags);
  • Messages should contain Photo / GIF / Video with you personally on it:
    • You can hide your face;
    • There should be something, that reminds of Kalafina;
    • You can attach up to 4 photos to your message. At least one should be with you on it;
    • You can use photos to extend your message, but keep in mind that girls may not be able to translate your message from it.
  • Message (text) should contain the place you are from (country or/and city);
  • Main text should be only in English! But something like "Thank you" and "Merry Christmas" may be in any language.

  • Only sticking to the main theme rules will give us desirable effect;
  • Gap between messages sent should be as small as possible. It's okay to send your message at 23:59, but there will be very small effect from it;
  • If your Twitter account is in "Private" mode, girls won't be able to see your message;
  • Please, don't make the message about your own frustration, sadness and desire;
  • Please, don't demand anything from the girls or SPICE guy.
Putschki have created a twitter account (@MODmaiyaiya) in order to better moderate our project. Feel free to temporary follow that account. She will be posting reminders and possibly a countdown. If you want to ask question, you can send a DM to @MODmaiyaiya. On Dec 25 we will frequently check the tag to see if everyone is sticking to the rules. Better, than nothing.

We are hoping for your understanding and project support!!! m(_ _)m

And…/its-almost-december-11-so… Here there're the updates about the project!! Take a look minna


The only thing that matters (to me, at least) on this thread is the way @Atlas Star made a reference to YugiOh and Mai Valentine on his previous reply.

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Do you guys recall how Kajiura threw your last birthday compilation into the paper shredder? Sometimes less is more.
I think of these types of efforts as something fans do for their own enjoyment rather than to get a reaction out of the artists. It’s like prayer. You have no idea if god is listening, but it makes you feel better.


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I wasn't gonna say anything about this project, since my opinion is the same as Grunty, Atlas Star and most of the forum, but I must say it really annoyed me to read that if we think like that we are not Kala-fans or something like that (the post is in other page, I wont look for it to quoted, I'm sure everyone has read it).
I'm just gonna state that we should not make our own speculations about W K H feelings just based on ther behaviour, THAT MOSTLY OCCURED MONTHS AGO. Besides, I'm sure most of us didn't like how everything end up with Kalafina, but you know, THEY DECIDED to stop (yes, Hikaru, Wakana, Keiko, and even Kajiura), and that is what we have to support, their decision! And if you want to support them even more, you could buy their CDs (since they still receive payment for it), you could follow Hikaru on twitter, support Wakana in her solo career, etc.
This project really looks as a way of getting everyones attention and letting them know how we want them together again. And if that isn't your idea, please explain me what is the purpose of doing it, and don't ask me to read the description, because I've already read it, and that's the conclusion I've got from it.
And please, don't get us wrong, we are not trying to ruin your project or get in the middle of it, but we are Kala-fans too, and I think most of us would not like to see the girls thinking they made a wrong move, or something like that.


And if that isn't your idea, please explain me what is the purpose of doing it...
You understood everything not the way it was meant. Yes, you see things differently. Nothing we can do about it. It's not project fault. It's just difference in worldview. I already wrote about this too. I hope you understand, what I mean.


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The purpose of the project is just sending all the love to the girls, all our support to them and X-mas, since is the day of love, the symbol of joy and unity, is the perfect moment :) What we can do for them, is loving them like always, hoping for the best in the future! Personally I won't lose hope to see them together again, but what deserves, is their happyness, so I'll just only support them in all possible ways ^__^
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I have reached Yuki nirvana
@grunty personally I didn't intended in that way! I considered that as a chance for sending them support; I see nothing bad in this ^^